Coupon Tip Tuesday: Kindness Pays

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My Checker Paid For My Groceries!

We try to teach our readers to Give Couponers A Good Name! It pays in a big way for everyone!

Last week I was shopping at Albertsons doing double deals on my lunch break. Before I went in the store I grabbed my Albertsons gift card, my preferred card and the coupons for the deals I planned on getting.

When I got in line my checker rang everything up to $2 and change and I scanned my gift card. My gift card rang up NON-SUFFICIENT FUNDS! OH MY! (I grabbed my old gift card with no balance) The checker went to grab my binder for me to get some money. I explained “there is no money in there, I just brought in this gift card and I grabbed the wrong one.”


Now I am standing in line feeling embarrassed and rushed because I have to get back to work. My mind trails off as I reprimand myself for grabbing the wrong card. Not even sure why I am holding onto a card with nothing on it? Then my checker offered to just pay for my order. I had to think for a minute, can she trust me? Do I even have money in my car to pay her back? I realized I did and let her PAY FOR MY GROCERIES! I quickly ran out to my car and brought her back some cash.

Wow! What a nice thing to do.  If I was crabby to my checkers, ignored my checkers or tried to sneak coupons by my checkers I am pretty sure my checker would not have done this for me.

I am actually a pretty shy person and before I started couponing I never talked to my checkers. When I started to coupon I was worried that the checkers would be mean, or mad because I used coupons so I decided I had to try harder to be friendly and make things easier for my checker. I use methods like those explained in my “Give Couponers A Good Name” post. It is also important to use good coupon Ethics and never be mean to a checker.

Take a minute to read these posts and help Give Coupons A Good Name!

What goes around comes around. 😉


  • Krista

    I love this story!

  • Becca

    What a sweet thing for that checker to do. I always try to be kind to the checkers and I love that you all talk about coupon ethics on this blog! On a completely unrelated note, I was on this blog the other day and my husband was sitting next to me on the couch and looks over and sees the ad on the side bar for the DVD and goes, hey I know her. Monica, my husband Chad has played volleyball at your house! I had to laugh!

    • Monica

      Oh hi Becca! Chad is the nicest guy. He told me his wife couponed, but I do not know if I ever mentioned the site. That is funny. Thanks for saying hi!

  • Debra

    My albertson’s checkers are so nice. They are friendly and helpful when I get the wrong item if it doesn’t match the coupon. They ask do I still want the product or can they have it put back and return my coupon. I even had one checker give me her coupon one night for cereal because i was one short. How nice is that. I tried to give her one of mine and told me that she couldn’t accept one back. 🙂

  • Caitlin

    Hey! That was my mommy 🙂 She told me the story today. I’m glad you got your groceries!

  • Brooke

    That is so great!
    I had a crabby checker turn sweet last night, I hope that continues.
    I am really nice to the checkers and I also try to know what I am doing before hand so it has a chance of turning out well.

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