Coupon Tip Tuesday: Stock Up Prices

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One of the reasons that we love to coupon is because we get things for FREE. We do not get everything for free all the time so…

First I will show you some of my freebies.
Second I will tell you which items you will be able to find free time and time again.

Third I will tell you my stock up prices for many of these items!


We are often asked….
What is your stock up price? Or How much will you pay for certain things?

Below are all items that I have been able to get for FREE time and time again. I am always able to stock up enough to make it to the next sale!

Things I only get when they are Free:

Hair Spray
Pain Meds
Cough Medicine
Body Wash
Tree Top Box Juices
Juicy Juice
Capri Suns
Salad Dressing
BBQ Sauce
Hot Dogs

We do not get everything for FREE, but we do pay rock bottom prices. So if you can not get it FREE, don’t pay more than this.
You may have to wait, but the sale and coupon match up will come!

Items I would not pay more than .50 for:

Yo-Plus Yogurt* 4 pack

Coffee Creamer*
Shaving Cream
Mac n’ Cheese
Brownie Mix*
Juice* (big bottle)
Easy Mac*
Velveeta Cups*
Pasta Sides*
Instant Oatmeal 10 pk
Cake Mix*
Chex Mix
Frosting in a can
Frozen Veggies
Canned Fruit*
Pasta Sauce
Refried Beans
Soup Progresso*
Broth in the Box
Room Freshners*
Margarine* .50/lb

I will not pay more than $1 for:

Yoplait Delights*
Chocolate Chips
Peanut butter*
Fruit Snacks
Cookie Mix
Cleaning Suppies*
Cereal* (only for a kind I REALLY want)
Chocolate Syrup
Pancake Syrup
Rhodes Bake and Serve Rolls (.69 w/ Albies Double)
Pillsbury cresents, biscuits*, c-rolls
Granola Bars
Butter ($1.25/lb)
Cookies* (only for a kind I REALLY want)
Paper Plates
Plastic Cups

I will not pay more than $2 for:
Hamburger /lb
Chicken /lb
Cheese /lb (I usually pay $1.50/lb and gotten this FREE)
bagged Candy*

Diapers- $5-$7 jumbo pack

*Has been FREE

Hope this helps you get an idea of the prices you could/can be paying for your gorceries/personal care items. UPDDATED: 10/30/11

What are your stock up prices?


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  • Shelley

    Where do you typically get your free items? I don’t have rite aid or cvs? Just wondering if that would affect what I should hold out for at the free price. Also, do you usually need doublers to make it happen?

  • Monica


    Free items come in many ways. Here are my main ways………….

    Walgreens: with RR, and coupon
    Walgreens: with coupon and rebate
    Walgreens: with coupon rebate and RR

    Albertsons: with coupon and catalina
    Albertsons: with coupon and double
    Albertsons: with coupon double and catalina
    Albertsons: with coupon catalina and rebate

    Target: store coupon, MQ COUPON
    Target: gift card, coupon, store coupon
    Target: rebate, coupon, gift card

    Hope this helps!

  • Debi

    Oh thank you! I’m going to forward this to a TON of people! Some are beginning couponing, others…well maybe this will inspire them!!

  • shaz

    I’m still new to this.but I haven’t seen these prices too much or hopefully yet.Maybe it is my area?What do you think.?

  • Amanda

    I’m curious how to save more on Diapers where do you usually get these deals and how? And possibly what brands mainly ect. Thanks so much your such a great help!

  • joanna

    How can I save on diapers and wipes? I usually spend $25 on a huge pack that I go through in 2 weeks. The stores near me don’t have double couponing available. I do not have a CVS, but I do have Rite aid, walgreens, walmart, target, fred meyer, safeway. Any advice or suggestions would help me so much!

    • Julie

      You have to watch for the deals – rock bottom ones are harder to come by, so I’m always happy with just ‘decent’. Target will often have a diaper coupon on their website, which you can combine with a manufacture coupon. You just have to make sure they match up for sizes/brands, etc., then you can use 2 coupons per pkg. of diapers. Also, Target often has a ‘get a Target gift card when you buy…such and such $ amount in diapers. So if you can combine all that, you can do pretty well.

      Same thing with Walgreen’s: try to combine a manufacturer coupon with a Register Reward…but Walgreen’s is kind of a pain, so if you’re new to couponing, I’d stick with Target!

      • Amanda

        Have you ever tried They allow you to send coupons in now, and have partnered with I have ordered from them before and am wondering if it’s possible to continue to save with them, or if it is not worth my time to even try, and need to head to a store for these items?

    • Lauren

      Do you have a Babies R’ Us near you? I know Babies R Us is having a GC offer when you buy certain diapers. If you buy Pampers you can get up to $30 in gift cards, plus there is a $3 off a box in size 3 or 4. I stocked up on diapers last time they offered this sale. My coupons were different, but in the end I got 4 Boxes of 512 count sensitive wipes, 2 boxes of sensitive diapers(90 some count each?), and a bunch of other necessities for a grand total of $80.00. Keep in mind the large boxes of diapers are roughly $45 a piece. We just now opened box # 2 of diapers. I’d be happy to help organize your purchase if you need help!

  • Andrea

    I was wondering if this list is still current…since this was originally posted a year & half ago. I’m new to couponing, and I don’t want to overpay for something when I could have waited to get it for free… :). thank you by the way for this great site! I don’t live in your area, so some things don’t apply to me (we don’t have a Rite Aid, Albertson’s or Fred Meyer which all sound like great places to get a good deal), but I still reference this site several times throughout the week. You all are teaching me a lot! Thanks again 🙂

  • Dawn

    Great lists! I’m in north Florida so the only stores we have in our area that you mention are Walgreens, Walmart and Target. Is there any interest from other readers in CVS, Winn Dixie and Publix? Your site is truly “fabulous” so I do hope you expand!

