April Fool’s Jokes Anyone?

Yummy fries? Not so fast! For the recipe to these April Fool’s Faux Fries, head HERE!

My favorite has to be the one my older sister and I jointed pulled on my younger sister:

The year was 1989. New Kids on the Block were all the rage (see not much has changed in 20 years!) and my 8-year-old sister was certain Joey McIntyre would one day be her husband. She would kiss his Tiger Beat poster each night before bed and pen constant love poems to him she was certain were hand-delivered. She was, to put it mildly, obsessed.

My clever older sister & I took full advantage of that fact when planning our prank. We recorded a portion of a local radio station and then put our acting chops to the test as we interrupted the prerecorded radio bit to act as news broadcasters reporting some breaking news: Joey McIntyre had been killed instantly in a car accident. It was tragic. The whole world was mourning (don’t laugh, there for a few years a good majority of teen girls from around the globe truly would have mourned his death!).

Because our disguised broadcaster voices were so believable, she had no reason to question the validity of the report. She sobbed for hours. She curled  into a ball & rocked herself in her room as big crocodile tears streamed down her face.  And while we did feel a bit sorry for her, it was only after our mother threatened to ground us that we giggled and screamed April Fools! She was 8 years old people. She had no idea what that meant. It took hours of explaining and reassuring before she finally believed us. Want to know the first thing she did once she had recovered? Wrote him a love poem of gratitude because he was still alive. It. Was. Awesome.

Now your turn. I want to hear your best pranks. Or pranks gone wrong. Or pranks done to you by others. We promise we won’t laugh at you (we’ll laugh with you!).


  • PreachersWife

    I’m going to make my 8th grade son a ham & cheese sandwich tomorrow for school and leave the cheese slice in the plastic wrapping! Hopefully he won’t eat it! ha!

  • Heather @ CreativeFamilyMoments

    I’ve been blogging about that very thing these last few days! I can’t way to pull a doughnut prank on my kids! ( :

  • Becky FabFruGal

    I think my favorite one (that I’ve heard of) was when my mom and dad were dating. She was working at Red Stear, and made this gigantic ice cream cone for my dad (like seriously… you couldn’t get it out the drive through window, it was too tall). And between each and every level of ice cream goodness was a pickle. 🙂
    Same day he ordered a hamburger, and instead of pickels (because she had them all in his ice cream cone of course) she chopped up a straw into 2 inch pieces and put them in the hamburger 🙂

  • marisa

    love that story! I would’ve been rocking too! Not Joey!!

  • Becky

    One of my brothers lived in Maryland at the time of this prank, but my other brother from Oregon put his beloved car for sale in the paper for a rediculously low price. after getting many calls about it my bother in Maryland called the paper and found out that the other brother had done it. He called in to the Mark and Brian syndicated show and told about the prank. Well he won the contest with the best prank pulled on him and they put on the airwaves that my brother from Oregon was the head of the Tanya Harding fan club and that his house was for sale for a rediculous price. My brother in Oregon got calls from all over the country to be members of the Tanya harding fan club. ( Now this was right after the problem she had with Nancy Kerrigan, so she was not very popular) and for his low priced house!!

  • Alicia

    Every few yearsago I put a for sale sign in our yard. It is hilarious how many neighbors come over to check on us and see how we are doing. I just play along, like I don’t know anything.
    Then when they ask out right I just ask, ” What sign?” I have one of the kids go around and pull it out while they are visiting. Then when they are walking home feeling really unsure we let them in on it.

  • Amy

    I have played some good ones and been the recipient as well. To name a few, I was signed up to moderate an online chat room for midwives (I worked in education not the medical field and I started to receive flood of email on the subject asking my advice. But my favorite of all time was when friends stole my roommate’s car while we were in school at the University of Utah and left us a state map that said “where’s the Mazda?”. It took a week to find it- in Provo! Not funny to some but I thought it was deviously clever!

  • kymom

    Growing up, my mom and brother HATED April Fools because I LOVED THE DAY! I got grounded most years but it was sooooooooo worth it. My brother would put a ton of sugar on his cereal and I switched the sugar and salt! Got grounded for wasting food! Other little things that didn’t get me grounded…short sheeting beds, moving dresser drawers around, putting plastic wrap on toliets, putting vaseline on door handles, etc. Probably the best was several years ago when I sewed my hubby’s underwear closed! He got to work, used the batrhoom, and thought he had put his underwear on backwards!

    • RM

      Ha HA Ha HA HA HA HA HA thanks for the laugh HA HA HA HA HA So funny!!!!! Thanks for sharing.
      I thought about switching the sugar for salt for coffee on my husband this morning but just couldn’t do it. However I did switch the bags out of the cereal boxes this morning that was fun my son wanted rice crispies but got frootloops ! I also sewed the ends of my 14 year olds jeans and his sleeves on his jacket shut . I too love april fools day !

    • Tina B

      Some of these sound like the pranks my husband told me about from his fraternity days. Ha ha ha!!!

  • MerGal

    My favorite one to pull is the ol’ moldy sandwich in the lunch trick. Just color on the outside of a baggie a big blend of green and brown marker to make look like the normal sandwich is really moldy! Works every time.

