Bad Coupon, bad coupon!

We have received multiple emails from people passing this coupon around. Be advised that this is NOT a legitimate coupon.
Check out this list here to see coupons that are FRAUDULENT, so you can be a wise couponer!


Coupon Fraud is punishable by law: prison terms have been served for 3-5 years with fines averaging $200,000.

The Store Does Not Get Paid: The store will not be reimbursed for a fraudulant coupons and they end up losing money.


Poor Coupon Ethics Ruins Couponing for EVERYONE.
See the Quaker quack and the Purex Perps.

If you suspect a fraudulant coupon you can report it here.

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  • me and my gang

    OH! Thank you for the heads up. I received this in an email and was really excited about the free Doritos for all our summer activities. Thank goodness I hadn’t used any. Thanks again for the heads up!
    Also I was in Walgreen’s today and the manager told me that Walgreens will be changing their coupon policy. They will no longer be accepting coupons that are printed in black and white, because of fraud. I don’t know if this is true, what have you heard? If so, couping will change for alot of us. Maybe I won’t even print anymore. Hmmm

    • Cathy

      What Walgreens were you at? I’m guessing Overland and Meridian? Amber has tried several times to confirm this with corporate, to no avail. As far as other Treasure Valley locations, to date, all have accepted b/w just fine. I hope that doesn’t turn out to be the case because my only printer is a b/w laser!!

      • Deanna

        Just a FYI….I live in Twin Falls. We have 2 Walgreen’s here and neither will accept B&W coupons. They said it was a corporate thing.

  • Marci

    Thanks for letting me know! I thought they seemed a little suspicious, but I used one and it worked so I thought they were ok. I’ll throw the rest away!

  • me and my gang

    Cathy, I am in Twin Falls. Is there a way I could print off Walgreens coupon policy? Or do they even have an official one. Thanks for all you help in the matter.

  • Andrea

    So are these only sent by e-mail or how do people get them? I want to be sure I am not printing/using anything fraudulent.

  • Monica

    These were sent by email. There are two red flags when it comes to fraudulant coupons.

    1. printed from a PDF file
    2. No limit on the printing

  • Cheryl H

    I really need some clarification on the pdf coupons. Not all are fraudulent. I have been printing only 2 per computer. How do we know if a pdf is fradulent?

  • Rin

    This is why I only use coupons from the paper and reputable sites like… And I have heard that buying coupons is illegal, too. Says right on most of them that they are void if transferred and/or sold.

  • rina

    The following is directly from the CIC website you linked to. Now, I do not buy coupons on any clipping site nor Ebay, but I know that many “professional couponers” ie blog owners do. In fact, I think that many of the employees on this site “buy” coupons as well. Is this a practice that you advocate?
    “Buying coupons. When a person buys coupons, they may be inadvertently purchasing stolen property or counterfeit coupons. Even if there is not a direct criminal penalty involved, both coupon buyers and sellers open the door to potential litigation when they buy or sell coupons because they are in violation of the “nontransferability” clause printed on all coupons distributed within the United States. The transfer makes a coupon void. Coupon sellers often include legal disclaimers stating that they are selling their time, a service, or even envelopes that just happen to contain coupons instead of the coupons themselves. Such statements are invalid and do not offer any legal protection. Rather, such statements suggest that the sellers know that their coupon sales are inappropriate and wrong.”

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