The Easiest Way to Pull Weeds!

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Save your back and knees with this handy weed remover! Yard work is hands down my favorite hobby. It is so relaxing and makes for a great stress reliever. My favorite part about doing yard work is that you get instant gratification and rewards from your efforts. You can see immediately all the work you've done. I even love to pull weeds. Matter of fact, I spent all of last weekend on my hands and knees helping  a friend do some yard work which included spending about 6 hours... Read this post

Home Depot: Earthgro Mulch 4/$10!!!

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  Update your landscape with mulch! I wait for this sale every year to pick up extra mulch. I really love this brand's mulch because the color stays for quite some time. The bag actually says it's guaranteed for 1 year but to be honest I first... Read this post

Garden Tips: Beneficial Plants & Bugs

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Keep Pests Away Naturally by Using Plants and Bugs! Now that you have your garden started and growing it is a good time to start thinking about pest control for your fruits and veggies. While I enjoy working in the garden, there is nothing worse... Read this post

Planting in May & Vertical Gardening

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Planting in May & Growing your Garden Vertically!   Now that May is here it's time to plant broccoli, lettuce, carrots, chard, peppers, tomatoes, okra, cucumbers, squash, melons, and pumpkins! The weather has been warm this week and motivating... Read this post

Gardening in Small Spaces {Gutter Gardening}

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Gardening Tips & Tidbits: Gardening in Small Spaces Would you love to garden but feel like you can't simply because you don't have a large yard? Back in the days of traditional row gardening, that might have been the case, but now anyone can garden,... Read this post

Planting Seeds Indoors

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Frugal ideas for Planting seeds Indoors!   Now that April is here it's time to get those seed starts ready for planting! If the weather is unpredictable where you live starting seeds indoors is a great solution to keeping on track for harvests... Read this post

DIY Cork Garden Markers

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Have a small collection of unused wine corks? Always wanted to do a project with them and just wonder, "But what?" Well, here's a fun frugal gardening project you can do today that you can plan ahead and give to mom for Mother's Day OR keep for yourself!Do... Read this post

Wrapping up your Garden

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 Preparing The Garden for Winter: To-do's & Tips It's time to clean up up your seasonal vegetable and fruit garden. Here are some tips and Garden to-do's on how to weed and thin out your garden, prune back berry bushes, and add nutrients to... Read this post

Tips & Tidbits: Garden Maintenance!

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Gardening Tips & Tidbits: Maintaining your Garden for Health & Growth! I don't know about you, but my garden has gone through an explosion of growth and blooms in the past three weeks. I'm so excited about this because the fruit and vegetable... Read this post

How to Make and Can Your Own Pickles

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{Pin This} Making and canning your own pickles is one of the easiest and frugal things you can do with produce!  Are your cucumbers ready to be made into pickles? If so, you can bottle them as you pick them with this recipe and do just a couple... Read this post

DIY Homemade Pesticide

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I love planting a garden, but I hate having to use harsh chemicals to get rid of the bugs eating the plants and produce.  It seems to defeat the purpose of growing a garden for healthier produce if you are just going to use chemicals to get rid of... Read this post
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