  • Dana

    FYI, I just tweeted a link to this blog post to Mr. McIntyre (alive and well!)…

  • Kate

    My favorite was last year. My husband and his 6 brothers have
    been getting my MIL for many years. My husband ordered $60
    worth of pizzas from her favorite pizzeria. He paid for them but had the delivery man
    Request payment upon delivery. He got her good. Then the local
    Brothers and their families were standing in the side yard, they all enjoyed
    Pizza on us!

    • Tina B

      Kate, as the mother of 5 children, 4 of whom are of the male persuasion, I can see this happening to me some day. Thanks for the laugh!

  • Tina B

    The funniest prank that my oldest son pulled was one April Fool’s Day when he had an overnight friend over and they TP’ed the INSIDE of our house most thoroughly. (They wre about 8, I think.) The joke got turned around on THEM when I had them both take a large trash bag and carefully roll it back up the best they could, because we were still going to use it and not waste it! Both boy’s eyes got huge!!

    The best prank ever played on me was 2 years ago when my son and his girlfriend changed their Facebook statuses to “engaged” and left us hanging all day, only pointing out that the day was April Fool’s Day. Well, the next day rolls around and it’s still listed as “engaged”, so, I put on my “Mom” hat and called my son, leaving a voice message about how if it was a joke, that it was funny, but if it were real, I would much prefer to get a phone call telling me the news. Within 10 minutes we received a phone call with both of them giggling, telling us that yes, they were actually engaged and that they had “exchanged onion rings” when the question was popped because they are college students. They just married last December and are still quite silly.

  • Amanda S.

    Oh my gosh, that’s so mean! (But funny too, lol). I would have sobbed just like your sister…still would if someone told me any one of my beloved NKOTB members were gone! I hope my husband and kids don’t ever try to pull that one one me. 😉

  • Kimberly

    I made fake bacon, eggs and toast for my kids’ breakfast (marshmallow fluff with lemon pie filling = eggs, strawberry fruit leather = bacon, toasted pound cake = toast) and fake cupcakes for dinner (meatloaf cupcakes with colored mashed potato icing).

    Last year I put tape on the bottom of my coworkers’ mouse (or is it mice?), so they couldn’t use them. The best one was the guy who spent nearly a half hour trying to figure out the problem. He was picking up the phone to call the IT guy, so I had to show him what was wrong. It was hilarious… he rebooted the computer a few times, unplugged and plugged in the mouse, etc. It was so funny!

    Of course there was a gross prank. I didn’t participate, but I witnessed it. A friend of mine put saran wrap over the toilet, under the seat in the common bathroom of her dorm apartment. The roommate she least liked had the first class of the day, so it was 5:30 am with the light off running to the bathroom before dressing for class… EWWWW all over the floor.

  • Heather

    Several years ago I worked in an older building, on the 4th floor…and it was 4 stories tall. Our restrooms were somewhat of an issue working correctly sometimes, but it never seemed to matter when. One day, our maintenance man put a sign on the bathrooms to say that they were closed for repair and to use the 3rd floor bathroom. On the 3rd floor, same sign, sorry from mgmt, but broken, use the 2nd floor bathroom. Again, same thing, used the 1st floor bathrooms. On the first floor bathrooms, there was another sign, it read: “Sorry out of Order, Please use the restrooms across the parking lot at the Used Car Lot! and then in very faint letters at the bottom it said “April Fool’s!” Not until I got to that sign did I think it was a prank! I don’t know plumbing…nor did I realize the date. What was funny is that by the time I was done walking down those flights, wondering what is the deal, I didn’t have to go anymore!

  • Ellen

    I can’t imagine doing something so mean to my little sister. I find the whole idea of thinking that it is funny to make someone cry sick. Last year when this story was posted it actually made me so mad I quit using Fabulessly Frugal as my primary blog to check and went to . Mavis’ Albertson’s posts brought me back but wow, that is so uncool. Am I the only one that doesn’t think that is funny? I don’t mind practical jokes, I have eight kids, we tease each other a lot, but making someone cry? Sidenote, I showed this story to my four older kids (14 down to 9) all of them seemed to have my same reaction. So I guess if I am just weird my kids are too.

    • Amber


      I completely understand how in a typical family dynamic that might seem harsh. But you would have to know our family to understand. My little sister cried constantly about everything. We would get grounded for looking at her wrong and making her cry, or walking to close to her on the sidewalk and making her cry, or watching her too closely as she chewed her food and making her cry. She was a hysterical child (which now that we are all adults, she freely admits). So while it may seem super harsh to some, the fact that it made her cry didn’t phase us seeing as how that occurred hourly with her!

      I actually come from a very loving, very supportive (albeit slightly dysfunctional) family. My sisters are truly my closest friends to this day, and this is one of my younger sister’s favorite stories to tell. So rest assured we didn’t cause any permanent damage. Next year I’ll have to tell you the prank she pulled year later to get me back. It puts this one to shame! 🙂

  • Breanna

    I opened the batter packs for all the wii and xbox controllers and put tape over the battery connections.
    I Changed the screen saver on my computer to be a broken LCD screen, LOL.

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