Coupon Tip Tuesday: Healthy Couponing

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A few weeks ago we got this question in our inbox from a potential fab fruGAL!

Karen says…

“I have been contemplating getting into couponing for awhile. My only problem is that it seems that coupons are mostly for junk food. We don’t buy chips, sugar cereals, fruit snacks, etc. So my question is, would it be worth it? I know there aren’t going to be coupons for spinach, but would someone like me benefit from couponing? Thanks! BTW, I LOVE your site!”

This is my answer:
You could certainly benefit from couponing! I would recommend that you just stick mostly to the drug store deals like Walgreen Store Deals and Rite Aid Store Deals to save on your personal care items.

If you brush, shave, wipe or lather you can benefit from using coupons!

I  got all of these items for free:

Buy Meat and Produce When the Price is Low!

You may not be using a coupon, but you can buy more when the price is low!  You can freeze, dry, and can meat and produce. Learn our secrets of How to freeze chicken efficiency!
Other non-sugary/processed items to watch for when couponing are:
Pasta {We have been able to score, Healthy Harvest and Smart Taste for cheap and FREE}
Juicy Juice
Tuna { We have scored Tuna for .05 -FREE}
Yogurt {I often get this free and my kids snack on it constantly}
Sour Cream
Pasta Sauce { You can get FREE Prego TODAY!}

Find Coupons for Healthy Products:

Search our coupon database for your favorite Organic and healthy brands!

Get this $10 coupon for vitacost for healthy organic foods delivered to your door,

Do you know where to find more healthy coupons?

Feel free to share in the comments!

You can check on the websites of your favorite products for coupons. Sign up for their newsletter and they just might send you coupons. Write to them to tell them how much you love them and they just might send you coupons. I recently received some berry coupons from Driscolls!

How Do You Coupon Healthy?

Guess what I did hear back from Karen: “Thanks so much for the quick response!  I think I’m going to jump in on this!” Welcome to the club Fab FruGAL Karen! I hope you are having success so far!


  • Karen

    I liked this post! I collect a lot of coupons and check the sales regularly. However, as I go through the store, I feel I save even more money just by asking myself, “Even though it’s on sale for a super price, do I really need it? And, is it really a very healthy choice for a meal or a snack?” Just because something can be had for a low price, doesn’t mean it is always a good choice I feel. I still use my coupons though for things that we use a lot. There are many coupons out there as well for healthy options.

  • Kira G

    The preschool that I worked at for two years, I am currently on extended maternity leave, only gives the kids organic and healthy foods and produce. Milk is organic as well as other dairy and produce products (if available). This is a nonprofti preschool so the budget couldn’t be any tighter, so while on leave I have made it my project to get as many good deals and free things for the school as possible. I get all samples available, including pull up to put in their cupboard for the “accidents”. Cleaning products and bleach, Kashi cereals and crackers, pens and school supplies. I even try to print milk coupons and then send on the link and coupons. My boss is constantly amazed and sooooo grateful when I include some free chocolate for the teachers. I have also been trying to keep the healthier choices around my house, and I send the other coupons with the batch every month over seas. It is easier to find the less than healthy choices, but there are healthier options as well and the excitement of $10 off $30 in produce catalina from Safeway got my 6 year old VERY excited!

  • Becky

    I agree, I used to coupon for all the cheap things, cereal, fruit snacks, etc… However we’ve started changing what we eat and trying to cut most of the HFCS out of our diet and it’s in EVERYTHING… So no more fruit snacks, kelloggs cereal, cheap bread, etc…. But the couponing still really helps for other things. Thanks ladies!

  • Shelly :)

    I usually head to the manufacture’s website. For example for dairy products, Organic Valley or Horizon. You can usually print them 1-2 times every month which helps.

    Also, in terms of cleaning products, Seventh Generation has some great coupons and when you match them with a sale, you can get some money back.

  • Michele

    I usually get Seventh Generation dish liquid soap at Albies for $.79 when using a coupon from the Seventh Gen website doubled! Seventh Gen Dishwasher detergent around $2 or less doubled as well.

  • Jenn

    I try to avoid junk food as well, and try to make as much from scratch that I can. Just watching sale items on basics like flour, oats, yeast, spices etc. has saved us a ton!

  • monica

    Thanks everyone for sharing your comments and ideas!

  • Chamagne

    I found two websites with organic foods/ natural foods coupon links. Not all the links work but most of them do. I saved $10 off of our grocery bill today on organic products. Granted, it’s not a lot but every little bit helps in our 90% organic, grass fed meats, etc. home. Top it off with me eating wheat/gluten free and buying wisely gets complicated. We shop mostly to the outside of any grocery store.

    Here’s another site:

    Simply Organics:

    Biokleen also has coupons on their site:

    And lastly, Mambo Sprouts:

    Hope this works out for you!

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