Cheap Giant Blueberry Plants

I love me some blueberries! Delish! Now you can grow your own blueberries from the comfort of your home!

Get TWO Giant Blueberry Plants for only $10!

Each plant can produce up to 4 pints of blueberries a day and 16,000 blueberries over the life of the plant. Wow! Now if only this offer came with a little chef to make me some scrumptious muffins from said blueberry plants, I’d be in heaven!

Get your Giant Blueberry Plants HERE!


  • CB

    1. Blueberries require acidic soil. So if you are NOT in a place where that naturally occurs (and the Treasure Valley in Idaho has alkaline soil), you will need to do a special set-up to get them to grow adequately. You will also need to maintain this every year.

    2. You will also need to pull all the blooms the first year (yes, all of them) in order to allow them to establish properly. Blueberries can fruit themselves to death if not tended that first year.

    3. Remember that they bear fruit just once a year, unless you get types that bear at different times (early season, midseason, late season, etc). You CAN get a plant to bear early and one late, and have blueberry crops twice in the summer. OR if you stage it with just the right bearing seasons of plants, you can have blueberries all summer long.

    • Angelic Buckley

      I live out by Homedale and just bought some of these plants. What exactly do I need to do to make my soil ready for these blueberries? The whole pH thing confuses me. Thanks SO MUCH!!!

  • kelly t

    HOw much did you have to pay for shipping and handling? Preparing the soil means adding compost AND peat moss since peat moss is acidic. You should also treat with azalea fertilizer

  • Cheryl

    Something to consider: I did a Google search on this company to see what kind of reviews these plants received and did not find many positive reviews (that were not sponsored by Little Giant Blueberries). Most of the negative reviews had to do with the way the company billed the consumer, shipping & return policies, and how consumer’s personal information was handled.
    I also searched the Better Business Bureau and found that a company suspiciously resembling Little Giant Blueberries (also out of Hartford, MI) has over 300 complaints logged.
    I was dazzled by this offer and even the infomercials for this product but after doing some research, in my opinion, it’s not worth the risk.
    Part of being frugal is being an educated consumer!

    • Melinda

      Thanks for the info, Cheryl. I was reluctant to purchase because I couldn’t find anything about what zones they would grow well in. Here in Southeast Idaho, our growing season is short: May 15-Sept 15. I don’t buy plants that aren’t specifically for this area. I’d love to have blueberries growing like crazy, but just not reasonable to expect that here.

      • BONNIE

        Fred Meyers in I.F. had plants last spring so I bought 2 and the plants died my mid summer. I didn’t have the soil acidic at all but was told that Eastern Idaho can’t grow blueberries successfuly. 🙁 Wish we could I eat them daily too.

  • Nikki

    I just purchased this deal, but I’m already wondering if that was a good idea. They don’t tell you how much the shipping costs are until they’ve already billed you and my shipping was more than the plants themselves ($11.90), so buyer beware, they seem a little shady. Hope I get some good berries out of the deal!

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