Tender Mercies

Coupon Tips
I know that we are supposed to be a blog about saving money, and we still are, but lately we have been pivoting into a blog about paying it forward. Tonight I can not sleep because the thoughts about the tender mercies of this sale are running through... Read this post


Home & Garden
I'm a garden killer. It's what I do. Every year we plant. Every year things die. We've tried planting seeds, using starters indoors & transplanting, planting starters outside & using raised beds. No luck. We know how frugal (and YUMMY) growing... Read this post

Fabulous Coupon Tip Tuesday: How to Avoid Leaving the Store Without the Deal

Coupon Tips
Occasionally we get emails like this one below. So I thought for this weeks Coupon Tip Tuesday post we might need a little reminder. I don’t live near an Albertsons, so I have to specifically go out of my way to get to one. (Sorry, but yes, this... Read this post

Coupon Organization: The Master Coupon List

Coupon Tips
Amber and I have converted many of you into using the fab fruGAL combo method of organizing your coupons (Monica still prefers her own method). In short, you simply: File your coupon inserts in sheet protectors (one sheet protector per set of inserts) Place... Read this post

Printable Shopping Lists for the Fab FruGALS Coupon Organization Method!

Coupon Tips
Thank you for your patience while waiting for me to get this done!I'm sure you can tell we've been pretty busy around here!For all the new Fab FruGALS here (wondering what I'm talking about), in January I started a coupon organization series which showed... Read this post

Coupon Ethics

Coupon Tips
I hope you will all allow me to stand on my soapbox today and talk about using coupons the right way. I hope that I have gained the respect of you, my readers, and that you will let me nag you for a minute. This subject is something that I think is... Read this post

Coupon Organization: Never Cut a Coupon You Won’t Use Again

Coupon Tips
Missed the start of this series? {Part 1} and {Part 2} and {Part 3} and {Part 4}. You’ve patiently waited to see what method of coupon organization I’m currently using… This method is a combination of the first two I tried {and featured}. Amber,... Read this post

Coupon Organization – Making it work, FOR YOU!

Coupon Tips
This is something I've been wanting to do for, gee, like nearly a YEAR now! One of my resolutions is to get all the ideas floating in my noggin out there for you all to read! So I started this organization post, intending for it to be one short and sweet... Read this post

Guest Post: Commissary Shopping

Coupon Tips
Attention Commissary Shoppers! Beth over at Saving Like Crazy has coupon match-ups just for you!Check it out!Beth's Bio:When I'm not bargain shopping, I am a busy mommy to 3 beautiful children ages 6, 4 and 1. I enjoy volunteering for my daughter's school's... Read this post

Disclosure: We. Make. Money.

Coupon Tips
Yep - we sure do.  Do you think we'd be spending hours and hours on this blog since 2008 just for fun!? Do you think we're crazy? Sure, we love it (IT being, working on this blog!). If we didn't, we'd stop! We'll be the first to admit it is certainly... Read this post
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