Amber’s Christmas Wish List

Dear Husband,

After many weeks of asking, here is what’s on my list:

Tell me you’ve felt Bamboo Sheets before. They will change your life! Oh and THESE Bamboo Sheets just happen to be 70% off!!

If I’m going to buy boots, I have a few requirements: 1. They last. 2. They are high quality. 3. They MUST be comfortable. These Dr. Martens boots are all three!  They are the only pair of COMFORTABLE Black Boots I’ve ever worn. And because they are Docs, they’ll last forever (tell me you don’t have a pair from college in the back of your closet that you can’t bring yourself to throw out cause they’re still wearable, albeit a bit outdated!).

If you’ve never tried Smashbox makeup before, you’re missing out. It’s my hands-down favorite stuff! I love the sample kits because they have an assortment of everything I love for pretty cheap. This Smashbox Try It Kit is only $19 (a 64% savings!).

Let’s ignore the skulls and daggers for a second, close our eyes and just breath this stuff in. I’m NOT a perfume person AT ALL. Like ever. In fact in my 10 years of marriage I’ve owned ONE bottle of perfume and it happened to be the bottle of  Ed Hardy Hearts and Daggers Perfume I received last year from my husband. Now I can’t get enough of it. It’s not too strong and makes me feel girly. Also nice to spray on if I have to make a quick coupon trip right after I’ve left the gym. I’m sure my fellow shoppers appreciate it!!

And there you have my wish list! What’s on yours?


  • Annie

    I love those boots! My husband and I don’t get each other Xmas gifts anymore. Instead, we do a family gift. This year, its an IPAD2. We have been so focused on making sure we have a big emergency fund That we cut out gifts for each other, along with other things in order to save money. Seeing Your list makes me miss those days. Perhaps we can set a small budget and get each other a little something;)

  • jessica

    OMG i love these boots! After some serious Googling I can say that you can get both a black and brown pair at Fameous Foot Wear after the BOGO50% and extra 20% off entire order for $201! If you buy a third item then you get free shipping and i would suggest the reuasable tote for $1.99 bringing your total to just under $200 after tax.

  • Rachel

    Mario Kart! Oh, and world peace. 😉 Merry Christmas!

  • Michelle

    I don’t have anything on my list. I just want my kids to get a few things and be happy. With budgets so tight, I doubt there will be a gift for me under the tree. Especially since I have NO idea what to even suggest to hubby. Anymore, I don’t mind not getting anything. If my kids are happy, that’s what matters. I have not tried bamboo sheets, but have seen bamboo clothing and they are oh so soft!!! I LOVE the boots, and am a die-hard fan of Dr. Martens. I have my very first pair of docs that I bought when I was 16…they are now 17 years old (that tells ya how old I am haha) and they are still so comfy and cute!! I am curious about the perfume now, I want to go smell it!!! Where is it available at that I could just go smell? 🙂

  • anna

    This post made me laugh because I am trying to get myself something awesome in way of cute boots and I keep thinking “all I wear are my Dr Martins I have had since high school.” I needed something that would LAST like you said for forever. I will have to check these ones out and let my hubby know. Thanks sooooo much. But yes i will admit I am one of the people that STILL have my docs.

  • anna

    Does anyone know of a store that has Dr Martens that I could try these boots on first? I’m not a big online shopper cause I am always nervous I won’t like anything after it gets to my house. I’m in the boise area if anyone knows of any place that carrys a large selection of Dr Martens. thanks

    • Michelle

      Do you by chance have a Birkenstock store in any of your malls? That’s where I bought the majority of mine were in the Birkenstock store. You can also check out the D.I./Salvation Army/2nd hand stores and find them there pretty regularly. 🙂 Hope this helps!

    • Amber

      I tried them on at Dillards.

  • Helen in Meridian

    I found your perfume tonight at Costco for $45. or $43. Of course it was in sealed plastic containers, so I couldn’t smell it. I thought that might be a good price for a nice big bottle.

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