Coupons Expiring 5/26-5/31

Are you needing to clean out your old inserts?  Remember that a fab fru-GAL NEVER uses an expired coupon!  You can also send your expired coupons to the Overseas Coupon Program!   Here are the coupons that will be expiring from now until the end of this month!  I didn’t list all the coupons from the 5/2 P&G since they are all almost expiring on the 31s of May.

Coupon Name


Exp Date


Alka-Seltzer Plus, 10-ct or larger, excludes antacid$1/15/31/10RP 2/21
Any St Joseph Aspirin Product, exclude trial size$1/15/31/10RP 2/14
Atkins Bar 5-pack$1/15/30/10SS 3/7
Atkins Shake 4-pack$1/15/30/10SS 3/7
Aveeno Ageless Vitality, any product$5/15/31/10SS 4/25
Aveeno Ageless Vitality, any product, mail in rebate$10/15/31/10SS 4/25
Aveeno, any product ETS$1/15/31/10SS 4/25
Band-Aid, any product, excludes trial sizes.50/15/31/10RP 3/14
Banquet family Size.75/15/30/10SS 4/18
Baskin Robbins Coupons5/30/10SS 4/25
Bausch & Lomb Alaway antihistamine eye drops$4/15/31/10SS 3/7
Bausch & Lomb Opcon-A eye drops$1/15/31/10SS 3/7
Benadryl Allergy Plus product, any excluding trial sizes$1/15/31/10RP 3/14
Benadryl Allergy Product, any excluding trial sizes$1/15/31/10RP 3/14
Benadryl Children’s Allergy Product, any excluding trial sizes$1/15/31/10RP 3/14
Benadryl Topical Product, any excluding trial sizes$1/15/31/10RP 3/14
Bengay, any product, excludes trial sizes$2/15/31/10RP 3/14
Bic Flex4 Shaver 3-pack, BIC Comfort 3 Advance 4-pack, BIC Hybrid Advance$3/15/30/10SS 4/18
Birds Eye Steamfresh Vegetable, Pasta or Rice Variety.50/15/30/10SS 5/2
Blue Diamond Aseptic or Chilled Almond Breeze, one$1/15/31/10SS 2/28
Brita multipack filters$1/15/30/10SS 4/18
Brita pour-through  or faucet mount system$4/15/30/10SS 4/18
C&H Organic 24 oz. or 32 oz. Washed Raw Sugar.35/15/31/10RP 3/14
C&H Sugar, any product 2 lbs or larger.55/15/31/10RP 3/14
Carnation Evaporated Milk, any two 12 oz cans.50/25/31/10RP 3/21
Cheer brightCLEAN$1/15/31/10RP 4/25
Chocolate Cheerios Cereal.50/15/29/10SS 4/18
Colgate Sensitive Toothpaste$1/15/29/10SS 5/9
Cortaid, any product, excludes trial sizes$1/15/31/10RP 3/14
Cottonelle Flushable Moist Wipes, (2)36ct, (2)42ct, or (1)72ct.50/15/29/10SS 4/18
Cottonelle Toilet Paper, (2)4 packs, or (1) 12 pack.50/15/29/10SS 4/18
CoverGirl, any Face productBOGO5/31/10RP 4/11
Daisy Brand Sour Cream, 16oz or larger.50/15/31/10SS1(EM) 3/28
Dial Body Washes$1/25/30/10RP 3/7
Dial Multibar Pack, Liquid Hand Soap,Foaming Hand Wash.35/15/30/10RP 3/7
Dole Sensation Natural Lemon Lime or watermelon$1/15/31/10RP 4/18
Easy Off Glass Cooktop or BBQ Grill Cleaner.75/15/30/10SS 3/14
Easy Off Heavy Duty or Fume Free Oven Cleaner.50/15/30/10SS 3/14
ES Tylenol Rapid Release, Arthritis Pain or 8 HR Product$1/15/31/10RP 2/14
Fancy Feast Appetizers for Cats, any variety$1/35/31/10RP 2/7
Fiber Choice fiber supplements, 90ct or larger$3/15/31/10RP 5/2
Fiber One Cereal, see listed varieties on coupon.75/15/29/10SS 4/18
Finish Quantumatic Detergent Dispenser System$1/15/30/10SS 4/11
French’s Classic Yellow Mustard, any.50/15/31/10SS 3/21
French’s Spicy Brown, Honey Mustard/Dijon or Dipping Sauce.50/15/31/10SS 3/21
Freschetta Multi or Single Serve Pizza$1.25/15/31/10SS 3/7
Fresh Step Litter, any$1/15/31/10SS 3/14
Gain Detergent, any one$1/15/31/10RP 4/25
Gain Fabric Enhancer, any one$1/15/31/10RP 4/25
Green Works Laundry Detergent$1.50/15/30/10SS 4/18
Green Works, any product.50/15/30/10SS 4/18
Halls or Halls Sugar Free Cough Drops, 20 ct or larger$1/15/30/10SS1(EM) 3/28
Iams Cat Food, any 7 lb or larger bag- Only valid at Petco$1/15/31/10RP 5/2
Iams Dog Food, any 35 lb or larger bag- Only valid at Petco$1/15/31/10RP 5/2
Impruv Dry Skin Care Solution, any$3/15/31/10SS 2/21
