Parenting Tip: How I Use Chores to Keep My Kids Motivated

How I use chores to keep my kids motivated and on task. Advice from a mother of 8.
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As a mother of 8, I'm continually on the look out for new ways to keep my household running.  I know I'm not alone in this... even if you've only got one child... Read this post

How To Make Valentine S’mores

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Tasty Treat for Valentine's Day Got Peeps? Valentine's Day is right around the corner...and we've got a tasty treat just for you! There are so many fun treats and ideas you can do for Valentine's Day, but if you are on a time crunch this fun and easy idea can be ready in minutes. Check out the simple steps below: First off, figure out how many... Read this post

Homemade Valentines

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4 Adorable and Cheap Ideas! Last year I posted about our annual homemade Valentine tradition. Since Valentine's Day is sneaking up on us, I thought I would post those ideas again and add the ones we ended up making last year (BIG thanks to reader Jen for the idea!). Each February we hand-make valentines for all of my daughter's classmates. It... Read this post

DIY Valentine: Mustache You a Question

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This year we are looking for fun, creative and non candy Valentines. My kids end up having multiple Valentine party treats from school, church, scouts, friend and more. So this year I thought it would be fun to try some cute toys instead of candy. We have been coming up with lots of ideas and we hope you have enjoyed them so far. There are still... Read this post

DIY Valentine: Just Popping In

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DIY Valentine's Day Idea They'll Love Pop in and wish your friends a Happy Valentine's Day! I am super excited about these Valentine ideas for my children's classrooms. They are a great alternative to candy and are something fun that both boys and girls can enjoy! We (the fab's) have been hard at work putting together some creative and frugal non-candy... Read this post

DIY Valentine: Dropping In

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Valentine's Day DIY on a Budget Drop in on somebody you love and wish them a Happy Valentine's Day! We hope you have been enjoying our fun Valentine Card ideas!  If you want to see all the Valentine cards  we have shared so far you can check them out here--->> Valentine Card ideas  Each card has a fun Valentine Card printable to go along... Read this post

DIY Valentine: Make Me Smile

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Valentine DIY Idea! Let your Valentine know you think they Make You Smile! It is time to start thinking about Valentines for your child's classroom. The holidays bring so many sweets and loads of sugar for my little ones and while I do not deprive my children of sugar by any means, I do like to choose a sugar free option when there is a good alternative.... Read this post

DIY Valentine: Putty Good

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DIY Valentine on a Budget! Let your Valentine know you think they are Putty Good! It is time to start thinking about Valentines for your child's classroom. Before you know it, the Valentine's Day party will be here. Skip the lines at the store and get crafty on a dime! These are easy to make, fun to give, and will be a hit with the kids! The... Read this post

DIY Valentine: Blow Me Away

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Valentine's Day Ideas This year you can Blow Your Valentine Away! We are having fun coming up with fun Valentine Card ideas! This bubble Valentine is super fun for little kids and big kids alike. Blowing bubbles is always a good time. This valentine would work well for pre-school or elementary school children. The bubbles we ordered for this Valentine... Read this post

Pre-order the Silhouette Mint!

Silhouette Mint Stamp Kit & Ink Bottles
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If you love making your own cutouts, stickers, or vinyl creations, this is going to be on your next want list! This is a great gift idea to pass along or to keep in mind as a gift for yourself! The Silhouette Portrait has been on my wishlist since I saw it last year, and I think I will put this one on instead. The kids will dig the 3D feature,... Read this post
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