Albertsons Coupon Deals for July 10-16, 2013

Stock up on DiGiorno Pizza, Barilla Pasta, Tillamook Ice Cream & Cheese, Chips Ahoy! Cookies, Fresh Ground Beef, Curad Bandages, & more!

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 – Stock Up Price ★ – Good Price No star– Average Price [%printable-list:AlbertsonsIM7-10to7-16%] We have noticed, thanks to your feedback, that the Albertsons ad has been differing in price by area. Last week was the start of the changes.  If you look at the bottom of the page on your ad, in fine print you will see what area you are part of. Each page of the ad may vary. We will continue to do the best we can to give you the most accurate information for your area. Thank you for your loyal following. 


  • Kathryn

    Thank you! 🙂

  • Michelle Z

    The meant prices for us here in the Utah area are $1.88. But everything else is the same.

  • Mary

    Thank you, but I can’t find the Tillamook ice cream coupon.

  • sage

    The Starkist Tuna coupon looks gone too…if I’m wrong, please tell me 🙂

  • Sophie

    Ok ladies, someone has posted on Facebook that there will be doubles this weekend. Anyone know what ad regions will *hopefully* be getting them?

    • Sophie

      You know, assuming it is not just a rumor…..

    • Sonia

      I live in Oregon, Beaverton and we got doubles this week.

      • Ang

        WHOO HOO! Have fun! I’m so excited for those who live in WA, OR, & Northern Idaho!

        • Kristen

          Got my doublers at WA Albertsons yesterday at the checkout! The cashier said they are trying it once, and only THREE doublers can be used per household. Used to be able to use three sheets for a total of 9 doublers in three separate transactions, but now you can only use one sheet. She said if the company felt that the policy was being abused, they would not issue any more…hmmm.

  • I thought that Albertsons was done with Doublers?

    • Ang

      There has never been any official word that they are going to stop. We have only been told that the LLC doesn’t normally run doublers. As for those getting them this weekend it’s looking like it will be only the NW area. So WA, OR, & Northern Idaho. (no final word yet) That area has been running about 2 wks ahead of the Treasure Valley so fingers crossed the rest of us may get them in 2 wks!

  • Kara

    I went to get the chicken breasts and had the butcher helping, but we could not find them. Are they only in a certain area? Is there some sort of proof that I could take in so I can get that price? $1.69/# is a great deal and I would love to get it!

    • Ang

      What area on you in? It’s in the ad for the Intermountain area. If you are in the Northwest area, we are working hard to get your ad hopefully soon!

      • TT

        I live in eastern ID, which I assume is the same region as Boise area, but our ad says chicken is $1.88/lb. bummer. I was hoping for the $1.69/lb. price

      • Kara

        Oh, I see the area now. I guess I didn’t realize it was for a different area. Thanks for clarifying, and yes, I am in the Northwest area, and looking forward to your help!

  • Ali

    I am visiting in walla walla and I got doubters in my newspaper did anyone else??????

  • Paula

    Used doublers today at Albertsons. They would only let me use one set of doublers as stated on the doublers one set of doublers per household.

  • Ang

    Regarding those who received doublers today. Yes, read the fine print it states 1 per transaction 3 customer. I’m guessing you can do 3 transactions in a row, the go to your car & repeat. There are several who are upset about this change & Albertsons is aware & looking to rectify in the future.

    • stephanie

      Also the wording on the doublers states that they aren’t effective until 8 am. I used to be able to go when the store opened at 6 am. Not a big deal, just something I thought was interesting 🙂

  • Heather

    I made sure to take my doublers to Albies today so that they’d know we want these coupons! I used one for Barilla pasta (I had a $1/2 printable from a few weeks ago) and the Tillamook coupon. Tillamook ice cream at our store was regular priced at $4.99 but I got one anyway. Bummer that our store didn’t have them at $2.79! Anyway, I had no trouble using the coupons. I only used 2 but used them both in the same transaction. I had them at the end just in case the cashier wanted me to split them into separate transactions.

  • Kacie

    Just to be clear, the Boise-Caldwell area did NOT receive doublers .. Or……?????

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