  • Annie

    I always buy diapers (Huggies) 228 ct for $42 from COSCO, and they usually have $6off coupons in their booklets, I think this is the best deal ever. And I live in Portland, OR. They are doing this new thing in Walgreens here the bonus points, which makes it really hard to get anything for free, is there anyone who has figured out how to shop there now?

  • Torie

    I buy diapers and wipes from amazon mom thru their subscribe and save. There is always free shipping and 30% off, but am always on the look out for cheaper. I used to buy my toilet paper there too but now my goal TP under a couple bucks (12 rolls).

  • Melissa H.

    How about the stock up price for toilet paper? : )

    • Monica

      $3.30 or less for a 12 pack. 🙂

      • Melissa H.

        But I confess – I’m SO confused about toilet paper! Some rolls say they are “Double” but are they REALLY “Double?”

        Is there a mathematical formula you use to calculate price for TP? Like, does TP list the exact amount of length or centimeters per roll or something?

        If $3.30 is for a 12 pack of “normal” rolls, then would $1.65 be the cut-off for a 6 pack of “normal” rolls?

        I have many coupons for toilet paper. But since I don’t know how much the different brands charge, I’m not sure what the coupons are worth. .50 cents of Cottonelle means nothing if it is so much more expensive than store brand!!

        Can you tell toilet paper is one of the biggest household expenses I deal with? : )

        • Monica

          OK when I say $3.30 or less with the 12 pk that is a double roll. So it would be the same for the 24 single roll.

          I would agree with your idea for the 6 pk. Here is the rule I follow that might help even more.

          Bath tissue or toilet paper – double roll
          $0.40 would not buy it for more than that.
          $0.35 this a a good sale price.
          Less than $.25 is a stock up price!

          Bath tissue – single roll
          $0.22 would not buy it for more than that.
          $0.18 this a a good sale price.
          Less than $.15 is a stock up price!

          • Melissa H.

            Awesome! But dang, girl – where are you getting these kinds of deals?!!

            • Monica @ fabulesslyfrugal

              patience, it takes patience.

            • Missy

              Today I got up early for the Cottonelle deal at Walgreens, thinking there would be hoards of people grabbing all the toilet paper. LOL! I was the first one in there and only one other lady came in. I’m not sure if I did it right. This is only the second time in my life I have used coupons. The first time was also at Walgreen’s when you guys told me about buying 2 Ladies Mitchum Deodorants with a .50 cent off coupon for each, and the $4 register reward that came up made them basically free.

              So the Cottonelle was 5 bucks, with Walgreen’s coupon for $1.00 off in their coupon book that just came out today. I bought three of them. I did it in two transactions – I’m not sure why. I had a .50 cent off one, .75 off one and 1.00 off one manufacturer’s coupons. For some reason I had to buy two .25 cent items so I bought some little Junior Mints. I used the $4 dollar RR I had received from the Mitchum deodorant deal and then paid the $2.25 for the three packages of 12 rolls and got back an RR of $3.50. I then bought the remaining package with the $3.50 RR and my .50 cent remaining Manufacturer’s coupon but for some reason I had to buy another little Junior Mint for .25. I ended up paying .25 for the toilet paper.

              I feel as if I could have done a better job – what was I missing? Should I have bought four in two separate transactions? Or paid for all three in one transaction?

            • Melissa

              You should have bought all 3 in one transaction. Or 2 per transaction. (depending on how may coupons you had). That would have given you $4 RR, I believe. Just remember,if you use the RR from the toilet paper on the next tansaction containing the same item another RR WON’T print out.

            • Nhraif

              I’m confused on the Walgreens TP deal, but I am new to the world of couponing. Why do we have to purchase filler items? It seems like a mystery to me as well, but I’m sure there is a hard and fast rule in order to secure the best deal. I just feel like if I knew the rule my life would be easier. Thanks for the site ladies, keep it up!

  • Rachel

    I was also wondering if these stock up prices are still good with the increase in prices, compared to when this was originally posted. Having a hard time finding products for the prices mentioned. Thanks!

  • Cindy

    Okay I live in WA state, hardly any coupon policy like the shows they show on TLC!!! So many stores have restricted their policy. I was able to use several mf coupons at the commisary but after all the TLC stuff they stop that. Which hurts us!
    We do have FredMeyer, Walmart, I hate Walgreens and the UP program!! IDK why I just think it is a pain, you don’t save right away you have to go back to recieve the reward. Silly to me I think.
    Question I have is how other than using for example how can I get all over coupons from different states to maybe give me a variety?
    I just bought my double coupon binder at Target with the shoulder strap, $19.99! I saw them onling up to $50.00, so glad I just let myself find the deal.
    I have written like snail mail to a lot of company’s they recieve to many request to send coupons out. I spent so much in postage for nothing. I only us computer now and ask every co. I can think of. Most say sorry look in paper.
    If you can think of any other types of savings I can do please let me know!!

  • Heather

    Would $5.99 for a 16 pack of Energizer batteries is a good price?

    • Monica

      Heather- That is a good price but not a stock up price, but I guess it depends on the size you are buying. See chart below.

      Batteries AA normal price $0.49 good price $0.20 great price < $.20 Batteries AAA normal price $0.50 good price $0.26 great price < $.26 Batteries C normal price $1.50 good price $0.94 great price < $0.94 Batteries D normal price $1.40 good price $0.95 great price < $.95

  • Jen

    I’m *really* trying to learn all this. I’ve been doing Walgreens for a year now, because I moved away from CVS (which is *the* best!). That doesn’t help me with groceries, though. Do I understand that I can get my best grocery deals (with coupons) via Albertson’s? Will I do better there than through Winco?

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