Coupon Tip Tuesday: Benefits of Multiple Coupons

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If you can get pasta for FREE it is GOOD to get ONE, but MUCH BETTER to get TEN!

Buying one saves you $2, buying ten saves you $20.

So to really start saving you need MORE COUPONS!

There are lots of places to find coupons, but if you want to build a stockpile this is what we recommend……..

Multiple Sunday Newspapers:

Last year when it came time for Amber to renew her newspaper subscription she asked herself, Do I Really Need 5 Sunday Papers?” She found that with 5 copies of just one coupon insert she was able to save $94.83 in one shopping trip!

FabFrugals can get newspaper deals up to 5 newspapers each Sunday for only $3 a week! Ambers subscription easily pays for itself.

So what if there is no newspaper deal in your area?

Coupon Clipping Services:

Offer all of your favorite coupons pre-clipped and shipped to your door!

The Coupon Clippers

Don’t want to miss out on any of the coupons?

You can order multiple whole inserts through Coupon Dede or TheQHunter! You can then organize them using the Clipless Organization System! Inserts prices vary .30-$1.50 each.

Only want to get coupons you know you will use?

You can order your favorites through our coupon clippers or on ebay!

  • order when you really need to stock up
  • order when your area did not get a fab coupon
  • order when you will be able to get items for free with coupons
  • order when you see coupons for things you use
  • order when you find high value coupons
  • order when there is a fab sale

Never ordered on ebay, but want to give it a try?

We will show you how to order on ebay! It is easy peasy! Tips for ordering coupons on ebay!

NOTE: WE ARE NOT RECOMMENDING THAT YOU BUY HOARDS AND HOARDS OF FOOD. BUY WHAT YOU NEED AND WILL USE! Get enough to last until the next sale. Not a 3-5 year supply. 🙂 For ideas on how much you should buy watch our How Much Cereal Should I Buy video. AND How Much Chicken Should I Get?


  • Kalie

    On Wednesday, the newspaper delivers a circular that includes the smartsource coupons. I do not receive this? I don’t know why, but I have walked around to neighborhoods that do, and most people were glad the give me theirs.

  • Shannon

    My subscription is about to run out. I called to see if I could get the same offer and was told no. I was wondering if you knew any ways around this? I really want to stay with the Statesman but think I will switch to the press tribune if needs be. Any ideas?

    • Janet

      I went through the same scenario in November. The Statesman requires you to unsubscribe for 60 days before you can start a new subscription to get the coupon deal. Heres what I did: I cancelled my Statesman subscription and then subscribed to the Press Tribune for 60 days then you can cancel ( it is month to month subscription) and then start a new subscription to the Statesman and get the coupon deal. I was frankly shocked they would not work with me on this and caused me to take my money elsewhere especially with newspaper subscriptions at all time lows in todays economy. I even spoke with a supervisor and they still would not work with me. Bad customer service on there part!

      • Jennifer

        Same story here. I am currently getting the Nampa paper instead of the Statesman right now. I really LOVE being able to pay monthly!! So much nicer to pay by the month rather than 6 months (or 12!!) at a time. I miss the GM inserts as well, but GM always has lots of printables online, so its fine.

    • MaryBeth

      I love the Press Tribune for that reason: it is a month to month subscription. I started on an introductory rate for the weekly paper ($6/month) and that went up to $11/mo after 6 months. I’ve paid $5.92/mo for 4 extra Sunday papers per week.

      With all of that, though, I wish I had the Statesman for the General Mills inserts!

      • Shannon

        Thank you so much for your input!!!! I was thinking I would do just what Janet did an now I know I will. It is so shocking they would rather lose our business then give us the deal. Oh well! It will be fun to try a new paper out. Who knows maybe I will like it better and the Statesman will miss out.

    • Monica

      Wow Shannon, Janet said exactly what I was going to say! Thanks Janet! I would totally do what she recommended!

  • Michele

    I am not seeing any Quaker coupons on these coupon clipper sites? Maybe I missed the boat? I looked last night on Ebay and the Quaker oatmeal $1/1 coupon was going for $.30/ea. Not good enough I didn’t think…

    • Monica

      I see some on the qhunter

      • They are now $.50 each…and then if you add the cost of $.30 of the scenario cost listed above, they’d come out to be $.80 a box….is this still a good stock up price!? I know it’s not $.30, but I know I don’t typically find instant oatmeal under a $1.00. Guidance, please of please! 😛

  • trisha

    i have a question about buying coupons on ebay. ok so alot of coupons say void if auctioned purchsed traded or sold. i noticed that on ebay they do say you are paying for their time to clip and get the coupon, but technically aren’t they still being auctioned? i am confused and have not purchased on ebay for this reason. maybe you can shed some light on this for me. thanks for all your great deals and advice on being a courtious couponer 🙂

    • Monica


      Great question. You are right your money does go to pay for the time to sort, clip, list and ship the coupons. Getting coupons on ebay is not illegal. If it was illegal ebay would shut it down! Additionally there are other coupon clipping services that offer coupons too. I am pretty sure the BIG manufactures would start some legal action if they felt it necessary. So I wouldn’t worry about it. 🙂

  • Justine

    be sure to tell the paper people that these fabuless girls sent you their way! they get a little kickback, and i think they deserve it!

  • Lee Poehler

    well, Called Times news…week plus 4 Sundays…$18 mnth=$4.50 week. Am completely undecided.

    • Monica

      Still worth it in my opinion. If you are unsure try just printables for a while and then see how much you save, with the newspaper coupons you will save 4 times that! 🙂

  • LeAnn

    I have a deal with my neighbor and father in law where they just save out the inserts for me and give them to me every week. They don’t use them and I get extras. There are so many people out there who don’t use their coupons. I feel like it is money being thrown away!

  • JOE


    • You can use as many coupons as you have products! “limit 1 per purchase” means that one yogurt, is one purchase. Because you are purchasing that item. It just means that you couldn’t use two manufacturer coupons on one item. Does that help?

      • Amber

        Does that mean that if I have a coupon for .75 off when I buy 3 of the same item that I can use 3 different coupons on the three products? I am referring to the .75 off hamburger helper coupon.Can I use one coupon on each of the 3 boxes or do I have to purchase 3 boxes for each .75 off coupon? Im a little confused.

        • Lori

          I have been wondering about these coupons as well.

          What is the best way to use the $.75/3 Hamburger Helper coupon, for example?

          • Amy S.

            =====I think that in that situation you would just be able to use that one coupon for the three boxes, but if you have other coupon(s) for hamb. helper you could use them as well.

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