Albertsons Coupon Deals for Feburary 6 -12, 2013

Stock up on Chicken, Charmin Toilet Paper, & Crunch n’ Munch Popcorn, plus so many other great deals.

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– means this is when we stock up!!! {aka Extreme Couponing… done right}
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Albertsons Ads vary by region. This ad match-up is reflects deals for the Northwest Region (CA, OR, WA, ID, MT, NV, & WY ).



  • Jamie

    Is there double coupons this weekend? Oh boy I hope so!

  • Daleene Fox

    Do you know if there is a limit on how much chicken you can buy?

    • Ang

      There is not a limit. I have ordered a case before & just called ahead to have them wrap it for me. I love their chicken!

      • Tamara

        How did you have them wrap it?… by pound or the amount of breast per package? I’d love to do this.

        • Belle

          I would like to know as well. Sounds like a great deal!

        • Ang

          Okay for all those who asked about wrapping – this is what I personally do. I call the butcher & of course have this predone & give him a couple of days to wrap it before I want to pick it up. I even have them through it in their freezer when they are done until I pick it up. I have them wrapped 1 breast per wrap. That might not seem like a lot but the breast you see is really cut in half. So when you go to the butcher block & have them pick up one breast – it is 2 pieces attached together. (at least that’s what it looks like because the breasts are so big!) Even for my big family or those with smaller families I would recommend it done 1 breast per wrap. The butcher can not really weigh out 1 lb then cut off part of the meat so it saves them time. Also I know if my family of 10 is having grilled chicken for dinner I will pull out 4 packs (still have little kids) because that equals 8 big pieces of chicken. Then if I am making say Chicken Gumbo (it’s in our recipe box so good!) then I will only pull out 2 packs & it’s enough meat. I honestly save the butcher extra time & tell him just to give me one tag for all of the meat, rather than tag each piece. At this price if I needed to stock up, I would order a 40 lb case, have the butcher prewrapped each breast (remember it’s really 2 big pieces) & have him season some with the California Garlic Blend (label those) & a few more with their Rosemary Garlic Blend (label those) & the rest plain. That is my personal preference for what we like & what I personally do for those who wanted to know.

      • Kim

        Wrap by the breast count because it is hard to wrap based on pound and have that work out for each pair of breast meat.

        • Sarah

          I never know how many to wrap up. :/ Some recipes call for 3-4 breasts some call for a lb. It seems like I always have too little or too much for my family of 4 (but I like leftovers!). Any suggestions? 4 breasts maybe, per package or is that not enough?

          • Belle

            I will do packs of 2 and 4. I am going to ask that the 4-packs try and be two stacked together. I have been able to break of two stuck together when I didn’t need to use all four.

          • Ang

            Sarah- a lot of the recipes call for 3 or 4 breast but, these breasts at Albertsons are twice that size. I promise, because I got into a huge discussion with the butcher the first time I had them wrap them that it was 2 breast that he was telling me was 1. He was right, I was wrong (of course why would I ever think I was right over the man who’s job it was! lol) They are huge though, so what we normally think of a breast is really 2. I left my personal preference in a comment above hope that helps.

            • D'Anna

              They are about the same size as the Zaycon breasts, which are a little larger and have little bits of skin attached here and there. The last time they had a good deal, my Butcher Block guy had cases stacked all around him.


    Can I use the Fredy’s General Mills 3/$5.oo coupon in Sun. ad & stack it with the $1.00/3 making them $1.33 ea. at Walmart?

  • Sarah

    Don’t forget about the $1 off ground beef printable if you still have it. That expires tomorrow.


    In my Albs ad the chicken is $1.59 lb but has a 6 lb limit.

  • Cindy

    *Warning* if you shop at Albies in Spanaway, WA. There was some kind of computer glitch in the scale and the reduced price on the label caused the checkout to give a second discount. You’ll have to go back and pay the additional rebate. When I called to report the mistake, they told me they are already out of the chicken!

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