How to Find Coupons on eBay

A note about purchasing coupons on eBay.


I’ve used eBay many times over the past several years. I’ve sold craft things that I had no time to use (stamps, scrapbook stuff – who needs it when you’ve got digital baby!), and I’ve purchased various things as well. I’ve NEVER had a negative experience on eBay.

You can sign up for an eBay account for FREE. Just go to their home page and create an account! Also, if you’re going to shop on eBay, you’re going to want a Pay Pal account (also free, and a trusted site that I’ve NEVER had issues with). I actually use Pay Pal for any online shopping I do (that takes PayPal, and many do). I think it is more secure than giving out my financial “info” to a bunch of different sites.


Get yourself an eBay account and a PayPal account.


When we give you the sneak peak Monday night, you can purchase extra coupons for the “HOT” items. Like as soon as I heard about the tuna deal, I immediately went to eBay to purchase my coupons. I knew the $1.50/3 tearpad coupons were going to go quickly. I paid $3.25 (included shipping) for 20 coupons. The coupons were worth $30.00 to me. Yep – totally worth it!


Purchase them as soon as you find out about a sale that you really want to take advantage of. Don’t want 20 coupons of the same item? Split them (and the cost) with a friend!


When you find the coupon you’re looking for (feel free to use our links to get to your product), CHECK THE SELLERS rating first. I only shop with sellers that have a rating of 98-100% positive. I will also read the feedback if it is less than 100% to make sure I’m comfortable with the seller. If I’m worried about getting the coupons on time, I’ll just email the seller BEFORE I bid or purchase, to make sure I can get them in time (most often you’ll have them within 3 or 4days). So take advantage of our sneak peak!

Read the description carefully. They should always have a picture of the coupon(s). Click to enlarge it and read all the print to make sure it will work for the sale you want to use them with (check size, if you can double, is it item specific?).

Once I’m happy with the seller, and I know the coupons are exactly what I’m needing, I’ll “bid” on it. Put in the highest amount you’re willing to pay. It will only bid at the next highest increment for you, in order for you to be the highest bidder, with out getting to your max bid.

OR there are many times “Buy it Now” auctions. I like these because I don’t have to worry about “bidding wars”. Also, I don’t have to worry about missing the auction’s end because I’m doing something else. BUT, sometimes there are no “Buy It Now” sales for that coupon, so I’ll just do the auction. Also it may be cheaper to do the auction rather than the “BIN” (aka: “Buy It Now”.

Once you “win” an item, you will simply choose the option to pay with your pay pal account (which is a virtual account which draws funds from what ever money source you link it to). After you’ve paid, you’ll get a confirmation email from PayPal.

Tonight I purchased several coupons for Breyers Ice Cream that I’m going to split with a few other people. The seller has already sent me shipment notification. I know I’ll get these coupons by Friday at the latest! Plenty of time to take advantage of this sale!


This is a debate between couponers. Where are these sellers getting coupons from? I’m not positive myself. I know I HAVE seen people selling “peelies,” and from the picture I can tell they are coupons they tore right off the product in the store without purchasing the product. This is WRONG, and in my mind STEALING for profit. However, there are people who have access to multiple Sunday inserts, and are simply taking the time to sort, clip, and group them to sell them to others.

The frequent disclaimer is “you are not purchasing the coupons, but the time and effort of sorting, cutting, and grouping.” I don’t have a problem with this. If the coupons were acquired in an honest way, then IMO, it is FINE to do the work and profit from the time spent sorting/clipping/grouping. If you are concerned about a particular coupon, and it looks like it may be fraudulent, then don’t get it. But if it is all looking on the up and up, I don’t see any problem in using them. That is MY opinion. You can choose to do what you are comfortable with! I’ve never attempted selling them myself. I don’t quite see how it is worth it to me, but those people have obviously figured out a way to make it worth their time. Good for them!


Spending $3.25 to save $30? To me it is worth it. I now have a nice stock of tuna fish. My pocket book AND my body are thanking me!

Ready to start? Go to eBay and get going!

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