How to Get Chicken for $1.48 per pound

Zaycon Fresh
Attention Washington, Oregon, and Idaho! We introduced you to the Zaycon Foods 4 months ago.  And told you how they would be bringing us FRESH boneless skinless chicken breasts for $1.48/lb sometime this fall. Weve patiently waited. Youve patiently waited (well, sometimes). The day has come. It is time to order your $1.48/lb FRESH chicken! Zaycon... Read this post

Zaycon Fresh 93/7 Ground Beef!

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Zaycon Fresh Ground Beef is Back for only $3.99 a Lb! They had been getting many requests for ground beef locally and so the owners have been working hard to get you a great price in a market of rapid price increases. Zaycon Fresh 93/7 ground beef is DELICIOUS and so worth the price of $3.99/lb for a 40lb case. That is a $1.00 a lb price drop... Read this post

Zaycon Bacon

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Have you tried Zaycon's Bacon yet?  It is exquisite.  Beautifully cut, perfect bacon.  Bacon.  Great.  Now I want bacon.  Lots of bacon.  But not just ANY bacon.  I want ZAYCON Bacon!  This stuff is probably the best bacon I've ever had. Our friend Google says the average price of bacon is on the RISE!  It averages to $5.46 a pound!!  And... Read this post

Zaycon: Meaty Back Ribs on Sale!

Store Deals|Zaycon Fresh
Check out the Current Zaycon Sales Events! We like buying meat in bulk from Zaycon because of the superior quality and freshness of the products. There are some excellent sales on meat going on this summer. Those meaty ribs looks especially good! I might need to free up some freezer space and order those ribs asap. And the prepared hickory smoked pulled... Read this post

Premium Steaks $5.49/lb!

Zaycon Fresh
Great tasting, thick, over-sized steaks are coming your way! Finally! Zaycon is now selling premium steaks for only $5.49 a pound! Zaycon's premium, all-American Angus, NY Strips and Top Sirloin steaks are perfect for summer grilling. But, there is a limited supply and will only be available in select areas in the great Northwest (Idaho, Oregon,... Read this post

How YOU can get boneless skinless chicken breasts $1.49/lb

Zaycon Fresh
Zaycon Chicken and Lean Ground Beef Sale! I haven't seen fresh boneless, skinless chicken breast as low as $1.49 per pound for quite a while now, so this is an awesome price. Here's a special deal for you to stock up on ground beef and chicken this summer! Do you like to buy your FRESH chicken at a rock bottom, pink star price? Um, yes. Of course... Read this post

Zaycon Foods: BBQ Favorites Sale!

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Zaycon Foods is now taking orders for BBQ Season Favorites! This May, Zaycon will be featuring one of the finest arrays of farm-fresh foods yet, and they’re all just begging to be cooked up on the grill and served by the plateful. Many locations in many states nationwide are participating! Unfortunately for us, meat prices (especially... Read this post

Zaycon Chicken is Back!

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Zaycon Foods FRESH Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts are back! Orders are now being accepted nationwide! The chicken is only $1.79 a lb!  That's a PINK STAR deal! Why I love Zaycon Chicken: It's 100 % natural chicken with no added hormones, additives or artificial ingredients! Zaycon Chicken comes directly from the processor and has never... Read this post