AlbertsonsNW More Round Up Deals!

Here’s some “Hidden Deals” that are not in the ad but great with Round Ups!


albertsons round up


Be sure to check out all the great Albertsons coupon match ups!


  • tasha

    Notice….Albertsons will no longer take a coupon for a free item!!!!! And they don’t keep their Sunday papers all week any longer!!!!

    • Ang

      I’ve heard that some managers are doing that but, I got 4 FREE bounty today so I know it works. It’s within their coupon policy.

    • Heather

      I think she means coupons that are BOGO Free or the promotional coupons we get sometimes for “A free package of…”. Our Albies used to take these with no problem, but they are no longer honoring them if they’ve been printed. I had one last week that was B2G1free and they wouldn’t even take that.

      • tasha

        Yes I’m talking about BOGO…like on the 10 sodas….Buy two and get a free 7up 10…they only let me use Two coupons, they wouldn’t let me use a coupon on the free one….kinda sucks.

        • Ang

          Oh’ got it! I called Albertsons & talked with management when I was working on the post to ask about that. They said it would work within the policy. Some must be changing before the policy is fully in place then. I have not seen anything in the written policy changing it.

  • Lucy

    My Albertsons is no longer stocking the Bounty Basics 🙁
    The Clorox coupon said “this coupon is no longer available:-(
    Love this site & love my Albertsons!
    Didn’t want to be a downer 🙂

  • Michelle H

    Albertsons in St George has French’s honey dipping mustard on clearance for .82 and last Sunday there was a coupon for Frenches dipping mustard for .50 so that makes those free. I also scored some .19 Schick eco razors that were on clearance for 2.19 and used the 2.00 on 1 that expires 3/31.

  • Diane

    My Albertson’s sucks with coupons. I read about all the deals other people get just to make myself mad I think lol. We never have doubles and the round up promotion turns into a total fiasco and waste of time. The main casheir they have during the day will not even take a coupon period if the rounding up will put it over the price of the item-she hands it back and says they can’t take this one. She reads every little word on the coupon and won’t take it if the picture is different, or if it beeps-and we all know how often a perfectly good coupon beeps. I pretty much never go tot Albertson’s anymore. I f they have something I want I just price match at Walmart-much easier.

    • Ang

      That seems pretty off that she won’t take them with round ups! When the coupon would be more than the product the register only rounds it to the value of the coupon & no higher. Sad! Sorry!

      • Diane

        I know-it was just a stupid conversation that I wasn’t going to win so I took the coupon back. It was a yoplait simplait or whatever that newer variety is. The coupon was for 40 cents off one.I had one lousy coupon for it-not a stack of them. She refused to take it period saying it would put me over the purchase price which was like 70 cents and they were doing the round up promo and I couldn’t use a coupon that was for more than the amount. I also was trying to use a feta cheese coupon that I had gotten right there in store in front of the product. I had bought exactly the right thing but the coupon beeped so she wouldn’t take that one either.I just looked at her and said ya know, just take both those items off my order. I paid for what I had gone there for and went to walmart where I used both coupons, got the yogurt for 10 cents instead of free, and saved way more money on the feta than I would have at albertsons because the albertsons price was like $2 higher. I did not go into that store with 50 coupons to use. I think I had something like 4, and most of the stuff I was buying I didn’t have a coupon for. My store here is just cawful, which probably explains why when I go in there the place is dead. Their prices are crazy high, and checkout is always a hassle.Safeway is also expensive but I go there a lot, and I never have any problems at Walmart so really, why bother going to Albertsons’s???

        • Ang

          I am so sorry that you have had some bad experiences with Albertsons & couponing. I think it’s good to go use round ups & doublers at Albertsons because that’s their advertising money. So I want to make sure they get the benefit. I understand what you are saying though, hope it gets better.

  • Peggy

    We may not have these problems for too much longer. I spoke with my Albie’s manager and she said that with Albie’s going LLC they may get rid of doublers and round-ups….I wouldn’t be too sad…any time I go to get a great deal the shelves are cleared….and I go fairly early!

    • johnny b coupon

      Oh well, take a way the doublers and round-ups and I’ll just shop at other stores. Unless of course, Albies decides to get price competitive!

    • terry

      ditto to taking my business elsewhere w/o doubles & round ups. guess they don’t want the other business I do w/them while shopping (FOR THE PAST 15 YEARS). without the combo of sale + dbls or ups albs is just too expensive, unless they are planning on changing their pricing strategy.

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