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You do not have to leave the store disappointing and with out a deal when couponing. Even with crazy extreme couponers clearing the shelves there are ways to avoid missing out on the deal. Because they don’t tell you everything on reality television we are here to reveal the secrets of Extreme Couponing. TLC’s Extreme Couponing is really not about education it is more about entertainment. Our goal is to educate you and empower you to save money for your family.

Has this ever happened to you? You find a great deal! Giddy with excitement you take time to print coupons, organize coupons, drive to your local store and find the place where the item SHOULD be in your store. Only to be heart broken by empty shelves. Someone TOOK ALL OF THE PRODUCT! Well maybe? But maybe 20 someones got there before you and each took 2-3. Empty shelves can be common when lots of great deals are circulating through the stores you shop. You do not have to leave the store without the deal. I first addressed this in my post Fabuless Coupon Tip Tuesday: How to Avoid Leaving the Store without the Deal. I thought it was about time we revisited these ideas.

Shelf clearing is not cool, we do not even think it is cool to clear a shelf in the name of charity. I have seen many cleared shelves in my couponing days. Remember the crazy diaper lady? Even after 4 years of many cleared shelves I still find it worth my time to coupon if I remember to use these strategies…

Eight Ways to Avoid Leaving the Store Empty Handed

Place an order of the items you really want or need a lot of. You can do this with your manager or at customer service. It can be done on the phone or in person. Here are some details on how to place an order.

Get a rain check(s) for the item(s) out of stock. You can not get a rain check for a catalina, but you can get a rain check on most store coupons and store sale prices.

Choose another store! Some stores are overloaded with coupon shoppers and are always going to get cleaned out. Some stores are within a demographic that has many coupon shoppers. Shop in the area of town that does not have lot’s of couponers. It is always worth a few extra miles for a hassle free shopping trip.

Don’t wait until the last day of the sale to shop, your store is likely to be out of the items you need!

Learn your stores ordering schedule. Then shop on the days you know they will be stocked. Many stores receive shipments 3 times a week and it is always the same three days. Keep in mind the time of day the shipments come in too. So you don’t show up a few hours before it arrives.

Don’t be afraid to ask if they have items in the back. Many times the store has just not had time to re-stock. If you ask a grocery manager they may be able to get you more product from the back.

Call right before you leave to see if your top 3 items are in stock. That will help you decide if it is worth a trip to the store. Try your three closest stores and choose the one that is stocked the best.

Be a team player– Be a part of the solution not the problem. Never clear a shelf. Avoid taking more product than you can reasonably use before it expires.

Feel free to add in the comments any tips you have to make the shopping trip worth while!

I hope these tip help YOU! I hope everyone will remember to be considerate of other shoppers when making your coupon shopping trips! It is up to us (you and me) to give couponers a good name.

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  • Kerry

    I email the store that I have the most problem with cleared shelves a list of what the great deals are for the week. Then they know what to stock up on. I am less frustrated, the manager is grateful for the help, and I am establishing a relationship with my manager.

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