Albertsons NW Double Coupon Deals April 14-16 2013

FREE Salsa, Nissin Big Cups, McCormick Spices, Ken’s Salad Dressing, & Trident Gum!! Stock up on Manwich, Hunt’s Tomatoes, Bird’s Eye Steamfresh, ALL Laundry Soap, & so much more!

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  • Michelle

    The salsa coupon is $1 off 2, so wouldn’t it be $1 a jar, not free? I would be so glad if it’s really free, but am not seeing it! 🙂

    • Dee

      I’m getting the same thing Michelle. Unless we are both missing some key equation, I would say it’s just a mistake. At least I know I’m not the only one questioning my own math skills…LOL. HTH

      • belle

        Unless there is a $1/1 coupon that was also supposed to be listed, I only see it as being $1 each, also and not free.

  • belle

    But, we did get a Pond’s coupon…didn’t we?

  • ALI

    Is the hunts tomato coupon under a different zip code?

  • amber

    Does anyone know if the .55/2 hunts tomatos is still live? I can’t seem to find it any where

  • emmy

    ★ La Victoria Salsa – $2.00
    Double $1/2 La Victoria Salsa or Taco Sauce, exp. 5/5/13 (SS 03/17/13 R)
    Final Price: as low as FREE

    :: $1 off 2 makes them $1 each not free

    • Ang

      Yup everyone is right! I was wrong, I must have been thinking about the one for enchilada sauce it’s $1/1. Salsa is $1 after $1/2 coupon & doubler.

  • Sarah

    The deals that are Thur-Sun… You can’t use doubles with them correct? Unless the Sunday they’re valid is the 14th?

  • Meri

    The Finish Quantum coupon is no longer available.

  • Amy

    I’m wondering what stores makes up ‘Albertsons NW’ – recently the stores in the Spokane, WA/Coeur d’Alene, ID area were purchased by Albertsons LLC and the store employees are telling us there will be no more round-ups and no more TTV (dblrs). What have you heard about this and are there other stores in the ‘Northwest’ that did not recently change hands?

    • Ang

      I have not heard there is a lot of craziness around what is what right now. If you get doublers (Twice the Value) coupons in your paper then then you can use them. Do you normally get them?

      • Paula

        I went to buy the early edition of the sunday seattle times paper and there are no doublers in the paper just $5.00 off when you spend $50.00. Cashier said maybe in tomorrows paper. Also bought 2 of the finish quantum gel pks. and no catalina printed. 🙁

  • Paula

    Went to buy the early edition of the sunday seattle times and there was no doublers. also bought the Finish quatum gel pks and no catalina printed 🙁

    • Ang

      Talk with the manager – when a catalina is advertized in their ad the managers can force the catalina. They should honor it.

  • belle

    So, how is anyone able to confirm TTVs anyways? I have always wondered LOL

    • J

      I got TTV in my Sunday papers in Boise Idaho!!!!

      • Paula

        Didnt get one here in Bellingham Washington only got $5.00 off when you spend $50.00. (Not a very good deal if you ask me) And Again the catalina didnot print for the papertowels I bought this morning. Looks like I will have to take my business somewhere else. Can’t wait until Winco opens up here.

        • Holly S.

          We’re getting a Winco in B’ham ?! :O wow I didn’t know that ! I hope it’s not the end of doubles at our Albertsons, I like shopping there and don’t abuse the coupons 🙁

          • Paula

            Holly, Winco is opening up were the old Joes Sporting good store use to be behind Home Depot. I heard that they will be opened up by the end of the year 🙂

  • leslie

    Glad I was on vacation and had not spent a lot of time working on TTV match ups. In the Portland paper we only got the $5.00 off $50.00. Really unhappy!!!!

  • Brittney

    I’m in Tacoma, WA and we didn’t get TTVs, only the $5/$50.

    • Ang

      Sounds like only the Treasure Valley got them. TTV’s are in my papers for today. This is an error on Albertsons part not making them in the whole NW. Sad day! Sorry for those who didn’t get them.

  • Richelle

    I have to say that if we are actually following the rules of one set of TTV coupons per customer then the $5 of 50 is a better deal. I still get to use all my coupons and I get $5 off my order instead of a max of only $3. We lost them because too many people abused the coupons and used too many in a transaction or used more than their one set.

    • Ang

      The reason for the possible loss of doublers is more because Albertsons was sold to Albertsons LLC. We are waiting for an official report of their new plan regarding doublers. Sounds like doublers didn’t come to WA state or Northern Idaho but everyone else got them in the NW today.

      • michelle

        no one in OR got them, that I know of

        • Ang

          Ontario Oregon is the only place in OR that got them. Southern Idaho is no longer a part of the NW stores. This change was made & we didn’t know until after doublers came out or didn’t in some areas. Southern Idaho is now part of Intermountain stores, there will be some differences but close ad deals it sounds like.

    • Lynn

      It has been such a long time since I spent $50 at the grocery store. I placed mine in the recycle bin.

  • Valerie

    I get 2 different Sunday papers and neither had doublers this week. I got $5 off $50 transaction. I’ll never spend $50 at Albertsons.

  • Lucy

    Southern Oregon only got the $5/$50 coupon. However, with easy planning, I have put together a $50.00 transaction of good deals, then coupons & I can still save $$$. I too will miss doublers, but Albs still does offer some good deals from time to time!

  • Jody

    No ttv in Portland. 🙁

  • Amanda S.

    No TTV’s in the Oregonion or the Register Guard (Eugene, OR). 🙁 I notice the $5 off $50 says it cannot be combined with TTV’s, which is interesting, since it sounds like they were inconsistent in printing one or the other. Probably a last-minute decision on the part of their corporate offices, scrambling to make changes under changing leadership. Just too bad they couldn’t make an official announcement beforehand, confirming if they are coming to an end. On the BRIGHT side, I did notice there are no terms and conditions about reaching $50 after coupons. So, although I am used to spending much smaller amounts there, it could be because I’m also used to splitting things up into so many transactions. I’ll try to make the best of it and change with the times. Maybe if I buy enough sale items and use enough coupons, it will be worth it to save the $5. I’ll have to be sure to present it before my coupons, just in case.

    Additionally, the checkers that are spreading the word about the cancellation of TTV’s are also saying the prices will be much lower with the new ownership. Not holding my breath on that one! lol

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