As The Trowel Turns…

After a cold and rainy spring… things are finally starting to look up in the garden…The 17 garden boxes we made a few years ago are beginning to fill and in a few weeks the cabbage will be ready to harvest.

The cucumbers and zuchhini will be next… followed by the much anticipated tomato harvest… (That’s the best part of summer if you ask me). 🙂

But the one thing I’m really looking forward to is fall.  It’s my favorite season of them all.  This year I went ahead and planted about a dozen of pumpkin plants along the fence line… In years past I’ve planted sunflowers or potatoes… but this year I chose pumpkins… I’m hoping for not only a bumper crop… but to turn my backyard into a mini pumpkin patch for my kids and their friends…   For the cost of a packet of seeds… (well… okay actually I picked them up for free at Rite Aid) it’s the first step in planning one seriously FABulessly FruGAL party!

How about you?  Did you plant any pumpkin seeds this year?

The Compleat Squash: A Passionate Grower’s Guide to Pumpkins, Squashes, and Gourds


  • Ashley Jeppsen

    You must live in a warmer climate, because here in SE Idaho, it will most likely get below freezing again! I just planted my garden last Sunday and I hope it doesn’t start snowing before I get my zucchini! Yours looks great!

  • Ashley K

    My dad plants about 5 pkg of different varieties of pumpkins, couple kinds of gourds, and some “indian” corn. We have a nice family dinner and all the grandkids and adults pick pumpkins. We then have a pumpkin carving night close to Halloween. It’s really become such a special family tradition for the last 4-5 years.
    Then when everyone is done picking their pumpkins the left over pumpkins are given some of the grandkids friends. The rest are used for decorations then before they frost or go bad, we slice them in half, clean the seeds out, roast in the oven, scoop out the pumpkin, strain it if you need to, place in freezeable containers, freeze in useable amounts and make into fresh pumpkin pie, pumpkin bars, pumpkin bread and whatever type of pumpkin recipe you please all year long. It is not only cheap (frugal), but fresh pumpkin is sooooo much better than store bought canned pumpkin. Good Luck and Happy Pumpkining!

    • Heidi

      We do pretty much the same thing every year. Love, Love, Love the fall pumpkin harvest. We have a huge pumpkin carving party in our barn that neighbors and friends wait for with great anticipation. A local farmer plants our fields with pumpkins and I plant my own unique varieties in my garden.

      On a side note, as a gift this year at Christmas I was given a binder with custom ordered hard to find pumpkin seed packets placed in individual sheet protectors. Pages for more garden seeds were added and places to write notes. Basically a personalized garden journal. It was one of the most thoughtful gifts I’ve received. I love pumpkins. I’m certain it was a very frugal gift and yet a valuable treasured gift for me.

  • Megan

    Your yard/garden is beautiful! What a peaceful place to escape! 🙂

  • Ami

    Mavis- I just returned from a two week vacation in Seattle. I can’t believe your garden is growing so well in all that RAIN sans SUN! The sun peeked it’s face out maybe 4 of the days (and it was never for a full day) we were there and the high……68 degrees. Although I grew up in the Seattle area I have resided in Boise the last 11 years and am accustomed to seeing the sun on a regular basis. 🙂 I have to admit I kept my eyes out for a lovely lady with long hair, glasses and a coupon t-shirt. I was hoping to randomly spy you in one of the stores……no luck. happy gardening and I wish you much more sun! 🙂

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