Couponing in a Small Space, Part 3

To be honest, I sort of forgot about this series… then lovely Kristina sent in this photo:

Okay, she might have sent this to me in JUNE, but it’s been sitting there in the back of my mind, and as I sit in my hotel room, unable to watch TV for fear of waking my sleeping daughter up, it popped into my head.  How brilliant is this idea?!?  Put a tension rod under your sink, and hang all your spray bottles!!  Then you don’t have to search for the ones you want, buried in a million other cleaning supplies!

Another reader sent in this picture, sharing the way she organizes her linen closet! This is simply a 24 pocket shoe rack, filled with various toiletries! It totally makes room in the linen closet for the actual linens!

We’ve got one of these at home, we use it to hold movies, but we’ve also used it for scrapbooking supplies, and to hold food!  Target has them on sale this week for $39.99, which is about 1/3 less than what we paid for ours! Plus, if you get the little fabric drawers, no one is the wiser as to what’s in it!

What do you do with your stockpile?

How do you make it work in your space?

Email pictures (or even just ideas) to becky at fabulesslyfrugal dot com!  I’d love to share them with everyone else!

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  • Krista Porter

    I love the shoe holder as an organizer! thats such a good idea

    • Brandy

      I totally agree…love the shoe holder organizer!

    • Kay Sands

      I use one in my stockpile closet to hold deodorants, make up, toothbrushes, chap stick and I have one in my food pantry and it holds spices, small baking supplies, sprinkles, cookie cutters, etc. I love them.

      • Rachel

        Using it on the pantry door = genius! I am forever losing my small baking supplies like the sprinkles, cookie cutters, etc. Love this idea!!! 🙂

  • Bon

    I totally should do that w/ the brand new shoe organizer I have.

    I have a similar cube storage thing in my kitchen as a side board. There are some totes in there that have flour & hot pads & all kinds of stuff in them.

  • Melissa

    Totally love the shoe bag. I use them for my stock pile and other organizing. I use a small one near my washer and dryer to hold all my stain treatments stuff as well as drye sheets and scissors, anything I might need for doing laundry except for the detergent, when it’s in big containers. The Purex cystals even fit… It’s just on the wall. I’m also going to get one for my son’s trucksand cars and my daughters doll stuff.

  • Mary S

    My son has a shoe holder on the back of his closet door to hold small misc toys. The rule is two toys per pocket, once it’s full, the rest of the toys go in the donate box we keep in our hall closet. This allows him to decide what to keep and what to get rid of, and keeps the amount of toys to a minimum (and picked up, because he knows any that aren’t in the pockets will go into the donate box).

    I also have a half of one (because of the size of that shelf, I had to trim it down) in my baking pantry (I bake A LOT) to hold sprinkles and small bags of nuts, candies, etc.

    I also have a shelving unit like the one shown above, but mine is chocolate brown. I got it at an auction for $5.00, and I found some brown wicker baskets that fit in each shelf (I don’t really care for the cloth drawers). I put it near my front door; the first three shelves closest to the door hold gloves, hats, and scarves for my son, my hubby, then me (mine is the fullest, so we decided it was better on bottom). The other shelves hold misc items, and on top we have two small baskets to hold our keys, cel phones, etc, and a larger, flatter basket to hold mail. Having the baskets makes it nice because the baskets add to the decor of the room, yet you can hide stuff inside them and nobody knows it’s there! So far none of my stockpile have made it there, but that could easily change…..

  • Melissa S

    I use the shoe organizer in my kitchen panrty to hold the taco seasonings, marinades & any other packet products.. My kids LOVE taco bell hot sauce so when we go there we load up & it is a perfect place for those as well.. Also keep the dog treats near the top for obvious reasons..
    I love the idea of the rod under the cabinet I will have to install one in mine..

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