Albertsons Gift Card Deal

We discovered more details about the Albertsons Gift Card Deal!

Albertsons Gift Card Catalina Promo

This week at Albertsons… Buy $100 in Select Gift Cards Receive $20 Catalina to spend on your next visit. 

Today I went to Albertsons to see if the Amazon gift cards would work with the new Albertsons gift card deal. THEY DID!!! Wahoo! It is like I am saving an extra 20% on all my amazon holiday shopping!

I thought I would share a few helpful tips:

1. Separate Transactions: If you buy $200 in gift cards you only get (1) $20 catalina! I had my transactions split and the cashier ran it this way. For some silly reason I did not have him fix it I thought maybe he knew something I didn’t. I should never assume. I went to customer service to see if they could get me the second catalina and they did not have the code to print one. Hopefully if you mess this up your store will have the code.

2. Avoid Card Rejection: If you do two transactions in a row that have the same total your credit/debit card will decline the second transaction. To avoid this I bought the $1 Turkey Bucks (holiday charity promo) every other transaction. Sometimes I have also alternated cards that I use to give more time in between transactions and that seems to work as well.

3. Double Dip: You can buy a Master card and use it to pay for a gift card. You do get charged a $5.95 activation fee, but you end up with $40 in catalinas for spending $105.95!  When you use the master card to pay for the gift card it rings up at exactly $100 so there are no other out of pocket expenses on the second transaction! You can also use the mastercard to buy the gift card you really want even if it is not part of the catalina deal. In this case you make $20 catalina minus the $5.95 activation fee. Update: YMMV… Some reports are saying that it is against Albertsons store policy to buy a gift card with a gift card. So check with your store. I wish the stores were more consistent with policy. Some stores are letting you do this one others are not. Sorry folks.

4. Rachel Ray Dinnerware: Gift card purchases do not give you earn you any Rachel Ray dinnerware stamps. However I have not yet found out if you earn stamps when you pay for groceries with your catalina. I bet you do.


5. Free Turkey: You cannot get the free Turkey when you spend $100 on gift cards. In fact it did not even discount the turkey to the .59¢/lb. However you can use the catalina to pay for a Turkey and get it free that way, but you are still paying $1.49/lb for your turkey with the catalina.

6. Redeeming Catalinas: The catalinas are only good for 7 days and you can only use one per transaction.

gift card deal at albertsons

7. Which cards are included? The gift card deal works on more than the gift cards posted. Confirmed gift cards are  

Please share in the comments if you can confirm any other gift cards that are working on this promo!

Do you have any tips?

Can You confirm any other gift cards?

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  • Elysa

    Can I buy smaller amounts in gift cards and get the Catalina? Or must it be in $50.00 or $100.00 increments?

  • jessica

    Is it possible to buy a mc gift card and use it to buy another mc?

  • Cathy

    Question on #3 Double Dip…does the ad have wording that you can not use a gift card to buy a gift card? Or is the Master Card considered a debit card?
    Thanks =)

    • Monica

      If the ad says that I did not see it. I know that it works however. If you find that the ad restricts it lets us know and we will remove this part of the post. We want people to follow the rules. But as far as I know there is not restriction in the ad about using the mastercard to buy other cards.

      • Cathy

        I will let you know. For some reason we did not receive a copy of the Albertson’s ad in this weeks paper or in the weekly mailer. I will have to read it once I get to the store later today =)

          • Cathy

            Just got back from my Albertson’s trip, and the ad DOES NOT say you can not use a gift card to purchase a gift card. I purchased one MC by itself, received my $20 OYNO cat =) I then did my shopping and added on another MC, I paid with my $20 Cat, MC (from 1st transaction) and the difference in cash, and received another $20 OYNO =))))
            *the ad states you can not use the $20 OYNO towards the purchase of another gift card. Which technically I didn’t do b/c I was also purchasing over $20 in grocery items

  • Jaime

    Is that 5.95 activation fee per card? I guess it would be best to buy a 100.00 card if that is the case instead of a 50 or 25 dollar card. I look forward to this deal all year. Had to buy a new dishwasher last year and there was a great deal at Lowes last year so bought a new dishwasher for about 350 (includes the 20.00 cats) that was originally 600, on sale, minus the 20 cats.

