Albertsons NW Double Coupon Deals March 24-26, 2013

Make Money on Hormel Completes! FREE Duncan Hines Cake Mix, Bailey’s Creamer, Campbell’s Skillet Sauces, Planters Peanut Butter,  so much more!

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  • Nin

    GREAT deals this time! I have been needing TTV coups for a while now. I heard a rumor we were getting TTV for the next 2 weeks. Have you heard this?!

  • Tiffany

    I know it feels like it has been a while since doublers!! Does this mean the rumors of no more doublers because of the Albertson’s change of ownership is not going to come to pass? 🙂 Question also: so when you get a catalina, you CAN double those on a next purchase right? As long as it says manufacturers coupon? Do we know if the Hormel ones, Palmolive, and Speedstick ones will be like that or do we just wait and see when they print?

    • Ang

      The catalinas are hit & miss lately of being store coupons or manufactures coupons. Yes if they are manufactures catalinas you can double them. I have not shopped yet so, not sure what is printing out what. My understanding is that as of tomorrow the LLC is officially taking over. We are still going to have to see how it turns out. So far things have been good, that’s exciting!

  • Dylan

    Just read this about the peanut butter on another blog,

    “It Is not for peanut butter just called the company to verify and they said it is not its for the glass JAR of Peanuts so any use of those coupons for that product constitutes fraud.”

    I don’t understand why they wouldn’t have worded the coupon differently then. Essentially, I don’t see how we could be held responsible for following the guidelines of the coupon. If it says ANY Planters product, that should mean ANY, haha.

    • Ang

      I am not sure what other blogs are saying but I called Albertsons & spoke with management before I posted it to ask about that coupon. The wording & size are within the limits allowed on the peanut butter. Albertsons management stated that they felt the coupon would be within those limits as well. Sounds like mixed messages about the other blogs phone call – it’s not for the peanut butter but also not for the glass jars? There is no wording of the such on the coupon. I don’t see how fraud of the coupon is an issue with the peanut butter. It’s within the wording of “ANY Planters product” & size limits.

      • Dylan

        I agree, in the end it is up to the store. Free PB is super exciting, thanks, Ang!!!!

        • Ang

          Yes none of us want to do anything like coupon fraud. Never would we try to take advantage of the stores. It goes to the issue of the picture on the coupon is not the only product the coupon is good for. Read the fine print and be as honest as you can…. I think the PB deal is just that. BTW – your welcome!

      • Nin

        What store OK’ed this matchup. I want to make sure I go to the right store that has preapproved this. Thanks.

        • Sydelle

          I would like to know which Albertsons as well. I just tried to get the Planters peanut butter at the Gig Harbor store, and the cashier said no, before he even started ringing up the sale. I clarified that the coupon said ‘any’, but they would not honor it. I don’t want to commit fraud, but consistency at all stores would be appreciated.

          • Dylan

            I went to customer service on Saturday to have them check if the coupon works and it did. So today, I went to the cashier and told him that I checked with customer service and it worked fine. He probably wouldn’t have taken it if I didn’t reassure him it works.

  • moni

    Heads up: If you are doing the B10(Powerade, Vitamin Water, Fuze or Smart Water) G10 Free Fuze, the Columbia Village Albertsons has $2/5 Smart Water or Vitamin Water. Scenario: Buy 10 Vitamin Water @$1 ea/ Get 10 Free Fuze – Use 2 – $2/5 coupons from the cashier – Pay $6 for 20 items. Not too shabby. Coupon quantities are limited – so hurry in if you are planning to take advantage of this. 🙂

    • Ang

      Thanks for this reminder! I looked on Tuesday night & my Albertsons had pulled all the coupons. Glad to hear some left them out! Makes a great stock up! We love the Fuze drinks!

      • Tracie

        Why does Albertsons pull coupons off of store products that the manufacturer clearly put there for the customers?

        • Ang

          I called my Albertsons and asked about the coupons – they said they have some with each cashier (until gone) ask! They are limiting 2 per person. I am pretty excited that means no one can go take all the coupons & everyone gets a chance. YA!

