Coupon Organization: Insert Lists for February 13 Coupons are up!

The new 2/13 coupons lists are up and ready for you to print and organize! Find them anytime if you hover over “Learn to be a fruGAL”, and then click on “Coupon Insert Lists“.  Not sure what I’m talking about?  Tired of clipping coupons every week? Just click on “read more” and we’ll share a little secret with you…

New to the clipless coupon organization system?

  1. Just print up these lists (links are below and are for all the coupons found in the Sunday coupon inserts).
  2. Slide the sheets in a sheet protector with your coupon inserts.
  3. Don’t clip your coupons until you’re ready to use them.  You’ll often see me clipping in the aisle!
  4. Each list has the date of the last expired coupon noted, so you can quickly see when it’s time to donate that insert!

We currently have lists for:

Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Sacramento, San Diego, Utah, and Dallas Fortworth.

Thank you to readers: Sophie, Angie, Hallie, Mandy, Heidi, Tina, and Geraldine for typing these lists up each week!

Want more coupon organization ideas? Read our Coupon Organization Series!


Need to clean out your binder? Here is a list of inserts you can pull as of 1/31.  I update this list monthly and will keep a link to it on the bottom of this weekly post as well.


  • Angel

    OMG!!! I think I just died with OCD happiness!!! LOL! I am sooooo grateful for you all making these lists for us. This is just too perfect. I do the binder with dividers, and I used to clip EVERY coupon, but then I sometimes I would use them and forget that I did. So when another deal comes up with the same coupon I wonder why I don’t have it…

    Anyhow this will be the perfect checklist for me!! I can make notes whether the coupon is in my binder or insert, how many I have, and cross off which ones I’ve used! I’m ecstatic! You all have TOTALLY made my day! Now I won’t be afraid to have coupon inserts, and I’ll be saving a ton of time since I get 10 papers 🙂

    I’m finally breathing a sigh of relief. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!

    • Cathy

      Hooray!!! I was starting to wonder if anyone else (besides me) was using this system! Thanks for the positive feedback! 😀

      • Sara

        I use this system too! So much easier than clipping every single coupon!!

      • Patti

        Nope. You are not the only one! I started it over a year ago I think ( I even have the same blue paisley holder that you show) and it has been the best system for me by a long shot.

        Thank you for the weekly lists. I never miss one!

    • heather

      I have more than 80 papers a week (recycle baby) and I LOVE these print outs …totaly helps keep me sorted and know where to get coupons when friends need them!!! LOVE IT!!

  • Candace

    I’ve got to try this! Thanks for making the lists.

  • Cheyl H

    I love this system! I’ve only been couponing since June and started using this system then. It’s perfect! Thanks so much.

  • Angel

    Hey, did anyone in Tacoma WA get a GM? I got 10 papers of the Tacoma News Tribune (because it’s $1 for Sunday papers) and I don’t have 1 GM insert in any of them. Would it be found in the Seattle Times instead?

    I remember getting Seattle times and the Tacoma News Tribune before at the same time, and the Seattle times always had missing inserts… I’m not too worried, but I’m just wondering. Thanks!

    • Cathy

      Kayla, who writes up the Tacoma Washington lists gets the Tacoma News Tribune and she had the GM insert on the list. You could try calling the paper?? Bummer!

  • Cally

    I am going to have to try this. I started couponing in 2008 and have tried just about every system. It always ends up with stacks of papers all over my house. Thanks for a new idea!

  • corie

    im in ct so this doesnt work for me. but im in need of some help with my organization because i have so many coupons. i get at least 10 papers every monday morning (free) all same coupons are paperclipped together. but because i have so many i now have 4 coupon acordian things. i tried the binder but i hated having to fold the coupons 4 them to fit into the pockets. and i like to bring my coupons shopping with me because sometimes i find somthing that i diddnt have on my list that i have a coupon 4. i do plan ahead and take out what im going to use but i still take them with me. i need help! any ideas?

    • Cathy

      Corie – just use one of these lists as a template and then modify it to fit your insert. I bet they are fairly similar. You could file 6 of each week, just like you currently are, and then just put 4 of each insert in your binder using this no-clip method.

  • Anne-Marie A

    i love that you guys post these lists!

