Coupon Tip Tuesday: Coupons for the Community

Okay FAB readers, get your service hats on and listen up!

Coupons for the Community is a new non-profit program partnering with the Idaho Foodbank. It is a volunteer organization that helps over 220 charitable organizations throughout the state of Idaho by using your unwanted store and manufacturer coupons to stretch the limited dollars available from government funding and public donations. They in turn donate those goods to the Idaho Foodbank.

Sounds like a way to give back that is right up our alley!

Here’s how you can help:

Donate Your Time

They need help organizing, clipping, and sorting coupons. An hour a month? An hour a week? Great, come help!

Donate Funds

Mail donations to Coupons for the Community at the address below. Donations are tax-deductible. Make checks payable to the Idaho Foodbank and write Coupons for the Community in the “memo”  field on the lower left of the check. Want to hold a coupon or money fundraiser? Let us know.

Donate Coupons

Don’t throw away your coupons! Donate them and let Coupons for the Community use them to find great deals for the Idaho Food Bank! Mail your coupons to the address below. They can even take expired coupons to send to their partner organization in NJ.

Coupons for the Community
C/O ID Food Bank
PO Box 5601
Boise ID 83705

For more information head on over to their site for contact info.

All of us here at Fab Frugal are so excited about this program! As couponers, many of us don’t have the means to donate as much money as we would like to. So knowing there is a way to help out our community with the resources we already have at our finger tips, well that is FAB by us!!

We will definitely be participating, and we encourage all of you to do the same!

If you do not have this program in your area you can still donate your coupons to the Overseas Military Program!


  • Tyree

    In Idaho Falls the store on 17th wants to get rid of the original boxes of oatmeal with coupons and doubles available at the store they are free. For less than $1.60 (all tax only)you can buy 24 boxes for the food bank. They closed a lane for me to do just that I decided I didn’t need any more oatmeal but for just a little oop I could help the food bank a lot. If others in IF are interested I’m sure they’d be happy to help you do the same for the food bank. (If you want some for you, you can get some as well, but only 3 transactions at a time.)

  • Sophie

    If you look at their spread sheet for March, they did an awesome job! You can really see how coupons can benefit them and get them so much more food for their money! Also, maybe this is where some of those 900 Jose Ole Chimichangas went ( they purchased 490 in March)? 🙂 Makes me feel good that they are able to help so many people!

  • u guys are freakin awesome. super fancy too. love this place 🙂 nice meetin ya at the cbc!!

  • kkimble

    Are they any washington programs like this?

  • Caty B.

    For Coupons for the Community….I didn’t see if it said that the coupons can be expired or not….can they be expired?

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