How Airbnb Can Help You Afford Life and All It’s Expenses

The Holidays are Coming! That's right, the holidays are coming and I am sure the little thing in the back of your mind is finances. I love the holidays! But sometimes all the travel, increased heating bills, gifts, and extra expenses make me feel a little uneasy. The holidays are a time that you should enjoy! Not worry about! I have been brainstorming... Read More

How To Work From The Comfort Of Your Own Home (AND Reader Survey Results): Part 5

How did the week go by so fast? How many of you loved this weeks series? Who would like us to do things like this more often? It has been a fun series for the team and I to work on! I hope you've enjoyed it as well. (pssst.... At the end of this post I have another question to ask of you, so please check it out and let me know what you think). I... Read More

How to Earn Money and Work From Home: Part 4 (Plus My Personal Work from Home Story)

Now days, it seems to be the American dream to be able to have an income source that allows you to stay at home and work in your home office. This week we've been covering many ways to help you find different ways to ease the budget burden, or even help you find something fun to do that actually generates some cash! Part one: Easy ways to earn... Read More

Make A Living While Working at Home: Part 3

I am LOVING this series, what about you? For those of who have missed out, this week we are doing a week-long series of ways to make a living, working at home! Check out my work from home ideas post from  Monday and Tuesday's post had a lot of ideas of starting a home based business with a small investment. Many of our FF readers work at home... Read More

Ideas of Earning an Income While Working From Home: Part 2

If you missed it, yesterday's blog post had several ideas that would alleviate some pressure from your budget. Some of the ways (namely Divvee Social) allowed you to earn cold hard cash each month! Speaking of cash, I promised that I would share how much the Fabulessly Frugal work from home survey takers make each month at their stay at home job: I... Read More

Make Money From Home: Part 1

Raise Your Hand if You'd like to Make Money From Home! Doesn't everyone want to find a way to make money from home? Well, maybe almost everyone... I supposed there are some that love their job and thrive in their workplace. :) But there are others who crave the flexibility that comes with earning and income while working from home. Or maybe you... Read More