Albertsons Coupon Deals for April 3-9, 2013

Stock up on McCormick Spices, Hunt’s Manwich, Hunt’s Tomatoes, Zone Bars, & so much more!

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We have been hoping to pass on more information about the changes happening at Albertsons now that it has been sold to the LLC.

We have received some information, but it is not an official Albertsons LLC press release. So take it as you may. Here is what we know…

  • Albertsons ad will not be changed until after June due to the ad already being done & the high cost of redoing them. So any round ups that were already planned between now & then will be the same because they are on the ad it’s self. The last 2 years there has been one in April, so maybe we will get another one soon.
  • Albertsons has contracts with several vendors for sales/deals between now December so those will stand. As vendor contracts expire things will change prices & sale deals.
  • Albertsons LLC doesn’t like doublers, round ups & all that jazz. It’s being said that all of that will STOP. However they are planning to lower prices that are comparable to WinCo and Walmart. The price changes will come slowly over this year.


  • amber

    I hate to hear they want to get rid of TTVs. where would be the best place to let them know how much everyone loves them! everyone should let them know and maybe they wont get rid of them!

    • Tracie

      Wow…I have to agree with Amber! If Albertsons LLC doesn’t want to do anything but price drop they will no longer be in the running with other stores that have their own coupon stuff!? And even if they lower prices it won’t be a store I shop at since other stores around me have their own coupon programs in place that often beat Albertsoms! Yes…it is a real bummer…yet maybe down the road they will revamp their coupon programs again for us coupon ers.

  • Jamie

    Bleep, Bleep, Bleep! That’s all I’ve got to say and keep it PG. All good things come to an end, I guess. But unfortunately it’s the only store in the Treasure Valley that doubles coupons, and in Idaho we don’t have the luxury of a lot of stores that cater to couponers. I HATE Walmart ’cause the cashiers are rude and the lines are atrocious, but unless Albertsons really do lower the prices, I won’t be able to shop there. Perhaps “we” as the coupon community, should email corporate and display our distaste for this poor decision. Perhaps if they get thousands of replies they might reconsider.

  • sabrina

    If they stop the deals, I will stop shopping there.

  • Peggy

    I’m all for EVERY store getting rid of doublers, Qs, store coupons, manufacturers Qs, and catalinas….IF…they have reasonable prices. If Albie’s gets rid of all that I’ve just listed, they’ll lose me as a customer…UNLESS…their prices become competitive. Time will tell. Thanks for the “unofficial” information which I believe to be more official than not. 🙂

    • Holli

      Albertsons LLC can do whatever it wants to do. Every store has its own marketing strategy. It has the right to define its culture. I will wait to see what Albertsons will have to offer in place of round up and TTV’s.

      However, I will continue to shop good deals and prices combined with coupons whichever store that may be. I believe that there is more than one way and more than one store to shop. The world is abundant.

      Good luck Albertsons’ LLC.

  • Sabrina

    I don’t see a coupon for hillshire farms smoked sausage in RP 3-24, am I just not noticing it?

  • Jeanette V

    I send a e-mail to Albertson Custumer Care rep Cindy and she says that they were not doing away with doubles. Is this not a reliable source?

  • heather

    If their prices are competitive with Winco then heck yeah shopping there with coupons will be great just like it is at winco. But I seriously doubt anything they say because we have seen years of promises and promotions, knock down prices, bonus buys, price drops, everyday low prices, doublers, round ups, spring and fall savings programs, milk programs and many more. they never stick with them and just constantly change, their marketing team is a bunch of idiots frankly hopefully they do follow through with what they are saying but I wont hold my breath while Im at Winco:-)

  • belle

    Isn’t that Chef Boyardee coupon listed expired (3/31/2013)?

  • leslie

    If doubles and round ups stop, there goes any of my freebies and darn I get 5 papers..
    At least in Beverton, Winco and Walmart are not competitive at all with the good deals at Albertson. I am disappointed but wish the Alberstons LLC good luck. Just have to keep our fingers crossed. LOL

  • jeff

    If it is going to be anything like the llc albs in arizona then everyone should make plans on shopping elsewhere! They promised the same lower prices here but they are not. The only thing i have bought there in 2 years were uncrustables 5 packs. Thanks supervalu!

  • susan

    is this for Idaho stores too?and will they continue to take coupons till june?we live in chester the closest store to us is in rexbug

    • Ang

      They will continue to always take coupons. I don’t see that changing ever.

    • Kim

      Kevin, Rexburg’s store manager, said nothing will really change till June and as far as he knows they will still be taking coupons. Deals just might not be as great as they have. Or they might be better? I will wait and see, since I do not go to IF to shop and we are so limited of where else to shop in this area, I hope there will be some great improvements!

  • michelle

    guess I’ll be doing more of my shopping @ Winco then…safeway and albies are the only stores besides winco here in amity, OR, and safeway apparently is going to stop putting out a newspaper weekly ad , as well the doubler that is in it, and so no more doubling qs here @ all 🙁

    • Heidi

      I hope Safeway doesn’t get rid of their doublers. Their regular prices seem to be so high. The doublers really help.

