Let’s Trade Game Pieces

So has anyone won anything yet in the
Albertsons Instant Win Game?

I have won some donuts, but that is all for now.

We have been thinking that we would make a spreadsheet to keep track of the tickets. Have you made a spreadsheet? Care to share?


We were also thinking it would be great to network with each other to trade game pieces or share game pieces in order to win prizes. So I have started a conversation in our blogfrog coupon forum so people can trade and deal.

You can go to the trading forum here or look for the blog frog box on the side bar as you scroll down, down, down!

If you are not a member of our community, no worries it is easy to sign up! I even made a video to show you how!


  • Bernadette

    I won cat food and I don’t have a cat. Lol

  • susan

    I have gone through 100 tickets, won 10 free tickets and two donuts. Disappointing, at the Top Foods game I have won quite a bit of free stuff. I’ll still keep playing…

  • April

    I won extra game pieces!

  • Jenni

    So far I have won a $2 cash prize and free cat food and lots of free tickets and of course alot to be mailed in to try and win the $2000. I’m still crossing my fingers for something BIG!!! LOL

  • Jenni

    So far I have won a $2 cash prize and free cat food, even though I dont have a cat, thats okay my neighbor does! Lots of free tickets and of course alot to be mailed in to try and win the $2000. I’m still crossing my fingers for something BIG!!! LOL

  • Ang

    I won a can of peas and two game tickets. Not much since I have received many tickets but my game board is filling up and now I am getting a lot of doubes of what I already have. Waiting for a winner 🙂

  • ryan

    I was a lucky winner of a fifty doller gift card. ya

  • McKenzie

    I’ve won 2 free doughnuts and 1 20oz pepsi.

  • Jessica

    I have about 20 to 30 game pieces so far. Have won $2 on the game board, a free donut and four more free game pieces. Love the idea of trading game pieces!!!

  • Nanette

    All of you with cat food and no cats………………..the animal shelters could use! Dont let it go to waste!

  • Susan

    I think I’ve gotten really lucky because I’ve only gotten maybe 25 or so game pieces and quite a few have been instant winners: cat food, a can of corn, 3 free donuts (one each on 3 tickets), a roll of paper towel (love it!) and 3 or 4 (can’t recall off hand) for 2 more tickets.

    I don’t have a cat either, but good suggestion from Nanette to get the free cat food and donate to a local shelter.

    And I think I only have two game pieces that are duplicates, except for the pair that you can send in for the the $2000 drawing, in which case I have one pair and 6 or 7 of the one that says “WA” on it. Maybe eventually I’ll get mates for them so I can enter the drawing more than once.

    My daughter is enjoying collecting the game pieces and sticking them on the game board. If it was just me, I’d probably just look for the instant prizes but not bother with the game. I need to go get another game board so we can start another with the duplicates.

    I’ve been surprised at how easy it has been to collect tickets. I’ve only done 6 transactions that were relatively small and got the 25 or so tickets. My cashier the other day said there were something like 3100 items that qualify for a game piece, so it sounds like there will be lots of chances to win instant prizes.

  • KaSandra

    I’m so close to getting the 50.00 gift card I just need a cupcake!

  • Sara D

    I am one away from winning the grill (which would be awesome) but haven’t gotten even close to anything else or gotten any free things. Will keep playing though.

  • Whitney alves

    i mean i am all about the win but isnt the point of the game to win with the tickets you get your self. It takes the game out of the game to trade to win… I am sure Albertsons intentions arent for you to trade tickets to win the prizes or they wouldnt have set the game up that way. I am an avid couponer and I know the goal is to do things with the most class and in an ethical way but trading game pieces isnt much better than taking a coupon meant for something and using it on something else…. just sayin

  • Susan

    Just my opinion Whitney, but I don’t see anything wrong with exchanging the instant-win or cents-off coupons. I was thinking of them simply as store coupons, where exchanging them would be no different from giving a sale ad with coupons in it to your neighbor.

    Then again, I haven’t read the fine print, so maybe we’re not supposed to exchange them. Are they like catalinas, which state in the fine print that they are intended only for the person who earned and are not to be used by others?

    Now that you mention it tho, someone did mention the other day — Becky maybe? — that their cashier would not allow a man in line in front of her to give his tickets to her.

    As far as the game tickets so, considering how long this promotion will be running (thru mid-August I think) and how easy it is to collect tickets, other than the very few winning pieces, I think people will EASILY collect all the game pieces. It’s like the Monopoly game that McDonalds does every year, or at least they used to. There will be a gajillion “Park Place” tokens in circulation, but only one “Boardwalk.” (or maybe it’s vice-versa, I don’t know, but you get my point).

    Others’ thoughts?

    • heather

      if a customer does not want their coupons they personaly can hand them to the cashier but the cashier cannot give the extras or unwanted ticket to another customer…they can be fired for this!!!

    • Whitney alves

      I understand what your saying(= I agree that the game will go until august so there will easily be time to get your boards filled.
      And as far as the game is set up my guess is you are right only so many of each winner. And yes I was in line behind a little old lady who tried to give me her pieces and the cashier said that was against store policy and cheating lol so i guess its all in interpretation. Happy playing.

  • Annette

    I have gotten over 100 tickets. i went and did 3 transactions with 3 Lawry’s Marinades the other night and earned 30 tickets for each transaction. Even the cashier was shocked that I was getting that many! It cleaned out her draw and she had to go get more before more people wanted to check out (I was the only one in the store) but we have won (2) of the $2 prizes, a dozen donuts, and 12 extra tickets. I am one ticket away from every prize and so many duplicates of tickets. My boys are ahving fun with it so they are keeping their own boards with the duplicates.

  • Julia

    We are doing well with our board! So close to so many things! I have won 8 more tickets and box of kleenex.. which i was expecting to me very minimal, but it wasn’t! A customer at the store I shop at has one 2000.00!

  • heather

    I have just over 300 tickets, I have every game on the board filled except one ( the one) that im sure is the hard one to get i have 50 sets of the send in for 2, 000 which is not worth the almost 25.00 it will cost to send in:-( I have won doughnuts and I have about 30 tickets for free tickets I have not redeemed yet, its kind of alot of work so i have now passed it on to the kiddo she is entertained by it,

    I have to say I feel a tad insulted with the whole little coupon on the side thing like if you buy our 5,oo organic cereal we will give you a quarter off!!! really, thanks but no thanks, I will use my 1.00 off and doule it or use a 3.00 coupon i already have, as a avid couponer I find it a little cheeky in your face spend 10,000 save 5.00 kinda thing but either way I got free doughnuts to take to class the next 2 classes:-) happy hunting!!

  • Kim

    I’ve won a donut and two free tickets but that’s it. It’s fun but I was hoping to get more coupons.

  • Ricky

    I just need C106 for the 250K who wants to put there C106 with my C102> I just hope someone wins. We split the money!!!!

  • faith

    i will trade for h446

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