A Word About Shelf Clearing… Revisited

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Is this what it's come to? Empty shelves? People racing to the store to get the deal? Couponers buying out the stores just for the thrill of the deal? Shoppers who only want 3 or 4 items finding bare shelves? Stores losing money because couponers don't abide by coupon rules and limits? Manufacturers cracking down on coupons? Little... Read this post

Extreme Couponing: When Charity Goes Too Far

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TLC's Extreme Couponing is back tonight. Last week we talked about one of the greatest aspects of Extreme Couponing: Giving back! Then we got the following email from a reader that we felt needed to be addressed. A fruGAL set out at a local Walgreens Thanksgiving morning to take advantage of the amazing sales they were having. She encountered... Read this post

The “Reality” of Extreme Couponing

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*The following was originally posted by Monica a few months ago. I thought it was important to revisit it!* A few things we want to make sure you realize about Extreme Couponing: The amount of products that the shoppers buy on the show is insane - we are all about building stockpiles, but we are not about clearing shelves. Those are not REAL... Read this post

Stocking Up: How Much is TOO Much?

Did you notice the $1.00/1 Ken's Salad Dressing Coupon in the 8/14 Smart Source last week? Did you know that, with that coupon, the chances of you getting FREE Salad Dressing are pretty good?  If you missed that coupon, or need a few more, may I suggest turning to eBay or Coupon Clipper services for some of these great coupons.... sooner than... Read this post

A Word About Shelf Clearing

Is this what it's come to? Has grocery shopping turned into a Black-Friday-like experience? People racing to the store to get the deal? Couponers buying out the stores just for the thrill of the deal? Shoppers who only want 3 or 4 items finding bare shelves? Little old ladies searching for their favorite shampoo with no success because some... Read this post

Extreme Couponing Reality

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Last week TLC's Extreme Couponing featured: Jessica Hacker, Tiffany Ivanovsky, Rebecca Rousten and J'aime Kirlew. Did you tune in to TLC's Extreme Couponing this week? It took me a couple of days to get to it because I do not have cable. Ya I am that frugal! ;) Well with all the television hype we want to be sure our fab friends see the true reality... Read this post

Extreme Couponing: Our Thoughts

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By now you've probably seen something about a special TLC is going to air tonight on Extreme Couponing.  Being a coupon blog and all, we thought we'd throw out a few thoughts: 1. If you don't do anything while couponing you feel the need to defend (reasonably speaking...I do defend honest couponing to cashiers who are convinced we are committing... Read this post

Coupon Tip Tuesday: How to Tell a Fake

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A few months ago I walked you through the anatomy of a coupon. I am going to use the coupon image from that post to help me explain some good ways to tell a fake coupon! Rule 1: Be sure to stick to reputable sites when printing coupons like: coupons.com, smartsource, and redplum. If you print from a manufatures website or a bricks coupon link... Read this post

Fabuless Coupon Tip Tuesday: Give Couponers a Good Name

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Using coupons is awesome. Unfortunately it will become more difficult and not so awesome if it is abused. It is up to each of us to do our best to give couponers a good name. Stockpile, Don't Hoard: Stockpiling is evaluating your families needs, the shelf life of the product, and the number of coupons you have. Then you get the amount of... Read this post

Coupon Tip Tuesday: Ettiquette of Collecting Coupons

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Last time we talked about the different places that you can find coupons! A FabFruGAL always uses the best coupon ethics when couponing! Part of the class that Cathy and I teach covers collecting coupons in the store. We always cover the ethics and ettiquette of collecting coupons, but I realized the other day that this is not something... Read this post