Counterfeit Coupon Alert!

Paul over at Iheartthemart just posted about this counterfeit coupon! I posted a Walmart matchup last week, 4/3/11, about Carefree liners using this coupon.  I am so sorry! I had no knowledge of it being a fraud. If you have any of these coupons, please destroy them!

Also, if you haven’t recently, check the list of current counterfeit coupons over at the Coupon Information Corporation website to make sure you don’t have any other counterfeits! Knowingly committing coupon fraud is wrong and hurts everyone. Please help keep couponing a positive experience for all of us!



  • Kelly

    That is odd, go to and it is still saying this is a valid coupon that came form coupons inc.

    You entered Veri-FI code 0109104522712801
    This code is VALID.
    The coupons bearing this code
    must read as follows:
    Summary Save $2.00 on any Two (2) LISTERINE® Antiseptic Mouthwash;
    Description: or STAYFREE® or CAREFREE® item (except 20ct and 22ct. sizes); or any ZYRTEC®; or any AVEENO®
    UPC Code: 9 9411677319 3
    EAN Code:
    Exp. Date: No Later Than 4/30/2011
    Timestamp: 3/25/2011 7:35:54 AM

  • Alexis

    how was it even possible to make a face coupon like that ? and to get it printed wouldn’t that be a brinks coupon

  • Becky FabFruGal

    Wow!! It looks just like the real thing!! I hope they catch whoever did it!!

  • Tracy

    Thanks for the update. I have 2 of these in my binder. Thank goodness I didn’t use them! It’s really hard to tell, although it was strange that it has so many varied items that it could be used for. I’ve seen other coupons in the past with multiple items listed though. Hope they weren’t counterfeit.

  • Rachel

    i tried using that at CVS i think 2 weeks ago and it wouldn’t ring up and actually worked in the opposite way (the scanner acted as though it was ringing up items for $1 so instead of taking a dollar off, a dollar was added) and the lady at the register told me I should just contact wherever I got the coupon from and get a replacement since it didn’t work.

    interesting to know it was a fake

  • ME!!

    ok now.. one site says its bad and another says its good.. I used these coupons a few days ago and they went through fine. Remember now, I follow your site.. now I feel bad because I might have just committed fraud for the first time.. Are you going to send me some oreos to get over the hate I feel for myself?? 🙁

  • Susan

    I read on another couponing blog that were was indeed an original, valid coupon that was availble via bricks a while back. But since then, there has been an illegal copy floating around cyberspace, hence the counterfeit alert.

    If you printed it there and have already used it, then I wouldn’t worry about it. If you printed it then and haven’t used it yet, then you might have trouble using it now, in which case I’d just toss it and let it go.

  • Chai

    This morning I took the alert, my receipt & product & +ups into Rite Aid today to make amends. The manager was very glad to see the alert and said nobody had ever come back to the store to make it right. 🙂 She remembered the coupons, said they had beeped because the computer said they were for a different product, but she had been pushing them through all week. Since she had not turned my 4 coupons in for redemption yet, she just took the $8+ups I earned as a replacement for the 4 bad coupons. So I ended up paying $12 for 8 Stayfree, but lost the +ups. I’m okay with it – lessoned learned.

    I did wonder about this coupon ~ there is a misspelling in the fine print (‘balue’ instead of ‘value’). It just seemed a little odd.

    • Tracy

      You are a good person for doing this. I probably would have felt bad but not gone to the hassle of the return. With all the negative stuff floating around about unethical couponers, you are an asset to the sport!

  • erin

    shouldn’t get in trouble for this???? they’re the ones who had it on their site, wasn’t it, they are the ones i would think should be responsible!

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