Couponing Made Me Fat

In 2008 I started couponing. I had also just had baby number two. I started bringing foods in my house that I had not bought before like Oreos, sugar cereal, fruit snacks, chips, refrigerator biscuits, coffee creamer and Chips Ahoy cookies. I bought these foods because they were a really good deal. Fruit snacks for $0.17 was really hard for me to pass up. Cookies for under $1. I can not make cookies for that price and they were nice to have on hand for a party or last minute treat. It is not like I bought hoards of them and ate them every day. We still ate the produce that was on sale, but we let ourselves try out and consume processed products that we never even considered buying before.

Now I want to get really real with you for a minute. Are you ready for that? Saying that couponing made me fat is a BOLD FACED LIE. Couponing did not make me fat. My choices made me fat. MINE. It is not something I can blame on anyone else or anything else. It was not my baby, it was not couponing, it was not stress, it was not depression. It WAS me not choosing exercise, activity, reading labels, healthy foods, and good sleep.

Are you blaming the way you feel about your body on someone or something else? IF you are STOP IT! No excuses people. It is time to own it! It is time to take responsibility for your own health.

I HAVE ANOTHER CONFESSION. I was NEVER fat. My arms were bigger than I thought they should be and I did not want them showing in photos. My thighs were big enough that the yoga pant really did not flatter me. My stomach rolled over my jeans when I sat in my car. I had the mom pooch going on.

I LIED TO MYSELF. I told myself that the pooch would never go away. I have known lots of women who are not overweight but still have the baby pooch forever. It is just something that does not go away unless you have surgery, which I will never do. I told myself that my arms could not be tone, they were just going to be a little big.

I did not love some of these features on my body, but over all I felt fine about how I looked. I just decided to wear baggier clothes and embrace the mom body that I now had. I really was okay with it. But what I did not realize is that I was really lying to myself and that I could improve those aspects of my body and be excited about it. Not just for looking better, but mostly for FEELING better! Headaches, backaches, neck aches and fatigue that I once knew are almost a thing of the past.

I have never been on a diet. Until January 2015 I never counted calories, but in January 2015 I started making choices that helped me lose 25 pounds and changed my health and strength. If you are ready to stop blaming and start making some life changes read this article to find out how I lost 25 lbs on my journey to health!

Here is a video I made the other day that give some tips for saving on healthy food!

For now find out how you can save money and eat healthy!


  • Monica, thanks for posting this it has been what I am going through – struggling with especially since having my baby. On top of the excuses you listed (which I am currently cycling through those excuses too) but the main excuse I use is that I just have no motivation and have been looking for a workout buddy (which by the way is like pulling teeth to get another lady to commit to and actually follow through with working out with me.) And I tell myself when I find that workout buddy then I will have the motivation because i will have to go since i have that other person waiting for me. Which is true that would definitely help…. but I just keep letting that excuse be the reason I haven’t started exercising I really should just work out with or without a buddy because I can only change me. As I am typing this more excuses pop into my head lol. Anyway I just wanted to thank you for posting this. It is what I am needing.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I too had the no workout buddy excuse. I started walking with a friend and she was hit and miss about how often she could go. Then she moved and I could not find another person that could be consistent. Truth is when I got serious about exercising I had to do it on my own. I had to commit to not let myself down rather than not let a friend down. I think you are going to like what I have to share. I hope to have it posted next week. You can do this. Do it for YOU! – Monica

  • I loved your video thanks for sharing ! Fred Meyer is the best place to shop for groceries they have good quality food and prices ! I love buying healthy food at a good price for my family ! The other cool thing about fredmeyer is they have a good amount of quality food with clearance stickers around the store like the one in your pack of gum I have found cheese, yogurt , organic chicken, burgers etc all marked down and I just freeze it ir use it quickly in a recipe ! They have discount sections for meat , produce , cheese and bread I always scan those too! They also have great rewards to use on gas when you join their reward program (free to join) I also love their organic health food section I always buy our milk , eggs and chicken organic super important these days with kids And all the nasty added hormones in dairy ???? thanks again ????????????????

  • I completely agree with this article and could add to it…….it made my kids gain weight (don’t want to call them fat) With me doing all the shopping I could easily blame myself for buying all the BOGOs at Publix. I’ve taken a slightly different approach and buy more healthy food at ALDI.

  • Why title the article/post “Couponing Made Me Fat” if you believe it was your own choices? I mean, yes, I do keep a bit more processed foods around now that I can find them with coupons cheap enough to do so, but I don’t tend to eat them much. My son and husband eat them some, but not large amounts and both of them are naturally thin. Just odd to title an article something you pretty much disagree with.

    • Yes, it is a little odd. I thought it would be fun to surprise people with the answer. I think if I titled something like “my choices made me unhealthy, but I was never really fat” would have been an interesting title. ????

      Having a few processed foods around is not a bad thing for your family. But I have been amazed by how I feel now that I am making better choices. When I slip up, I feel it for sure. ☺

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