Couponing 101 {Winner’s Shopping Trip and NEW Giveaway!}

Meet Shontell

She’s the first winner of our Couponing 101, Shopping with The Fab’s Giveway Winner! A mom of 5 this is what she says about her new endeavor in couponing:

A) My husband and I are getting into this endeavor together, so I expect many snuggly times over coupon clipping and late night store runs, 2) I have five kids on a part-time teacher’s salary- clearly I need this, and D) I think I can be so successful at couponing that our family will be able to bless those who have even less than us. It stands to reason that my children will learn much from this good stewardship and learning to care about others. Maybe I should have added in a reason 5). In conclusion, PICK ME PICK ME!! I NEED I NEED! I am baby-steppin’ but I could really use a massive tutorial from a coupla queens.

We did 2 transactions at Target, and Shontell started off with $25 in Target Gift Cards she had gathered from past transactions.

Transaction 1

Buy 5 Kelloggs Cereals $2.75 each 
Buy  10 Pop Tarts Mini Crips $2.50 each
Use  $5/5 Kelloggs Coupon NLA
Use 10 $.50/1 Pop Tarts mini Crisps
Use $1/3 Kellogg’s Cereal Target WEB Coupon
Use $25 in Target Gift Cards (from previous transactions)
Pay $2.75 OOP
Receive (3) $5 Target Gift Cards

Transaction 2

Buy 1 Lint Roller 2 pack $5.89
Buy 1 Duracell AA Batteries 48 ct $17.99
Buy 1 Stride Tony Stewart 3 Pack Gum $2.50
Buy 2 Raisinets Box Candy $1.00 each
Buy 2 Nerds Box Candy $1.00 each
Buy 2 Goobers Box Candy $1.00 each
Buy 2 Spree Box Candy $1.00 each
Buy 2 Snyder’s Pretzels $2.69 each
Buy 1 Welch’s Grape Jelly $1.99 
Buy 2 Ortega Jalapeno’s $.89 each
Buy 5 Kellogg’s Cereals $2.75 each
Buy 1 Starbucks Blonde Coffee $7.99
Buy 1 Pillsbury Frozen Biscuits 12 count $2.89
Buy 1 Squirt 2 Liter $1.69
Buy 3 Aquafresh Extreme Toothpaste $.97 each
Buy 1 Revlon Eye Shadow $4.49
Buy 2 Up & Up Cotton pads $.85 each
Buy 1 Beneful Dog Food $5.49
Buy 1 Cover Girl Mascara $6.49
Buy 1 Cover Girl Loose Powder $5.84
Buy 1 Cover Girl Lip Balm $6.49
Buy 3 Olay Body Wash $5.00 each
Use (3) $2/1 Olay Bar, Body Wash or In-Shower Body Lotion 03/04/2012 P&G Insert
Use (3) $1/1 CoverGirl Product 03/04/2012 P&G Insert
Use $2/1 Purina Beneful Dry Dog Food, 3.5 lb+, Target WEB Coupon
Use (2) $.50/1 Up & Up Cotton Personal Care Item, 50 ct+, Target WEB Coupon
Use $2/1 Revlon Cosmetic Item, Offer valid at Target (exp 04/02/2012)
Use (3) $1/1 Aquafresh Extreme Clean, 5.6 oz+ Rolling
Use $1/1 Pullsbury Frozen Biscuits Target WEB Coupon
Use $1.50/1 Starbucks Naturally Flavored Coffee, 11 oz (exp 04/02/2012)
Use $1/1 Starbucks Blonde Coffee Target Mobile Coupon
Use  $5/5 Kelloggs Coupon NLA
Use $1/3 Kellogg’s Cereal Target WEB Coupon
Use $1/2 Ortega Food Products Rolling
Use $.55/1 Welch’s Jam, Jelly or Spread (any flavor, any size)
Use (2) $1/2 Snyder’s of Hanover Flavored Pretzel Pieces or Pretzel Sandwiches 02/26/2012 SS Insert
Use (4) $0.75/2 Nestle/Wonka Candies, 3.1 oz – 6 oz 02/19/2012 RP Insert
Use $1/1 Duracell Peelie
Use $1/1 Scotch Lint or Pet Hair Roller (scroll down & click on right)
Use 3 Target Gift Cards from Transaction 1
Pay $75.21 OOP
Receive $15 Target Gift Cards
Final Price: $60.21

Total Cost Before Savings $140.61
Total Savings $90.51 or 55%
Final Cost: $62.96

Your Turn To Go Shopping With Me!

Next week I’m taking a lucky winner to Rite Aid and helping them understand the Ups of shopping this drugstore!

Want to win?

  1. Must have been couponing for less than ONE YEAR
  2. Must be local to Boise, ID (or be willing to fly, drive, or swim here)
  3. Must be available to shop (without munchkins) either the evening of Sunday the 11th or sometime Monday the 12th!
  4. Maximum of 4 entries per person are allowed, and giveaway ends Midnight MST Thursday 3/8!
  5. Winner will be announced Friday morning, and will have 24 hours to respond. You can only win once! (sorry Shontell!)
  6. Comments on the Facebook page will not be counted. All entries must be in the comments below. Each Entry must be submitted as separate comment.
  7. Winners are responsible for paying the OOP/Tax of all items (it’ll be less than $20, I promise!).
Official Entry:
  1. Tell us what you hope learning to coupon will do for you/your family!

Additional Entries:

  1. Like us on Facebook, or let us know that you already do.
  2. Share the giveaway on Facebook (by sharing this giveaway, or tagging us in your status update) and tell us you did.
  3. Use our coupon database to print a coupon. Tell us which one you printed!



