Coupon Tip Tuesday: Bag Plastic

coupon help, tipsI am going nuts with the explosion of plastic bags under my sink. With my weekly trips to the store the bags just seem to add up. I do not want to throw them away because I know they can be recycled. Unfortunately our curbside recycling will not take them because they get caught in the machinery. Our school used to recycle these bags for school credit, but they have dropped that program.

So what to do with all those bags?

Look for a recycle station at your neighborhood Albertsons or grocery store.

Then start using re-useable bags. I got the fabulous bag below at IKEA. But you can find them anywhere.

  • Do you know of any other programs in our area?
  • How about in your area?
  • How do you recycle plastic bags?

Check out Ambers Ideas to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!


  • Nicole P

    I like to cut them into strips, crochet them, and make them into totes. I haven’t done it in a while since I had the new baby, but it’s a fun project. Before you know it, you’ll be having other people collect bags for you!

  • Brittany

    There is a local charity store that sells donated overstocked and expired items. They are always happy to get some bags.

  • Heather

    They also have a recycling bin at my local fred meyer. Just took a bunch yesterday…

  • Nicki

    Love the idea of the reusable kind, however, they recently did a germ study and found out that people don’t wash them after carrying meats, produce and other items. So word to the wise wash them. I am not a germ-a-fob but this makes so much sense.
    We do reuse our plastic ones every year at our yard sale. 🙂

  • Peggy

    I almost always use my reusable bags-especially at Fred Meyer and Target where I get a 5cent discount per bag used. I feel like I am paying for bags if I don’t!

  • Missy

    I use the plastic bags for the little garbage cans in my bathrooms instead of buying bags for those.

    The rest I just collect and take with me to the store to recycle. Our Walmart and Albertson’s both have a recycle bin.

  • Jennifer

    I’m in SoCal and every grocery store I can think of in the area has a bin in front of the store where you can recycle your bags. However, I have two kids in diapers and I use these to line my diaper pails and trash cans. Sometimes I’m running out!

  • Cindy

    I always try and remember to take my re-usable bags, especially since a lot of stores are giving you $.05 per bag discount now. It adds up fast and the bags start paying for themselves.

  • Monica

    Our library takes them and puts them out for people to tote books home with!

  • Beth M

    I just stuffed a sorry-looking beanbag with a ton of them and it fluffed right up!

  • Barbara

    Target has a bin also.

  • Deborah

    You can make plastic yarn and crochet bags from the plastic bags. It’s fun. There are a few websites on this.

  • Julie

    I stock up on reusable bags around Earth Day. Every April all the stores put their reusable bags (with their store’s logo, of course) on great sales, and then with the 5-cent-per-bag discount at Target and Fred Meyer (and sometimes at Smiths, but not regularly), they pay for themselves very quickly. Also, some companies have deals where you can get free ones. We have reusable shopping bags from Kikkoman (from teriyaki sauce I got for free with Albies doubles anyway), Earthbound organics (for taking a short quiz on their web site), Target (it was an Earth Day deal), Gilette Fusion razor (given to me at Wags cosmetic counter recently), Martha Stewart (2 free when I subscribed to Everyday Food), and Jolly Time popcorn (send in 3 upcs from their microwave popcorn). Anyway, so every April I assess our reusable bag collection and see if any are getting too old/weak/too many holes to keep being used, and then I replace those. I usually have them bag my fresh meats in plastic, just in case they leak, but otherwise, we use reusable for most of our shopping. We do like the Target plastic bags sometimes because they make great garbage can liners for small garbage cans, and I often get paper bags when I shop at Winco because we use those for craft activities a lot, but otherwise, we go with reusable, and they have more than paid for themselves already.

    Plastic bags also make decent packing material if you’re mailing something kind of fragile. Just pack the box a bit tightly with wadded up plastic bags and they insulate things in much the same way styrofoam peanuts do.

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