  • Christine

    I remember a post about old inserts we can now get ride of as of 1/31 but now I can’t find it anywhere. How would I find that? Thanks so much for this!!

  • kimberly

    i LOVE THIS SYSTEM! I go threw my inserts each week when I get them. I will take all the smart source and put all the like coupon pages together and staple them. Then it’s easier to pull out the coupon page and clip out what coupon I need when. I also weed out the parts of the inserts I don’t need like the pet food or parts of the ads with the ugle clothing and so forth. This helps my binder stay a little smaller. thanks for the weekly inserts they are awsome.

  • Crystal

    Thank you so much to all of you who take the time to type up these lists! I personally use the Tacoma one. I love this system.

  • Susan

    Cathy and others who use this system,

    I can see the practicality of using this system for newspaper inserts, and I seriously appreciate that someone else does all the work of compiling the lists. But what do you do with internet-printable coupons? How do you file those and keep track of them? And what about all the individual ones, like blinkies, peelies or other coupons that come with an item you buy, coupons that come in the mail, in magazines, etc? I have a lot of coupons from sources than from newspaper inserts.

    And speaking of internet printables, one of my goals this year is to limit the printing to just the ones I’m pretty sure to use, and just let the rest go. I tossed a lot of expired IP coupons, and I cringe at the waste of ink. Ink for my printer is around $60/set, and I probably tossed at least $100 worth of ink over the past year.

    • Cathy

      I don’t print coupons until I’m going to use them OR unless I know I want them and they’ll go fast (case in point: Kraft coupons Kearna just posted about today). I keep all of mine in another page protector and cut them at the store. Monica, on the other hand, also has baseball card holders in her binder and puts her printables and loose coupons in the baseball card holders. I keep loose coupons in the zipper pocket I have at the front of my binder that also holds my scissors. AND I have a laser (black and white) printer so the cost of ink is very very minimal (about $100 total per year). You just find what works for you. 🙂 I hate clipping, so this one is perfect for me!

  • Lisa

    WOW! I’m lovin’ this.

  • Angel

    Anyone else in Tacoma, WA area not get a GM (yet again) in this week’s News Tribune paper? I’m buying my papers @ Walmart (since they’re $1 ea), and this is the second time that my papers didn’t have a GM insert (LOL as you can see in my comment from January). I can get papers @ Safeway for $1 too, but is there a real difference between delivered papers and papers you buy in the store? 🙁

    • Cathy

      Some papers just don’t get the GM insert. In our area (Boise), one paper does, and the other does not. 🙁 It could just be the paper?

    • Susan

      I was over in eastern Idaho this past weekend and picked up two of their local papers at Walmart. They had the SS, RP, and the GM, but all were skimpy but did have some good coupons, enough to make it worth my while to buy them. Later Sunday I decided to pick up another two copies and stopped a convenience store. They only had one copy left, and it had the same skimpy SS and RP, but not the GM. For what it’s worth.

    • Susan


      In Boise, the Idaho Statesman will frequently have coupons in the home-delivery version that are not in the newsstand versions.

      For the first 6 months of 2010 I got 4 copies each Sunday via home delivery, but then stopped because they were just piling up. Now I pick up from zero to 4 copies of the paper at Walmart,depending on what coupons are in there that I might want. If there is a really hot coupon I want but is not in the newsstand version, I’ll just buy them online. The cost is about the same for me, given that there are some weeks that I don’t buy any papers at all.

      I talked to a guy at the Statesman back when I first subscribed to the 4 weekly copies. He explained to me that with the home delivery subscriptions take priority for inserts. If you have a subscription, you should never miss out on any coupons that are available in the Treasure Valley area, but you will not get everything with the newsstand/store versions. I can certainly concur because since I’ve been buying them I’ve noticed that the inserts are skimpier or non-existent.

      I’m okay with this — I personally prefer buying papers and/or coupons online as needed over having piles of newspaper in my house. But I realize that others may be really unhappy to miss out on coupons that home-subscribers get.

  • Brook Davis

    Love that you have a Dallas list and Happy Birthday, Cathy!

  • Carmen French

    Cathy, You and the Gals are so awesome for putting these things up for us! I am a bit overwhelmed with all my coupons to do through, but this will make is so much easier. You ROCK! (And happy birthday, too)

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