Couponing 101 Winner Plus NEW Giveaway!

Meet Kristi

Kristi and her husband are the parents of 3 beautiful kids. This is what she said about why she wanted to learn to coupon: I want to win this because I have been “attempting” to coupon for about 4 months now and I SUCK!!!! I am willing to learn and I really really need to do it because we live at about poverty level income wise so an opportunity like this would really be a blessing. I’m ready (finally) since I just subscribed to the statesman and I now receive multiple sunday papers. I made the investment and now I need to make good on it.

Her biggest question was “How Do I Find The Deals?” Kristi is brand new to our site, so she wasn’t really sure how to navigate. I gave her some helpful links, and they may help you out too!

I also shared with Kristi how I plan my shopping trips. If I’m going to do multiple transactions (such as at CVS, Walgreens, or Rite Aid, and sometimes Target) I always get the biggest “solid” reward (RR, Up, or EB) first (such as a $10 reward instead of a $5 or even (2) $5 rewards). Then I make my subsequent transactions add up to as close to the biggest reward in the fewest items as possible. Unless I know I’m going to be going to the store the next week, I try to walk out of the store with ZERO rewards in my pocket. Too many times have I not made it back to spend the reward, and that’s just money down the drain. If I do walk out with rewards, I don’t put them in my bag or even just toss them in my purse. I take the reward, fold them in half and put them with the cash in my wallet. We do a cash envelope system in our house, so I almost always pay in cash instead of swiping my debit card. If for some reas, on I don’t have cash, and I’m doing more than one transaction, I swipe my debit card once, and get enough cash back to pay for the following transactions. Stores are charged every time you swipe your card, so it saves them money to have you pull out cash in your first transaction. Not sliding my debit card on multiple transactions is one silent way I like to say “Thank You” to my stores for letting us use coupons!

Shopping at Rite Aid

Shopping at Rite Aid is different than Walgreens because you can “roll” your Ups. What that means is you can buy paper towels, get a reward, and turn right around and use that reward to buy more paper towels! You don’t have to worry about leap frogging your transactions like at Walgreens. It’s a super easy, they are very coupon friendly, and the drug store I recommend to “new” coupon users!

Kristi’s goal was to get items for her kiddo’s Easter baskets. She did 5 transactions. If she had been in a hurry, she could easily have put them all into one transaction, but her OOP (out of pocket) would have been higher.

Transaction 1

Buy 4 M&M’s 2/$5 (they were clearly marked 2/$5 or individual price-so we had to buy in sets)
Use (2) $1/2 Mars Easter Products; M&M’s, M&M’s Minis, Minis Mix, 3 Musketeers, Twix Minis, Snickers Minis, Milk Way Minis, Dove Silky Smooth Eggs 3/4 RP
Pay $8 OOP
Receive 2 $1 Ups Rewards

Transaction 2

Buy 6 Select Easter Candy and Novelty with Candy 2/$2
Use $2 Ups Rewards from T1
Pay $4 OOP
Receive (3) $1 Ups

Transaction 3

Buy 2 Skittles or Starburst Fun Size 2/$3
Use $3 Ups from T2
Pay $0 OOP (keep in mind, that because tax varies so much from state to state, we don’t include that)
Receive $1 Ups

Transaction 4

Buy 4 Peeps 12ct 2/$3
Use  $1 Ups Reward from T3
Pay $5 OOP
Receive (2) $1 Ups

Transaction 5

Buy 2 Purex UltraPacks  BOGO Free ($5.99 each)
Buy 2 Mr. Clean Magic Erasers $2.50 each
Buy 2  Soft Scrub Cleaners $2.50 each
Use (2) $1/1Soft Scrub Total 3/11 RP
Use (2) $.50/1 Mr Clean Products 3/4 P&G
Use (2) $1/1 Purex Detergent, UltraPacks 03/11 RP
Use $2 Ups Rewards from T4
Pay $8.99 OOP


Total OOP:  $25.99
Original Cost: $66.18
Total Savings: $40.19 or 60%!

Find all of this week’s Rite Aid Deals here!

Your Turn To Go Shopping With Me!

Next week I’m taking a lucky winner to either Fred Meyer, Walmart, Kmart, Walgreens, or Winco. YOUR Choice!

Check out Shontell’s Target Trip here!

Want to win?

  1. Must have been couponing for less than ONE YEAR
  2. Must be local to Boise, ID (or be willing to fly, drive, or swim here)
  3. Must be available to shop (without munchkins) either the evening of Sunday the 18th or sometime Monday the 19th!
  4. Maximum of 4 entries per person are allowed, and giveaway ends Midnight MST Thursday 3/15!
  5. Winner will be announced Friday morning, and will have 24 hours to respond. You can only win once! (sorry Shontell and Kristi!)
  6. Comments on the Facebook page will not be counted. All entries must be in the comments below. Each Entry must be submitted as separate comment.
  7. Winners are responsible for paying the OOP/Tax of all items (it’ll be less than $20 (unless you want to spend more) I promise!).
Required Entry:
  1. Tell us what you hope learning to coupon will do for you/your family!

