Coupon Tip Tuesday: Why Didn’t My Catalina Print?

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We often get this question in our inbox. It is frustrating when you plan a trip and the savings is pending on that catalina print and it doesn’t print. 🙁

Here are my suggestions to help you make sure you get that catalina!


ps If you do not know what a Catalina is, you may want to start HERE!

1. Wrong size or varietyThe promo’s are very picky and if you grab the 12 oz box of cereal rather than the 14oz box, it could result in the catalina not printing. Check and double check your items and the ad to be sure that you are buying the right promo products. Another example is last year the Skippy peanut butter was trigger a catalina but only on the Natural variety. The other varieties were not triggering the catalina.

2. Did not spend enoughSome times a promo is pending on the dollar amount spent. Like spend $20 get $5 back. If you spend $19.99 before tax you will not get the catalina. Remember this does not factor in your coupons. You can buy $20 worth of product and use $4 worth of coupons and still get the $5 catalina to print.
Spending more is not a good deal: If you spend $40 you WILL NOT get (2) $5 catalina. Most of the time. Pay attention to the wording on the promo advertisement. See Decoding the Store Ad.

3. Machine is not plugged inSeriously this does happen! I have gone to customer service to have a catalina issue fixed only to find out someone forgot to plug in the machine.

4. Machine was out of paper if it out of paper you will not get a print. Kindly ask the cashier to check if you suspect this may be the case.

5. Machine is not working this usually can not be explained. One night at Albertsons my catalina did not print. I had 3 transactions so I let the two people picking up late night snacks go ahead of me after the first transaction. They bought no promo items and after the second person went my catalina printed.

6. I did not scan my member card sometimes a deal is linked to the member card, so I always have them scan mine.

Now What Do I Do?

1. Use the guidelines above to figure out the problem.

2. If the store is not busy explain the problemto the cashier otherwise go to customer service and politely explain what you think went wrong. Remember to be kind. You will not make much progress with the store staff if you are rude, demanding or nasty. They will look over the receipt and help you get your catalina. If you did not buy the right products they can help you fix that too. I have received cash before, sometimes they will scan one thing enough times to get the catalina to print, sometimes they ring up the order again. YMMV by store and cashier. However they do it, most stores are great about helping you. Just remember to be kind! 🙂

3. Make sure you have the deal in the ad, then you can point it out to them. If the deal is unadvertised customer service may not be able to help you. Sometimes you will see catalina offers on the blog but they will not be in the ad so the store will not be able to help you, but the catalina company will.

4. If all else fails Call the catalina company toll free numbers are 1-(888) 322-3814 or 1-888-8COUPON (1-888-826-8766). Have your receipt in front of you because they will need some key info from it. They will be able to see if the machine was working and if you bought the right products. It does tend to take a few minutes for the call, and then you have to wait to get it in the mail, which takes 6 – 8 weeks. Kind of a hassle, but worth it if you want that cat! UPDATE: You can now submit online at Catalina Marketing.

Hope this helps you. If you have tips about getting your catalinas. Feel free to share in the comments! We ♥ our fab readers!


  • Cathy

    Many people have reported that they get their catalina back with in a week.

  • Sylvia

    Do you know if there is some sort of trick to get the Register Reward to print at Walgreens for Depends. I bought 4 depends using coupons from and the RR printed. That was the week of 10/16. Then I went back to Walgreens the week of 10/23 picking up the same depends (fit kit) and using the $3 off 1 coupons I got in my previous purchase. First, I tried having them ring it up using four coupons. It did not print. Then I tried having them ring it up using only three coupons. Again it did not print. Do you have any idea of what could be wrong. I tried at two different stores. Is there something I’m doing wrong?

  • christie dugger

    I had just purchased the Colgate toothpaste and it didn’t print my Catalina this time but yesterday I went threw Fred Meyers and it printed a $ 2.00 Catalina for me. Then I went back today and it didn’t so I called customer service and they said that if I used my store card it can limit the amount of Catalina’s so you don’t get them back every time you buy the item . So I told the store clerk well maybe it is not in my best interest to use my store card … Why do they limit the amount of Catalina’s you get I don’t understand that ?

    • Monica

      I asked the team and no one has ever heard of them limiting the catalinas by your store card. That is strange. Was it Fred Meyer CS that told you that? Did you try contacting catalina?

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