  • Kara

    Does the catalina say you can only use one per day? Or one per transaction?

  • Debbie T.

    I went to one of our spokane wa. Albertsons and bouth several MC gift cards. you can not use a gift card to buy a gift card. (thus rolling them). That would be considered money laundring they told me. But they would allow me to use all my $20.00 catalinas in the same day as long as they were each used in seperate transactions. Hope that clarifies some of the confusion.

    • Monica

      Oh goodness, I wonder how they drew that conclusion? I sure hope that is not the case. I wonder how you would go about researching something like that?

  • Eric

    Come on now, if we double dip using a purchased MasterCard to buy another gift card are we doing the right thing? I’m all about the deal, but are we going to ruin it for everybody if we get greedy?

    • Cathy

      I have to say I agree with you as far as greed, but I tried just out of curiosity. There is a difference between greed and curiosity.

  • Frances

    I live in Wyoming and my store just told me that they only have $25 MC’s cards no $100 cards and so if u are charged $5.99 to activate each card therefore for 4 cards I would lose money

  • Kami

    I tried this at Albertson’s NW today and the supervisor said it is against Alberston’s policy to use a gift card to buy a gift card. And then the cashier read me the memo sent out by corp stating that the stores should not be allowing this to happen. I’d suggest purchasing gift cards to the stores you know you are going to be shopping at anyways for Christmas. Still split your transaction up into $100 increments to get the $20 catalina.

    • Oh dear. I hate it when the store does not have policy communicated across the board. It makes it so confusing to consumers. I will update the post to let people know about your update. That is a bummer. What a mess. Thanks for letting us know what you learned.

  • Tiffany

    I do this gift card promo every time, so I know I did it right……but my $20 cat did not print when I bought my $100 Lowes gift card. It did, however, print for my $100 Amazon gift card? Anyone else having issues with Lowes?

    • Monica

      You should let them know at customer service. That is one of the listed stores. It should work. They can print one for you since it is an advertised catalina.


    do the MC cards charge you a fee every time you use it or just the 5.95 activation fee the first time?

  • Sheri

    I was going to try and buy $3000 worth of MC gift cards. Are there any rules on limits per customer? I have 3 newlywed kids that could all use $200 each for some free groceries, so spending the catalinas wouldn’t be hard to do. After all, it seems like free money? except the $5.95 per card. Obviously, only if they have $100 cards available. Is it likely they would out by now? I live an hour away from Albertsons.

    • Monica

      As far as I know there are not any restrictions, but the same consideration of other shoppers should apply that we always encourage. I would guess that your store does not have 30 cards. Might be a good idea to call them before you go.

  • Sheri

    Oh and one more question?
    Are you aware of any issues trying to redeem the MC cards while shopping online?

  • Sheri

    I certainly understand your point of consideration for other shoppers. Having never taken advantage of this opportunity, I wasn’t sure what would be considered a normal amount of inventory for this promotion. Since this promotion only goes through Dec. 3 I suppose I’ll just have to judge it based on what levels of inventory the store has when I am there. Thanks for the reminder.

  • nana

    You cannot buy a gc using a gc that is money laundering not a store policy, its federal.

    U can do2nd trans with other items and split payment with gc and debit.

    • Monica

      That is interesting. Do you have some information to support that claim? I am wondering how it is different if you use it on the full total or just the partial total?

  • nana

    I just did this with mastercard it only gve me $10 catalina

  • lynn

    Does this promo go through Dec. 3rd

  • Sheri

    My catLina says one per transaction per day. What exactly does that mean?

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