Help Me Win the Social Barter Kings Challenge {New Video}!

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Who's going to help me win the Social Barter Kings Challenge? I've got a package valued at $750.00! 2 Hot Air Balloon rides over the gorgeous Boise valley AND a gorgeous 10k gold and cubic zirconia tennis bracelet!   Tweet me and let me know you’ve got something to trade! or tell me about your item here on facebook, better yet, take a picture and share it with me on facebook! or email me at and send a picture if you can! Here's my... Read this post

Barter Kings Premier… PLUS I’ve Got New Items to Barter!

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If you haven't heard, I'm 1 of 5 contestants doing the "Social Barter Kings Challenge".   I started with a Kindle Fire (that A&E provided me with) and I've officially traded with reader Emily from TX!  Now... I've got a 3G iPhone and... Read this post

I’m Going to Trade My Kindle Fire For….

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What? I need your help!  I've got a brand new Kindle Fire and I've got to trade it for something bigger and better (like they do here). I've got to trade up 3 times in the next 12 days (contest rules)! Here are the current offers... VOTE for what you... Read this post

Let’s Barter: My New Kindle Fire for Your…

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That's right... I want to trade my brand spankin new Kindle Fire! So exactly what is this all about???  Here's my silly video explaining The Social Barter Kings Challenge! Let's Barter... Got something cool? Tweet me and let me know you've... Read this post