Gardening: Last Seeds to plant & Garden Maintenance

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Time to Plant cucumbers, squash and melons! The last week of May is already upon us! The weather is just right outside for planting the last of your seeds. If you live in the Northern States May is the time to plant cucumbers, squash and melons.... Read this post

Gardening: Planting Seeds Indoor In March

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Time to Plant Tomatoes, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Okra and Peppers! Last week I started planting my garden indoors. If you live in the Northern States March is the time to plant Cabbage, Tomatoes, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Okra and Peppers.... Read this post

Tips & Tidbits for your Garden: Companion Planting

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Save Money & Space with Companion Planting!! Have you heard of Companion Planting in your Garden? Now is the perfect time to plan out some fruits, veggies, and herbs to put together to save money (garden beds, soil, etc.) and space. The benefits... Read this post

Tips & Tidbits for Planting Seeds Early!

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Start your Seedling Indoors for earlier Harvest! The warmer weather, bright sunshine, and freshness in the air has me seriously thinking about Spring! I have been talking about getting my garden ready and planned out, and now it's time to start planting... Read this post

Tips for planning your Garden!

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Start planning your garden now!! As I look out my back window on this crisp evening and see my garden area, I envision late summer nights with a blooming garden displaying every variety of vegetables that I can think of. But my blissful thoughts of... Read this post

Get Your Kitchen Organized With Amazon!

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Do you ever find yourself on Pinterest pinning the same sort of things over and over again. For example, organized kitchens and all of these neat ideas people have for their kitchen stuff? If you do - you are not alone! :) Here are a few items I have... Read this post
What to plant in may

Gardening: Planting Seedlings Indoor In March

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Time to Plant Tomatoes, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Okra and Peppers! Gardening is a frugal thing to do. It is so wonderful to have fresh produce in your own back yard. Every year we plant a garden in our yard. Usually we just wait until... Read this post

Baby Powder Uses & More Baby Coupons

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Did you know that you can use baby powder as a dry shampoo for you or even your pet? How about using it as an ant deterrent? See 16 Alternative Uses for Baby Powder Here!   Walmart Deal: Johnson's Baby Powder 15 oz $3.84 Use $1/1 any... Read this post

Homemade Aphid Spray {Money Saving Tips}

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Are you looking for some simple ideas to save money? We have simple solutions that you can easily apply to your lifestyle to save money! It's gardening season and garden sprays can be expensive! Here's a quick and easy homemade aphid spray that... Read this post
How to take care of strawberry plants

How to Take Care of Strawberry Plants

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Tips for Tidying up Strawberry Plants Recently I was doing some spring cleanup and I noticed that my strawberry plants needed a bit of tender love and care. Since I was cleaning my strawberry patches anyway, I thought I'd make a nice little tutorial... Read this post
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