Cheap Giant Blueberry Plants Are Back!


Our faithful, helpful readers have been leaving feedback on facebook and in the comments that the Giant Blueberry company has received some negative feedback in online forums. So I want to add caution to the Giant Blueberry deal and give you some alternatives for ordering blueberries. I searched amazon and found the best rated sellers for blueberries. Here are the results.

50 Highbush Blueberry Seeds Blueberries Free Shipping
‘Blue Crop’ Blueberry Plant – Large/Delicious/Midseason – 4″ Pot $6.38 Shipping
Toro Blueberry Plant – Huge Berries – Early – Self Fertile – 4″ Pot $5.49 Shipping
Hirt’s Pink Lemonade Blueberry Plant – Be the 1st on the Block – 2×3″ Pot $5.48 Shipping
Duke Blueberry Plant – Early Ripening – 2×3″ Pot $6.29 Shipping

The Giant Blueberry Plant deal is back!

This deal was wildly popular last year!  Now you can grow your own blueberries from the comfort of your home!

Get TWO Giant Blueberry Plants for only $10!

Plus Shipping and Handling of $6.95 on the first two and $4.95 if you get the bonus plant.

Each plant can produce up to 4 pints of blueberries a day and 16,000 blueberries over the life of the plant. Wow! Now if only this offer came with a little chef to make me some scrumptious muffins from said blueberry plants, I’d be in heaven!

Tips for Growing Blueberries from HGTV

  • Pots give you a lot more control over the soil. Acidity is critical, pH of about 5.5 is recommended.
  • Blueberries like moisture because they’re shallow-rooted, so the bigger the pot, the bigger the drink of water.
  • Planting blueberries in the ground is different. The best way to plant a blueberry in the ground is to dig a hole about 2-1/2 feet wide and 1 foot deep. Use a 5.5 pH acidic blend of soil.
  • A healthy blueberry plant will fruit for 15 to 20 years before slowing down.
  • For the first three years, you won’t need to prune young plants. After that, cutting the plant back once a year will increase vigor.

Get your Giant Blueberry Plants HERE!


  • budgeter

    Has anyone offered this before? If so can i get some feedback as to what u thought? Thank you.

  • budgeter

    I’m sorry i meant has anyone gotten these before lol.

  • Ursula

    save your $10!!! i ordered these and got 3 dry sticks in dirt in the mail. they never grew.

    • Monica

      Did you try transplanting them?

    • Heidi

      I had the same experience last year. After being charged and no plants had shown up for months I called the company to complain. They did send me 9 plants (twigs). NONE grew. I live in Oregon and blueberries grow very well here. WARNING….Save your money!

  • Amanda

    This deal made me curious, so I just did some research online. I came across this page of reviews that definitely made me think twice about ordering.
    I’ll stick with plants from my local nursery. Even without all the other “fishy” stuff going on with this company (like receiving unsolicited telemarkenting phone calls according to one reviewer), once you pay for the plants and the shipping and handling they’re more expensive than plants from a nursery.

  • Krystal

    I have not ordered them but googled and saw not one positive review – all negative, including multiple charges to people’s cards. Be aware before ordering.

    • Monica

      Wow that is not good at all. I googled them as well and found advice for planting the blueberries in an acidic soil for best success. Yuck, I did not see reviews like that. I do not like hearing this. I am going to update the post.

  • jane

    Terrible company, terrible reviews:

    Blueberries are VERY hard to grow in even the best conditions. If you live in an area friendly to blueberries, stick with a local provider where you can see the plants and get tips for caring for them. I have had zero success ordering bareroot blueberries and raspberries online, even transplanting with the most loving care, proper soil, proper nutrients etc. Save your ten bucks.

  • Aubrey Sherman Sorenson

    I tried to order these, because it seemed like a great deal. Shipping was $12!!!! I am not sure how to get the $6.95 shipping that you referenced in the post, but now after reading the comments, I will for sure be canceling my order.

  • I will probably look into blueberry plants from local nurseries or somewhere else.
    But was wondering if FF had heard anything about the strawberry plant deal they have posted the last 2 years.
    I bought strawberry plants from that source 2 years ago and they did great. Sadly I had to move last fall and have to start my garden over again, so I need more strawberry plants.
    Any info on sales from the same company?? (don’t even recall the name/website).

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