Budget Challenge 2012 {Week 19}

How are you doing with your Grocery Budget?

Did you know we have a weekly challenge going?  Lucky for you, it’s not too late to join!  Here are the details about our 2012 Grocery Budget Challenge. Even if you are not yet using coupons you need to start saving by setting some goals!

Here is how the fabs are doing on their budget…

Monica: Feeding a family of 4

Monthly grocery budget: $150

Spending this week: $0
Savings this week: $0.00

Spending For May: $58.75
Savings For May: $30

Year to date spending:  $585.69
Year to date savings: $749.91

Last time  when we had double coupons I printed two milk coupons from every computer and stocked up on milk enough to last me two weeks. This way I would not have to go to the store even for milk. So I spent nothing this week. Kind of nice to cook from my stockpile and not go to the store.

Becky: Feeding a family of 3

Monthly grocery budget: $200

Spending this week: $13.95
Savings this week: $27.41

Spending For May: $81.30
Savings For May: $122.02

Year to date spending: $860.08
Year to date savings: $1342.91

Amber: Feeding Family of 4

Monthly grocery budget: $250

Spending this week: $59.43
Savings this week: $13.50

Spending For May: $77.45
Savings For May: $80.01

Year to date spending: $1162.29
Year to date savings: $927.83

I was in charge of a school carnival at my daughters’ school this week, so while I did spend over $2,000, I will be reimbursed for all but $59.43 of it. Shopping for said carnival like a mad woman this week did wear me out a bit, so I might be avoiding grocery shopping at all costs next week!

So are you ready to track your spending and join our challenge?

#1 – Pick a monthly grocery budget amount. {Tips for setting a budget goal}

#2 – Complete the form below with your #’s. Share your email if you want to enter to win our $20 Amazon gift card giveaway… your email will be hidden, but all other answers will be public. When entering your numbers use the amount you spent last week. Sunday-Saturday. 

#3- View the results below and see what sort of goals other Fabulessly Frugal readers are setting!

#4 – Come back next week:  we’ll announce a winner from the entries AND we’ll give you another chance to submit your spending and saving!

Last weeks winner…

Congratulations Janine! Comment on this post to claim your prize, then I will be able to send you an email to get your shipping address!

Tools to help you:

  • Here is a grocery budget tracking spreadsheet to help you keep track of your spending/saving each week. It’s nothing fancy, but it will help you track your spending so you can quickly enter in your #’s each Monday afternoon.
  • {NEW!}  We also encourage you to download our Fabulessly Frugal Budget Tool to easily set a budget, track your spending and compare your actual spending to the budget you make.

Enter your goal and spending here:

See how other Fab FruGALs or Fruguys are doing here


  • Janine

    I won! Oh i am so excited! Thanks so much. Your newsletters have helped my budget a lot!

  • April

    I’m new to this, so I’m trying to get everything straight. Your site is amazing. To my knowledge, none of the stores in my area double coupons. For this reason, would you recommend stores like Sam’s and Costco?

  • Catherine W.

    Also new to the household budgeting thing, couponing has changed A LOT in our area in the last 1-2 years. Fry’s used to accept other grocer’s coupons which made life A LOT easier. Since they quit, more and more coupons are only available on-line and you must load them to your card specifically. None of the digital coupons are permitted to be doubled, rounded up to $1 or in many cases even re-loaded to your card for a later shopping trip before they would expire. I have checked out the catalinas you mention but I honestly do not buy many name brand items and therefore rarely get them or they are for nothing I would buy anyway.

    With an active toddler my time on-line is extremely limited and digital couponing seems to to be a lot more time consuming than it is worth given we don’t purchase much processed food and even more rarely name brand items. Is there an aspect of couponing I missing out on?

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