International Delights, any pint.55/15/31/10SS 3/7
International Delights, any quarts$1/15/31/10SS 3/7
Johnson & Johnson Red Cross product, excludes trial sizes$1/15/31/10RP 3/14
Kiwi Product, any$1/15/30/10RP 3/7
Lime-A-Way,any product.75/15/30/10SS 3/14
Louisiana Fish Fry Breadings product$1/25/31/10SS 2/28
Louisiana Fish Fry Entrees product$1/25/31/10SS 2/28
Louisiana Fish Fry sauce product.55/15/31/10SS 2/28
Marcal Small Steps bath tissue, 4 roll or larger$2/15/31/10SS 4/25
Marcal, Free Single Roll or $1/any napkin, bath tissue or facial tissue$1/1 or FREE5/31/10SS 4/25
Mazola Cooking Oil 40oz+, Olive Oil 17oz+ , Pure Cooking Spray.50/15/31/10SS 3/21
Mentos Gum, Sugarfree, any one bottle.55/15/31/10SS 2/21
Millstone Coffee, >1/2 lb bulk or >10oz prepack$2/15/30/10RP 3/14
MJB coffee, any.75/15/31/10SS2(MC) 3/28
Mop & Glo, any product$1/15/30/10SS 3/14
Mountain High Yogurt, 32 oz.50/15/31/10RP 4/11
Mountain High Yogurt, 64 oz.50/15/31/10RP 4/11
Nalley Pickles, 16 oz or larger.75/15/30/10SS 3/14
Neosporin, any product, excludes trial sizes.50/15/31/10RP 3/14
Nescafe Taster’s Choice, any.50/15/28/10SS 2/28
Nestle Toll House Morsels, any package$1/25/31/10RP 3/21
Nivea Body Wash For Women, 8.4 fl oz – 16.9 fl oz$1/15/31/10RP 4/11
Nivea For Men Body Wash, 8.4 fl oz – 16.9 fl oz$1/15/31/10RP 4/11
Nivea Sun Kissed Beautiful Legs, 6.7fl oz 200ml$2/15/31/10RP 4/11
Nivea Sun Kissed Firming Lotion, 8.4 fl oz 250 ml$2/15/31/10RP 4/11
Old English Product$1/15/30/10SS 3/14
Orville Redenbacher’s Cheese Flavored PopCorn, 3-pk or larger.75/15/28/10SS1(EM) 3/28
Orville Redenbacher’s Gourmet Popping Corn, no single serve.40/15/28/10SS1(EM) 3/28
Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits.30/25/29/10SS 3/7
Pillsbury Savorings Products$1/25/29/10SS 3/7
Pillsbury Sweet Rolls or Grands! Sweet Rolls.40/25/29/10SS 3/7
Pillsbury Toaster Strudel Pastries.40/25/29/10SS 3/7
Powerade Play, any 6-pack 12 oz multipacks$1/25/31/10SS 4/11
Purina Beneful IncrediBites, any size$3/15/31/10SS 3/21
Purina Dog Food, selected varieties, 3.5 lb or larger$1.50/15/29/10SS 5/2
Purina Fancy Feast Elegant Meadleys, any$1/125/31/10RP 2/7
Purina Fancy Feast gourmet cat food, any variety$1/245/31/10RP 2/7
Purina Fancy Feast Gourmet Dry Cat Food$1/15/31/10RP 2/7
Renuzit Pearl Scents or Super Odor Neutralizer Fine Mist Air freshener$1/15/31/10RP 4/18
Reynolds Baking Cups.25/25/31/10SS 3/21
Reynolds Wrap Foil, excluding 20, 25, 30 sq ft.75/15/31/10SS 4/18
Rhodes Warm-N-Serve Rolls$1/25/31/10RP 2/14
Scotch Brite Greener Clean Product$1/25/31/10SS 4/11
Scotties, 3 boxes or 1 multipack.50/1 or 35/31/10RP 4/11
Sea Breeze product, any$1/15/31/10SS 4/11
Silk Soymilk or Silk Pure Almond Almondmilk, 1/2 gallon$1/15/31/10SS 2/21
SLIMShots Liquid Portion Control, excludes 2 count$3/15/30/10SS 2/28
Smirnoff Ice Mail In Rebate$2/15/31/10RP 5/2
Smooth Away or Vibe$1.50/15/30/10RP 2/14
Strap Perfect Bra Strap Concealer$1.50/15/31/10RP 2/14
Sucrets Product, any$1/15/31/10SS 2/7
Temptations Treats for Cats, 2.1 oz$1/15/30/10RP 4/18
Temptations Treats for Cats, 2.1-3 oz pouch$1/25/30/10RP 4/18
Tostitos Chips, 9 oz or larger and Dip, 15 oz or larger.55/25/26/10SS 4/25
Tylenol Cold, Cough, Sinus or Allergy Product$1/15/31/10RP 2/7
U by Kotex Liners, ETS$1/15/30/10SS 4/18
U by Kotex Pads, ETS$1/15/30/10SS 4/18
U by Kotex Tampons, ETS$1/15/30/10SS 4/18
Vitamin World Coupons5/31/10SS 3/7


  • Ali Smith

    It would be really cool if next time you post an “expiring coupons” post that you maybe highlight (different text color or whatever) the coupons YOU will personally be trying to use before they expire. Might help others know a super good coupon when they see it. 🙂 Just an idea.

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