      I live in Oregon as well. Amity is such a pretty area. My son attends Horizon Christian HS & out daughter is at Linfield College so we get out your way periodically for athletic events/etc. Absolutely beautiful part of the country.

  • lynnita

    i dont know if it is too late, but i figure its never too late to put in my two cents! i went to the albertson’s facebook page and noticed quite a few comments here and there where customers were sharing their thoughts on how they wanted to keep the doublers around. i would suggest to everyone to go onto their facebook page, write to corporate, whatever you can think of to try and save our beloved albertsons! no offense, but i love shopping there! i go way out of my way to do 80% of my grocery shopping there! but if they do away with ttvs and round ups i am going to be stuck with winco and safeway. not horrible options, but i will dearly miss coming home with big hauls of groceries for less than $30! without the ttvs and round ups its just is not $ savvy for me to drive 20 miles from home, and by pass 6 other grocery stores just to go to albertsons. i think they may be setting themselves up for failure for multiple locations

  • Ardelle Gotcher

    Albertsons is not the closest store to me and I never shopped there before I started couponing. I will probably not drive out of my way to their stores if they stop the doublers and round ups. How long til they run themselves out of business? They might want to reconsider.

    • Tracie

      I completely agree! Their prices are way too high, and unfortunately Their produce and most meat have been poor quality compared to the many stores around where I live. So if they lower prices considerably and stock a little better quality produce then it would be worth it for me to shop there but if they don’t and still do away with ttvs , round ups, etc….I really can’t see the company thriving!?

  • Rick

    I am super bummed out! Our Albertsons is clear across town for me so when that kicks in I will be done shopping there for good. The Pocatello Albertsons will be hurt SUPER BAD because we just got a Winco that is over twice the size of our old Winco. Walmart and Winco are closer to me so they will get all my business. I will miss doublers bad because my family finances are declining due to the economy and I have depended on them to build up my stockpile. My family has had to live off my stockpile solely for a couple of weeks due to lack of finances. The Pocatello Alby’s may not be in business much longer. They told me they have tons of doubler customers so we will see what happens. They may get the ISU kids and that end of town, but too far away for the rest of Pocatello. Depressing!

  • Pam

    I would not be suprised if they stop doing the doublers. I still take my doublers to Albertsons, but even on doubler days the store is empty. It used to be busy on doubler days but people are taking the doublers to other stores that will honor them. So, why wouldn’t they stop the doublers. It’s not helping them any…So for all the people going to other stores, you brought it all on. Thank you so much…not.

    • Holli

      I don’t think people brought anything upon themselves. Rather, it was about convenience and being able to get your shopping done in one trip instead of doing TTV’s three at a time.

      Think in terms of cost: imagine how much labor and paper Supervalu paid for doing TTV’s three. Think about the customer waiting for the customer in front of him doing three TTV deals in a row!!!! Of course, sometimes going to Walmart could be a nightmare, but at least my shopping was done in one trip.

      Lately, I stopped shopping at Albertsons because I was sick and tired of doing 5 transactions. Too much work!!!

  • Leslie

    i suggest if you want doubles etc to contact Alberstonsa and let them know!!!!!

    I contacted Albertsons and here is the reply:

    Thank you for contacting us in regards to double coupons and the round up events. We appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

    At this time we do not have any plans to discontinue double coupons or the round up events. We value customer feedback and appreciate the time you took to share your comments. Please be assured that your concerns will be reviewed by the appropriate parties.

    Our number one goal is customer satisfaction and if you have further questions, comments or concerns, please contact us by calling 1-877-932-7948.

    Jeannette A.
    Albertsons Customer Care

  • isabel

    With everything going on and them saying they arent really changing anything till at least June does any one know if there will be TTV this week?

  • Nanette

    I was at Albertsons today, the shelves were stocked and I was happy with my purchase. I got toilet paper, Hillshire farms, Tillamook, Quaker bars and cereal, apples, Eggos, and Outshine bars. I spent more there than I usually do and it was nice and I feel I paid a fair price. I cant feed my family with free paper towels and mustard so while I would miss the ocasional freebies, I would be happy with competitive prices. Albertsons is close to me and there are no crowds to fight and plenty of parking. The Pocatello Albertsons is a beautiful store they have a much larger selection than my store, a Starbucks, and Wayne one of the managers has been most helpful to me.
    I am looking forward to see what changes are coming, my dealings with Albertsons makes me feel that they care about their customers and want our business, with that in mind I am confident that they will do what ever is in the best interest of all their customers, not just the ones who use coupons.

    • Ang

      Glad to hear Nanette! I agree with just about all the comments above by everyone. I fear that the deals will not be as good if round ups & doublers are gone. We are still waiting for “official word” as to the new coupon policies coming. We will keep everyone informed asap. Thanks for all the feed back!

  • belle

    Sorry, didn’t know where else to ask. Is there a SCP for tomorrow’s inserts? I keep looking but the most current ones were the 24th.
    Thank you!

  • Brian

    2 weeks in a row with no Sundays insert for Albertsons. Is this a new policy?

  • Dawn Cooper

    FYI: Hunts and Fresh Take also expired on the 31. Thanks for all the hard work!!

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