The Cash Envelope Budget System

Fab Frug Friday|Wealthy
Cathy's sister Carolee is guest posting this for us. She will be introducing you to the CASH ENVELOPE BUDGET SYSTEM in 2 parts. This post she covers the pros of using the system and gives you pointers to get started. She also gives you some helpful tips to implement the system and help choosing envelope categories. This is FAB Carolee. Thanks so... Read this post

Real Estate Savings Strategies: Interest Rates

Coupons|Fab Frug Friday|Real Estate Savings Strategies
Meridian home $204,500 available. Fabulous ways to save BIG $$$ on your Home Mortgage! The number one way to save money on your home mortgage is having a good interest rate. No surprise here, but have you actually done the math? Consider this: If you have a home with a $200,000 mortgage at 6% on a 30 year term by the time you have that loan... Read this post

Re-purposing Household Items

Frugal Living|Simple Money Saving Tips|Fab Frug Friday
I was looking through our archives and found this great post about re-purposing items around your house. There are some really great ideas in here. Are you still looking for ideas to save money, or do you feel you do not have time to mess with it? When we started this blog in 2008 people were hungry for ideas to save money and make things last longer.... Read this post

Fab Frugal Friday: “Dust Collectors” {Swapping Clothes, Toys, & Goods with Friends}

Fab Frug Friday
For 1 year now, I've been regularly attending "Dust Collectors".  No, it's not a support group for women who despise dusting (although I''ll admit I do despise the tedious task of dusting!), nor is it a group of meditating people sitting and collecting dust (lame attempt at humor on that one). What is "Dust Collectors"? Dust Collectors is a group... Read this post

How to Save Money at Disneyland and Get the Most out of Your Vacation!

Frugal Living|Fab Frug Friday|Travel Tips
Planning a trip to the happiest place on earth but not looking to spend a fortune?  Guest blogger Sara, from Budget Savvy Diva, worked at Disneyland for 3 years and has attended the park over 100 times. She has offered to share her tips to help you save on your next Disney Vacation! The Best Days to go to Disneyland: Though the price of ticket... Read this post


Fab Frug Friday
In honor of the New Year we are bringing back one of our popular new year posts.... I had a troubling conversation with a good friend of mine the other day. She told me she felt like a complete failure last year. She had set some pretty lofty New Year's Resolutions & had failed. Repeatedly. The majority of them were financial in nature. She... Read this post

How to Host a Garage Sale… Top 10 Tips!

Fab Frug Friday|Yard Sale
Top 10 Tips for hosting a garage sale! Garage Sale Season is upon us! Time to clean out your closets and make a little money. Here are some garage sale hosting tips: ADVERTISE - now that seems to be quite the no brainer, right? But it is all in HOW you advertise. When I'm scrolling through craigslist, an address, or a city isn't telling me... Read this post

Garage Sale Shopping Tips…

Fab Frug Friday|Yard Sale
 13 Tips for Successful Garage SALE Shopping! You may enjoy the post on HOSTING a Garage Sale. Garage sale shopping can be a fabulessly frugal way to save money! It is amazing the treasures that you can find shopping at garage sales. With the recent major changes in my family (job loss, new baby) I'm REALLY tightening my belt! Would you believe... Read this post

Top Ten Frugal Living Tips

Frugal Living|Fab Frug Friday
Say that title 5 times fast! Whew. Alliterations aside, we here at Fabulessly Frugal know there are so many ways in addition to couponing that can save you money. We also know how dang smart our readers are. So today, we are combining that knowledge and turning to you, our brilliant and frugal readers. All couponing and shopping talk aside, what... Read this post


Frugal Living|Fab Frug Friday
Growing up we lived in a tiny 3 bedroom apartment, shared by 2 parents, 5 siblings, 2 turtles, 1 bird and an occasional fish. To describe our family as poor would be an understatement, but as kids we were oblivious to our financial situation. We thought everyone wore the same pair of shoes until their feet touched the pavement, and then traded them... Read this post
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