A Word About Shelf Clearing… Revisited

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Is this what it's come to? Empty shelves? People racing to the store to get the deal? Couponers buying out the stores just for the thrill of the deal? Shoppers who only want 3 or 4 items finding bare shelves? Stores losing money because couponers don't abide by coupon rules and limits? Manufacturers cracking down on coupons? Little old ladies searching for their favorite shampoo with no success because some crazy coupon shopper just HAD to take all 25 bottles... Read this post

Arrested for Coupons?

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I'm going to stand on my "soapbox" or tape box if you will for a minute... And, actually, it's my Honey standing on it, but I didn't have a box at home to do it myself :) What would you do?  You see a big pile of Sunday papers on the doorstep of a... Read this post

TLC’s Extreme Couponing: Week Four and the Scrutiny Begins

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Extreme Couponing is back tonight for episode #4. Last week we saw a generous Nathan fill his cart(s) for the troops and birthday twins Tai & Tarin rack up the birthday freebies. This week will feature Missy and Amy putting their couponing... Read this post

Extreme Couponing: Our Thoughts

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By now you've probably seen something about a special TLC is going to air tonight on Extreme Couponing.  Being a coupon blog and all, we thought we'd throw out a few thoughts: 1. If you don't do anything while couponing you feel the need to defend... Read this post

The Golden Rule Revisited

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I know tonight many of you locals were frustrated. Angry, really.  You were all geared up to get a smokin' deal on burritos and chimis and MANY of you left empty handed and annoyed.  I witnessed the madness first hand. As I was putting my groceries... Read this post