As The Trowel Turns: Now Is The Time To Plant…

Spring is in the air… Can you feel it?

I was at my local nursery today picking up flowers and was reminded of a few fruits & vegetables you’ll need to start planting now to insure a summer harvest.


You should start to see onion starts in your local nurseries and possibly even your grocery stores.  Onion starts are typically sold in 25 – 50 count bundles and need to be planted as soon as you bring them home.  This year I planted 3 varieties of onions: Red Onions, Walla Walla Sweets and Yellow Onions for storage.

Here is a great gardening book on different types of onions.

Strawberries, Raspberries & Blueberries

Now is the time to plant berries.  I noticed blueberry bushes at Costco last week, but I would recommend purchasing blueberry, raspberry and bundles of strawberry plants at you local nursery or garden center.  Not only will there be a nice selection of plants, but you’ll be able to ask the staff questions about specific varieties that will do well in your area.

This year I planted Tri-Star & Sea Scape strawberries.  A few years ago I planted Cascade Delight raspberries and 6 different kinds of blueberry bushes, {both high and low varieties} buds are starting to appear and this years crop is looking good.

Go Fruit is a FAB book on the topic of not only berries, but all things fruit.


Although I would never recommend buying pea starts {they can be difficult to transplant}, now is the time to plant pea seeds.  If you haven’t purchased your seeds yet, Fred Meyer will have Ed Hume & Lilly Miller seeds buy 2 get 1 free starting this Sunday.

For the past few years I have grown 2 varieties.  Amish Sugar Snap & Green Arrow.  We like to grow the Amish Sugar Snaps and eat them raw, as well as use them in stir fry.  Green Arrow Peas are my favorite shelling pea.  Not only are they great fresh, but they are an excellent variety for both canning and freezing.

Don’t forget…

Lettuce, Cabbage, Spinach, Radishes,  Broccoli + More

There are so many seeds to choose from it can be overwhelming. 😉  I suggest start small, plant what you love to eat, and go from there.  You’ll get the hang of it soon enough.

Have you started your 2012 garden yet?

You Grow Girl: The Groundbreaking Guide to Gardening


  • Kris

    I started tons of seeds indoors today! Tomorrow I’m going to plant lettuces, mizuna, arugula, and Fava beans! I love this time of year!

  • tami

    Mavis I just thought I would let you know you inspired me on your post about chickens so I called my mother in law and asked if she had extra chicks this year and she did! My husband is almost done building me a coop and it is looking great! You were right it is alot cheaper to build one than to buy one ours is 4’x8′ we starting small only 4 chickens to start off! She is bringing them to us at easter I cant wait to start getting farm fresh eggs 🙂 Thanks so much for all your inspirations I really enjoy reading your posts!!!

  • Tracey

    When I grow up, I wanna be just like Mavis. Seriously, Mavis inspires me!

  • Today we planted our potatoes 4 kinds, onions red and walla walla and our peas….berries were a couple of weeks ago for us with lettuce starts (we put our lettuce and greens outside already and topped them with empty milk cartons to protect them while it’s still a bit chilly…it has worked amazingly! We even had some late snow and they were just fine! Next are grapes which I found a great deal on at using mascadines and scoppernog varieties of grapes will give us twice the produce at full maturity! Good luck everyone!

  • Autumn

    I have never grown any of my own vegetables and I was really looking forward to it this year BUT now I’m worried with travel I won’t be able to care for my garden the way it deserves. Any recommendations?

    • plant a little extra and share with someone that is willing to help you water and tend to it while you’re gone..a neighbor or someone that might be house sitting while you are away anyway.

    • Jill

      You can also buy automatic timers at places like Lowes/ Home Depot. I use these all the time when I am gone and they work really well.

  • K

    Since its the right time for onions, is it the right time for garlic too? And when do we plant cilantro?

  • Sally

    I am jealous! We won’t be planting for awhile in Deer Park ,Washington. We got 5+ inches of snow this week and the ground is still very frozen.

  • Angela K

    I cant wait to get started! Does anyone have a recommendation for where and what type of soil to fill raised beds with, we are in the south sound in Wa (auburn) and will need a couple p/u truck loads. Happy planting everybody!

    • Carpinito Brothers in Kent is amazing! They have bags but they also sell it by the yard. I’ve bought a bunch of vegetable starts there as well and they tend to be hardier than he ones that you would find at home depot.

  • Carrin

    Planted carrots, butter lettuce, swiss chard, brocolli, spinach and peas yesterday

  • Jeanne

    I am totally new to gardening! We just bought our first house &Iwant to do a garden. I have been able to talk to a few different people who have done gardens in my area to try & get info. I think in doing broccoli, spinich,, tomatoes & carrots, all things iam constantly buying!! I would also like to do strawberries! Im excited & nervous! Any reccomendations for a new gardener like me?

  • Christine

    Mavis, Love your posts! We started indoors: watermelon, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce. The Lettuce and Tomatoes are about ready for transplant outside. We planted our first year of blueberry bushes, blackberries, and raspberries plus some strawberries outside about 2 weeks ago. We are trying brussel sprouts and those are in (bought a couple plants) and planted potatoes that sprouted up yesterday. Very excited!!!

    We are getting ready to plant more seeds including peas then when time is right carrots, beans, squash, zucchini, and more. Hoping to be able to really cut our food budget and have enough to store for winter.

    Thanks again for all the information.

  • Jaime

    Ok, I would love to have chickens, Mavis! We are worried about the chicken ‘poo’ There’s no way to phrase that more pc. Anyway, we have a small back yard, I have 6 raised beds, planning to add two more. First, do you keep your cickens away from your garden, I am worried about them eating my veggies, tomatoes expecially, and then how bad the yard would get from two chickens wandering around the yard. I had chcikens growing up the one little bit of chicken poo can stink!

    I got my peas in a month ago, and they are coming up really nice. Planted radishes inbetween them, then carrots, chard, spinach, this last week. Planning to experiment with melons this year, that are described as having a ‘tropical’ flavor to them.

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