Christmas Shopping Tips & Suggestions for You!

The Fabs’ Favorite Christmas Shopping Tips & Suggestions!

I love Christmas Shopping! I’m mostly done with mine though, so I thought I’d take the time to put together a list of tips and suggestions for those of you that still have some shopping to do.

Watch for hot deals & clearance throughout the year and keep a secret stash of gifts. Just be sure that you don’t overdo it. Keep track of what you have bought, set limits and a budget.

Look for gifts on your list at stores that sell gently used toys and other things.

Shop Black Friday deals. Here are our Black Friday Shopping Tips.

Track your purchases…Cathy likes to use the calendar notes on 12/25 on her google calendar. She keeps a list of what she’s purchased, as well as clothing sizes, and everything else.

Make a list…and check it twice. Stick to the items on your list & focus on finding the best deals on those things.

Shop around, check out ads, and compare prices online to try to find the best price. I always price check on Amazon.

Shop early in the day to avoid crowded stores and long lines. Or shop online!

When shopping online, use a shopping portal when possible (like Ebates) to earn cash back on your purchases!


Pack snacks or a lunch for your big shopping trips.

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Not sure if it is the lowest price? Know the return policies in case you find an item cheaper somewhere else. Also, Walmart is offering a Christmas Price Guarantee.

Set a budget & stick to it. Decide how much you can spend total and how much you want to spend per person.

If the budget is tight, separate needs from wants. Try to make some of the things you need into fun gifts!

Consider the gift of service. Sometimes doing something nice for a loved one is better than giving a gift that they might not even like!

Get creative and make homemade gifts!

For the kids (and maybe husbands too), try to get things that they will not tire of easily and quickly, and consider quality vs. quantity.


Do you have another FAB tip? Share your favorite tips & suggestions in the comments!


  • Julie

    I would just add consider how many extras the thing might need or your kid might want once they have it. For kids’ toys, of course, batteries are the first thing that come to mind–some toys use a surprising amount of batteries and run through them quickly. Or maybe you might have to or want to buy a recharging station (like for the Leapster), but that will be separate. Is it going to need a carrying case? If it is a video game system, how much are the games, and how often do you find good sales on them, because that can add up? This kind of thing is the same, really, as asking yourself how much the ink is going to cost when you’re comparing printer prices, but I find a lot of people (including myself in previous years) buy Christmas presents without really thinking about these questions, and then that cool toy turns into an expensive albatross during the course of the year.

  • 1. Use online store-to-store price comparison shopping tools when looking for Black Friday bargains.
    2. Use shopping portals that allow you to compare prices from up to 20 or more different stores.
    3. Read product reviews before ordering.
    4. Contact your credit card issuer in advance to find out what incentives they have during high volume shopping seasons.
    5. Become a portal member and qualify for free shipping when ordering a given amount by a certain date and time.
    6. Look up coupon codes to save even more.

  • Thanks for the tips! I went a little overboard buying Christmas gifts for my kids last year, so I need to know how to reign in my budget a little more this year. Your tip about tracking the purchases that I make seems like a great way to stick to my budget. This year I would like to get a gift for everyone in my family that’s under $20, so I’ll be sure to write a list of all of the purchases that I’ve made for everyone and stick with it the best that I can.

    • Melanie

      Tracking my gift purchases and who I plan to give it to makes a big difference for me since I tend to buy things throughout the year! Thanks, Deanna!

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