How I Get Tan With Out Sun or Tanning Beds: FakeBake Product Review

In February I was feeling pretty mayo. Don't we all look pale and mayo in February? We're tired of winter. We're tired of gray skies. So I asked one of my favorite Group X leaders at the YMCA how she was looking nice and toned. She had a nice glow about... Read this post

I Can’t vs I Don’t Eat Sugar!

Healthy|Natural Solutions
I Can't vs I Don't Eat Sugar! There is a difference. Can you hear it? Can you feel it? Above you see my friend Cathy. Doesn't she look incredible? So much younger and healthier. Can you believe she had 8 children? She understands this idea that I... Read this post

How I Lost 25 Pounds

This is my journey to health and fitness Part I I am a little nervous and excited sharing these pictures with you. On the right is a picture my sister-in-law took last summer so I could share a new maxi dress with you. On the left is a picture Cathy... Read this post

Couponing Made Me Fat

In 2008 I started couponing. I had also just had baby number two. I started bringing foods in my house that I had not bought before like Oreos, sugar cereal, fruit snacks, chips, refrigerator biscuits, coffee creamer and Chips Ahoy cookies. I bought... Read this post
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