  • I Love You on facebook

  • I am happily married with 4 children living on one income. I would love for the chance to experience couponing by a pro. I have been couponing for almost a year now and at times I still struggle. I get very frustrated at times. I know that being able to coupon with help out my family in everyway. I think that it would be very neat to have my children experience this as well so when they all grow and move out this will help them in everyway. I am picked I would be forever grateful. PICK ME PICK ME!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Lisa

  • I am a mother of five and a stay at home mom. My husband just finished a graduate program 2 years ago in an effort to stabilize our family financially. At this point, we are trying to pay off the student loans that we accrued over those years while keeping me at home with the kids. I know that the money saved by couponing would go a long way towards erasing debt and beginning to establish savings for our future. I have tried couponing in the past and have felt frustrated by it–when I try to go they are out of everything and it has felt like my time and efforts at saving my family money are wasted. I would love to get the chance to try it with a pro and find out some of the keys to making it work. So—there is my story. HELP 🙂

  • I have been couponing since November and it is a new found passion of mine. I have started out small and have found it saving me money, which is great. I love saving money. I need help though. I have never couponed at Rite Aid before and would love to get help there. I work full time and have two great kids. I am getting married on the 17th and my husband to be is as excited about saving money as I am. I took to couponing to save us money so I can pay off my student loans faster and get out of debt. I would love to only work part-time and hope by getting out of debt quicker I can do just that. I miss so much time with my kids while I am working and that time I can never get back. I could really use your help.

  • I like you on facebook too.

  • I want to really learn how to coupon more effectively by being able to look at the paper and figure how in the world to put items together to bring my total cost down..I want to be more effective when i shop for my family so we can get our house paid off and our budget won’t be so tight.

  • I have been couponing since July and it has changed my family’s finacial situation and given me a hobby that I love. Before, we shopped paycheck to paycheck and would have an empty pantry/fridge come shopping time. That has changed but I need help learning to lower my out of pocket to give us more flexiblity in our bank account. I have another baby on the way and would love to be able to spend less for more.

  • I already like you on facebook

  • I printed the lactose free yogurt coupon from through your database.

  • I LOVE Rite Aid but I don’t feel like I’m being as efficient with the coupons as I could be. We’re living on a tight budget (like everyone else) and I’m hoping to be able to cut our expenses in half just by using coupons and I could definitely use some help.

  • My fiance and I are both college students and are living on our own for the first time. I started couponing in July of last year in hope that we could cut back on our grocery budget in order to have a little money to save for our wedding and a few frivolous purchases (like a night out on the town). I would love to learn how to coupon at RiteAid since personal products seem to really take up the bulk of our grocery budget whenever they end up on the list.

  • Already like FF on facebook!

  • Shared giveaway on Facebook

  • Printed 75/1 gal milk coupon from database.

  • I wish you were in Utah I just started like a month ago n I need help. I just understand the double coupon Tue. At Walmart.

  • Where do I start?!

    I am a stay at home mother of 2 and I would really love to learn from the BEST at a store (rite aid) that has some great deals to be had. I haven’t quite got the hang of Rite Aid down, but with your help I know I could become the Ride Aid master!

    The help you give me would allow me to continue to save and stretch our dollars. I would love to pass on my new found knowledge to others in my family and pay it forward. Being able to provide for my family, teach others and donate FILLS my heart.


  • I have “liked” you on facebook but I LOVE all your info even more!!!

  • I shared this giveaway on my wall 🙂

  • I printed the Pampers wipes and country crock butter coupons!

  • I want to win this because I have been “attempting” to coupon for about 4 months now and I SUCK!!!! I am willing to learn and I really really need to do it because we live at about poverty level income wise so an opportunity like this would really be a blessing. I’m ready (finally) since I just subscribed to the statesman and I now receive multiple sunday papers. I made the investment and now I need to make good on it.

  • I have “liked” you on face book for several months now

  • I clicked on the flinstoones coupon on the database and ended up being able to print a TON of coupons!

  • Really need to tweak my skills, I want to be FABULESS at this!

  • sign me up!

  • You make it so much easier to use coupons!

  • Giveaway Closed… Winner announced in the AM 🙂

  • My husband and I have struggled financially and have lost a lot this past year. I was in an auto accident in March 2011 and was let go of my job a couple months later. Because of the injuries I sustained I was physically unable to keep up my work load and they had to let me go after working there nearly 3 years. We are living off of my husbands income (which is not much) since he took a pay cut when he got a new job in June last year to be home with me. He was truck driving, but knew he needed to be home to help me around the house since I was no longer physically able to do what I was capable of doing before. I knew we needed to make changes so that we could afford to put food on the table. My prayers were answered when I was invited by a close friend to attend a Fabulesslyfrugal couponing 101 class a few months ago. I have taken that challenge head on and have been able to save money, but like others I have grown frustrated with the amount of time it takes to do this, and wasn’t saving the kind of money I had hoped to save. I would be eternally grateful to have an opportunity to work with one of the best of the best in couponing. We need as much savings as we can get. We are being threatened by the bank to have our house foreclosed on, we had to give up my car because we were unable to pay for it anymore. I REALLY NEED HELP. PLEASE PICK ME, this would mean the world to my husband and I. This would be an amazing blessing in our lives. Thanks for taking the time to read my story.

  • I would love to have my grown daughter Aimee go shopping with you. I have tried to show her what I do and how to do it, but it doesn’t seam to make any sense to her. I have given her a specific list with sizes/quantities, circled items in the ad, and sent her shopping. She always ends up getting the wrong things or sizes or is overcharged on something and has to make another trip into town to exchange it. Since we live about 20 miles out of town, most of the time it’s not worth the gas to get it right. She is unemployed and currently living at home with us. She does a large chunk of the cooking for us. I would be so happy if she could take over the grocery shopping too. Thanks.

  • I follow you posts on Facebook all the time. So does my daughter.

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