          • ken

            Ang, you hit the nail squarely on the head. More folks will get a chance to stock up with the cashiers holding the coupons in this instance. Sure appreciate what you do in putting all this together! Albertsons sure appreciates it’s customers using the “Doublers” at Albertsons. I get super duper treatment by managers and cashiers at both Nampa stores. Had a manager hand me 5 coupons to use with the vitamin water deal and he has done this numerous times before on other items, great customer service. Am I rambling? Yes, sorry.

        • moni

          In this case, the manufacturer/vendor did not place the coupons ON the products because some couponers go into stores and take all of the coupons for themselves leaving none for anybody else. The vendor wanted to make sure that everybody had a chance to the special savings so they hand them to the store to pass out.

          This is a good thing for all of us ethical couponers. 🙂

  • katherine

    the duncan hines cake mix should be 1.25 x 4= 5.00 minus (4) .50/1 mq – (3) doublers oop= 1.50 get back $1 cat.

    • Ang

      Katherine thanks for that catch! I guess after 6 hours of working on Albertsons match ups I just wanted everything to be free! So yes you are right! The cake mixes will be $.13 ea. I fixed it in the post. Thanks again!

  • Peggy

    Thanks for all the hard work you put into these posts. I’m hoping some of the red star stuff is left on the shelves by the time I get to the store! 🙂

  • leslie

    If I have a coupon for .50 off 3 would also using a a buy 1 get 1 free coupon be called stacking? It seems it would but checking anyway.
    Is Portland going to have a paper deal soon? After seeing the great deals I get with 5 papers, they are all anxious to get in on the deal.


  • leslie

    sorry left out the word, friends

    • Tracie

      You would need at least 3 BOGO coupons to be able to “legally” use the $0.50/3 coupons. The BOGO coupons cover 1 of that item…then you have your 0.50/3 coupon, which includes 3 of that product. Not sure if I am doing a very good job of explaining this. Plus , I believe it will be more of a money saver if you buy 6 of those items: (3) BOGO , and (1) 0.50/3 . HTH

      • Ang

        Yes Tracie you are right. The only way to stack them would be to buy 6 items use 3 BOGOs & (1) $.50/3. So if it’s something you want to stock up on, it would be worth it. As for the newspaper deal – I will talk with the other fabs & see what I can find out.

  • leslie

    I think I get the idea and yes I am sure your idea of buying six would be the way to go. Always nice to have a place to turn to with questions Thank you so much.

  • Tali

    Buy 2 Nature Made Vitamin D BOGO $5.29
    Use (2) $1/1 Nature Made coupons
    Use (1) Twice the Value coupon
    Final Price: $1.15

    There is a $2/1 Nature Made q on makes for an even better deal.

  • michelle

    covergirl natureluxe mascara $2.65 sale, -$1/1 q doubled =$0.65! I got 1 of each flavor – black, very black, and black brown, @ the McMinnville, OR store today, still a few left when I checked out!

  • Sophie

    General Mills is printing a cat for free milk wyb 4 cereals. I bought random combinations of the cereal on sale and got the cat every time (like Lucky Charms, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Peanut Butter Crunch, Frosted Crunch, etc.)The free milk promo is part of next weeks ad, but the cashier said for some reason it started printing now instead of on Wednesday. So the easiest deal is to buy 4, pay .88 per box with the $1/2 coupon and get free milk. Only use two doubles for the cereal per transaction to maximize the free milk cat if you are buying multiples of 4. Pretty good deal!

    • Ang

      This is an error in the system of Albertsons. This is going to be fixed it’s for next weeks ad.

      • Tracie

        Has anyone heard the rumors of this being the very last week Albertsons will b doing ttvs? Just wondering if this is true?

        • Ang

          Rumors have been flying around both ways (yes & no) so at this point all we really know is well, nothing! No one really seems to know the answer to this question. We are hearing that the LLC wants things to go smooth and retain customers so we are hoping that means keeping doublers. As soon as we find anything out we will pass it on. Sorry don’t have any thing better.

  • Lynde

    My Success Rice Product coupon is $1/1 making the rice free after doubler 🙂

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