Additional Entries:

  1. Like us on Facebook, or let us know that you already do.
  2. Share the giveaway on Facebook (by sharing this giveaway, or tagging us in your status update) and tell us you did.
  3. Use our coupon database to print a coupon. Tell us which one you printed!


  • oh i wish i lived close to there 🙂

  • Thanks for explaining the roll your ups. I didn’t know that. I also wish i lived close, but i look forward to seeing your weekly posts.

  • I wish I could afford to drive the four hours to Boise 🙁 But alas I will continue to “work” my coupons for my family.

  • Thank you for mentioning that the store pays each time you swipe your card. My husband and I own a small ice cream shop. People often use their credit or debit cards to pay for a single ice cream cone. That money comes out of our pockets. It’s about .50 for credit and .25 for debit. It adds up to so much money every month. Also I never realized it before, but those rewards cards (credit cards that give you mileage or other rewards) cost the store more than just regular credit cards. They are paying for the reward, not the credit card company! Less credit/debit card use leads to lower prices for everyone.

    • That’s good to know. I try to frequent small businesses as much as possible instead ofof going to corporate conglomerates. However I’m an avid plastic user, will make the switch to paper to help my local ma and pa shops save money. I wish your business the best of luck and success 🙂

  • We are on a pretty tight budget and I would like a little more wiggle room. I have been couponing for 8 months but I want to learn ways to lower my out of pocket. I feel like I am getting good deals but I am still spending more money than I would like. If I could learn to lower my out of pocket I would be able to do more things with my family that our limited budget restricts.

  • I already like you on Facebook.

  • I printed the TruMoo .55/1 chocolate milk coupon.

  • I already know what couponing can do for my family, I want to know how to get better with the FAB ladies advice!

    So pick me, I want to learn from the best!

  • I LOVE you on Facebook!

  • Hot wheels coupon, perfect time for Easter! Gotta love the printables!!!!

  • I liked on Facebook

  • Part of number 13 lol I’m sorry I have no printer… 🙁

  • I just started couponing a month ago and am not very good. I wld love to be shown how by you hope I get picked thank you and have a blessed night

  • Shared on Facebook….

  • Oh! I would love a one on one shopping trip! I really need somebody to hold my hand and show me the ropes! I want cheap toiletries!!!

  • I am trying to save to take my family to Disney World. Hopefully the money I save couponing can help me obtain that goal:) Thanks for all your helpful information!!

  • I have not been couponing for over a year. At all. I originally wanted to start, but got so overwhelmed with it all. It seems so time consuming, even with all the wonderful things you ladies do! I have a STACK of coupon inserts I just stuffed in my file cabinet so I wouldn’t have to look at them…they are probably all expired. With our large family and many expenses, learning how to save at the grocery store without stressing about it every week would be great. I HATE shopping. So much so that I do it as little as possible. That means a long night out doing the chore and then several little runs during the month for fresh produce. I could really use your help ladies. Someone to show me it really isn’t as bad as I have imagined…

  • Oh, and I already like you on Facebook!

  • Just shared the news about the giveaway on facebook too.

  • I am out of ink, and frankly, I have wasted so much paper and ink on printed coupons I just wasn’t organized to use, I will wait to print another when i KNOW I will use it. I would have printed the one for Jamba Juice!

  • I would LOVE to win this! I moved to the Boise area about 6 months ago, and that when I found your site! I only started clipping coupons a few months ago, and I’ve got my binder all set up, but now I’ve hit a wall. What do I do? I’ve tried a few multiple transaction trips but I get way to flustered to do them all the time- unless there is a better way? I guessing there is, and would love the tips!
    Also, it’s only the hubby and I, so not sure that I need multiple newspapers (we just get 1 Sunday right now). But when there are good deals, I feel like I’m missing out since I can only do the deal once! So is it worth it??
    Boy, this would be great!!

  • I’ve ‘liked’ you on FB for a few months now. Well, let’s be honest: I love you guys!!

  • I printed the Skinny water, Halls and Cherrios coupons from the database. Oh, and I told a coworker all about the site today too! She’s so excited to check it out!

  • Hi my name is Lisa and I have a family of 6 on one income, since I am a stay at home mom the past 8 months I have been couponing, at times I seem to struggle. Being on one income is hard at times, trying to pay all the bills and be able to put food on the table. At times its really TOUGH!!!! I would love to have an expert help me out with giving me helpful hints into her experiences in couponing. I would love it!!! I always seem to get stressed out. PICK ME PICK ME!!!!

    I also printed out Post Pebble treats.. I already like you on FACEBOOK TOOO!!!

    Have a Happy Day! Lisa

  • I would love to win…Just started doing couponing a few weeks ago…im getting pretty good deals, but some things still confuse me.

  • I live in a mother of 4.a few months ago my ex-sister in law introduced me to thr couponimg world.she gave me all the advice she knew,which wasnt much ,due to her just starting also.there has been times I have left a store with emberessment due to not really getting it.but I have gotten a few good and my kidos put our heads together to get the best deals out there but sometimes not as good as we me get off rite way so I can pass it on to my kids as they get older and to those that also need help

  • I like u ladies on fb and I printed the milk coupon

  • Giveaway closed 🙂 Good luck everyone!

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