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Amber’s expertise on… To say I’m an expert on anything makes me laugh, as I can rarely get it together enough to shave both legs in one shower! But I’ve been a contributor on this fab site since 2009, and I’ve been coupon shopping Walgreens and Winco long enough that I feel confident passing that knowledge on to you!

The most frugal thing Amber has ever done is… I sold 1,000 handmade candy cane reindeer to my classmates to pay my way to Washington DC in 8th grade. Something this decade though? I spent a total of $2,000 on my wedding and my dress alone was $1,100. Cake, flowers, photographer, DJ, live musicians, caterer, rented chairs, tuxedos and a gorgeous lodge in the Sangre de Cristo mountains all for under $900.  To this day I’m pretty proud I pulled off such a beautiful wedding for such a small price tag.

Amber’s frugal fashion tips…
1. All you need is a black!  A simple $5 shirt from Old Navy will do. Pair it with a bit of jewelry and some colorful shoes and you’ve got yourself a classy, cheap outfit!

2. Splurge on a nice pair of jeans. Obviously still shop for a bargain, but you really only need 1 or 2 good quality pairs of jeans. If cared for properly (wash rarely, turn inside out when you do and do not dry!), they will last you for years.

3. Make sure you are comfortable and confident in the clothing you choose to buy. I don’t care how adorable it looks on a hanger, it will stay on a hanger tucked in the back of your closet if you don’t love the way it looks on you.

Amber’s favorite place to shop online… I’m an eBay lover. If I’m patient enough and keep myself from getting caught up in bidding wars on cornflakes shaped like Jesus, I get the most frugal deals!

Amber was forced to be frugal… I grew up poorer than poor, so frugality was forced on me. If we needed new school clothes we had to purchase them ourselves, so I learned the value of a dollar at a very young age. Although I’ve never been much of a saver, I’ve always been obsessed with living within my means. I’ve never bounced a check, never paid a bill late and I was even concerned about my credit score in high school. Those little frugal habits have been a blessing as I’ve gotten older!

Amber did not think she wanted to coupon… Monica dragged me into the world of couponing kicking and screaming. I thought coupons were a waste of time (I cringe now at my ignorance!). She kept encouraging me to try it until I finally gave in. I’ve never looked back (thanks Mon)!

Every family size can coupon… Four mouths to feed in our family: 2 adults and 2 small trolls. Wanna know how much Amber spends on groceries each month…  In the perfect world I would spend $150 each month on groceries. I know how to successfully make that happen. But just like any couponer, veteran or newbie alike, I get busy and frustrated and overwhelmed sometimes, and couponing takes a back seat. Those months I either live on our stockpile and spend even less, or eat out a ridiculous amount and go WAY over budget. Life happens. If you fall off the coupon wagon, dust yourself off and hop back on (and drag me back on while you’re at it!).

Amber is not always frugal… I. Love. Movie Theaters.  There is something about the whole experience that I can’t get enough of.  I still try to find frugal ways to feed that habit, but I will splurge and pay full price to go see a new release I’ve been dying to see (especially if it has Mark Ruffalo in it. He is so worth spending $8 on popcorn). So movies. Oh and fancy toilet paper too. I’m not one for wiping with sandpaper, even if it’s free.

Amber’s favorite thing to stockpile… Black olives and black beans. We eat them like they’re going out of style!

Amber realized she was addicted to couponing… When I sulked for a week after finding out phone books had coupon sections that I had been throwing out for years. Why does no one speak of these coupons

If Amber, “Had a Million Dollars” would she still coupon… I would have to, because I would have blown it all on a llama or an emu.

Couponing has changed Amber’s life…
It empowers me. I have no control over the current state of the economy. I can’t control layoffs or financially draining medical expenses. I can’t control rising gas prices or keep the power company from raising rates. There are a number of factors that are out of my hands.  But I CAN control what I pay at the grocery store. And that just makes me happy!

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