HOT! LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary Only $10.35! (Was $21.99)

Right now Amazon, has on sale this LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary is Only $10.35! (Was $21.99) Now that's 53% OFF! With more than two million copies of the original sold worldwide since 2009, DK now brings you a fully revised and updated edition of the #1 New York Times bestseller, LEGO® Star Wars®: The Visual Dictionary. Complete with 48... Read More

Coupon Tip Tuesday: Fabuless Coupon Database

Have you ever used our  coupon database to find coupons? The database makes it easy to find the coupons you are looking for! It. Is. Awesome. Where to find the database? On our menu bar go to "Get Coupons" then click on "Coupon Database" or "Database" and Voilà! Search for Coupons with keywords: If you are looking for yogurt coupons... Read More

Coupon Tip Tuesday: Easy Shopping List

Last year I made a quick tutorial to show you how to print a shopping list using our store match-ups! This application has been updated since and is even better now, but this video will give you the info you need to use the shopping list! Listen carefully and you will hear my 2 year old putting his 2 cents in. Have Fun! :) Find more couponing... Read More

Coupon Tip Tuesday: Benefits of Multiple Coupons

If you can get pasta for FREE it is GOOD to get ONE, but MUCH BETTER to get TEN! Buying one saves you $2, buying ten saves you $20. So to really start saving you need MORE COUPONS! There are lots of places to find coupons, but if you want to build a stockpile this is what we recommend........ Multiple Sunday Newspapers: Last year when it... Read More

Coupon Tip Tuesday: Kindness Pays

My Checker Paid For My Groceries! We try to teach our readers to Give Couponers A Good Name! It pays in a big way for everyone! Last week I was shopping at Albertsons doing double deals on my lunch break. Before I went in the store I grabbed my Albertsons gift card, my preferred card and the coupons for the deals I planned on getting. When... Read More

Coupon Tip Tuesday: Overcoming the Coupon Critic in You!

Are you confused by couponing? Are you not sure if couponing will really work for you? My friend Jill has been a coupon critic for over 2 years! She recently decided to try out couponing and guess what she loves it! I interviewed her to try to find out what kept her from couponing? Why she decided to try it, and why it works for her now! If you are... Read More

Coupon Tip Tuesday: Be Kind to Cashiers!

This week might be a good one for a little coupon etiquette review! In our class, we teach all about couponing ethics as well as "giving couponers a good name". We try really hard to teach that here at fabulesslyfrugal! We believe that most of our readers are good couponers and try to follow the rules and treat others with respect. We hope that the... Read More

Coupon Tip Tuesday: Facebook Coupons

Facebook is a fabulous place to find coupons! Simply search out your favorite companies or products and there is a good chance you will find coupons on their facebook page. If you do not want to search for coupons you can just print the facebook coupons we find for you! Before you can get a coupon on Facebook you usually have to like the company... Read More

Fabuless Coupon Tip Tuesday: Think Small

Think Small When shopping for coupon items sometimes it pays off to think small. Before I was a couponer I usually bought things in bulk. I always want to get the lowest price per once or pound. Normally that means buying in bulk. However when you use coupons you can usually get items for free if you get the smaller option. Free always wins in... Read More

Coupon Tip Tuesday: E-Coupons

E-Coupons or electronic coupons are a convenient way to save money at the grocery store. Free coupons load directly to your participating grocery store savings card, so there is no paper to lose or forget. Fred Meyer ecoupons are so great. Basically you attach electronic coupons to your Fred Meyer rewards card. When you scan the card at check... Read More
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