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The Cook’s Herb Garden

The weather here in Western Washington has been so nice the last few days that I’ve been buzzing around the garden like a busy little bee getting my raised garden beds in tip top shape for the upcoming growing season.  While I was outside yesterday… it occurred to me maybe some of you have never planted a garden before… And don’t know where to start because it all seems so overwhelming.  So I thought I’d help you out and tell you about the first thing I planted as a new gardener.  Perennial herbs.

Not only are perennial herbs on the low maintenance side… they’re very easy to grow… Think of perennial herbs as the Ron Popeil of garden plants… Ya know… “Set it and forget it” 🙂 Several years ago I tossed a bunch  (2 packets I think) of chive seeds into one of my garden boxes… and years later… they’re still growing strong.  And all I did was simply follow the directions on the back of the packet and what do you know…Not only are Chives easy to grow… but they come back year after year.  In my opinion they’re one of the easiest herbs to grow. Period.

Another  herb on my top 3 list is  Oregano. Even if you’re known as having a “black thumb” … you should try and plant this aromatic Italian herb… because it’s so easy to grow… that in no time you’ll be sporting a brand new “green thumb”…not to mention the oregano will certainly spice up all those (free) pasta dishes all of us couponers sure seem to be eating all the time 🙂

And lastly Mint … I heart fresh mint… I toss springs of this stuff in pitchers of lemonade all summer long. But be careful… as wonderful as this plant is… it can be rather invasive.  So be sure and plant your mint seeds in a container… otherwise it could take over your entire garden.

Oh… and don’t forget about these… If you don’t own a pair of these Triple Blade Herb Scissors… you should… they make snipping fresh herbs into a pan or over a plate for garnishing a snap!  I own a pair and I love them.

Triple Blade Herb Scissors

And that concludes this weeks episode of As The Trowel Turns…

So tell me my Fab FruGALS… what’s you’re favorite herb?


  • Dolores Gardner

    Hey all you fab gals @ fabulessly frugal. Is it just me, or is this site taking 20 or so seconds to load? Is there too much “stuff” on here now? I guess I want INSTANT gratification. Just sayin’

  • I too love to grow herbs! They are an incredibly cheap way to really spice up any dish. Thanks for the pointers Mavis!

  • Missy

    Great tips….
    Cilantro is by far my fav! Re-seeds itself and so yummy!

  • Summer77

    Thanks for all your great tips Mavis.
    This will be my third year planting a garden. I’m having luck with tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins and peppers but rotten luck when it comes to melons. I try every year but… nothing
    I live in the Twin Falls Idaho area any tips? 🙂

    • Mavis

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who tries (and fails) growing watermelons every year. I cannot tell you how bad I want to taste a “moon and Stars” watermelon 🙁

  • Sharon

    I also just started gardening on my patio. I’ve planted strawberries, chives, oregano, thyme, rosemary, tomatoes, and basal. I just planted the seeds last week, and the herbs are already growing! ^_^

  • Abbie

    This is so great, thanks so much for the gardening posts. The closest thing I’ve done close to gardening is water the lawn during summer time. These posts really helps me a lot. Thanks!

  • Michele

    As the trowel turns…WHAT A HOOT!

    I love it and I LOVE MAVIS!!!!

    I tried growing Cilantro, Oregano, & Basil in soup cans inside the house a couple months ago, and they’re not looking so hot. They sprouted, but it appears they’ve stopped and are scared to proceed. I’m going to put some in the garden try try try again!

  • NancyA

    My favorite herb to plant and harvest is Basil. It’s so easy to grow and is a delicious and fresh addition to all italian dishes/sauces/soups. We harvest large amounts that we process into pesto and freeze for winter. We also grew Thai basil this past year…amazing as well.

  • Nicole H

    I love gardening. For perennial herbs I’ve found that all types of Thyme, Sage and Lavender also grow like crazy with little effort. And Evergreen Bunching Green onions, not really a herb but very tasty, keep multiplying on me every year. The trick is to cut them back to keep them from going to flower and they will just keep multiplying. My other favorite edible perennials are currants and blueberries which make pretty landscaping plants too.

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