Albertsons Coupon Deals for April 24-30, 2013

Stock up on FREE Milk wyb Fiber One or Nature Valley Bars, General Mills Cereal, Planters Peanut Butter, Fryer Chicken, Tillamook Cheese, & more!

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  • Sandy

    Hi Ang, hope you are having a great day! I have a ?, Do you know if the Kellog’s cereals will include Crunchy Nut?
    Last week I was @ Walmart & met a very nice lady who works for Albertson’s warehouse. She said they will be trying out new things, lowering prices, focusing on their Produce and Meat Dept.s, including Butcher Block @ Eagle Store / McMillan. I have not yet checked it out but plan to visit soon. Thanks Again for all of your help & wisdom each week!

    • Ang

      Sandy – the ad really doesn’t say just select Kellogg’s cereals, sorry wish I could help more! Thanks for the sweet comment.

    • Dina

      I visited the Eagle/McMillan store and found fresh made guacamole, cheaper than Wholly Guacamole brand. When I asked about it at the deli, they showed me all the new items they are doing, including fresh salsa, strawberry shortcake parfaits ,veggie kabobs and more fruit and veggie trays. They also have more to offer in the sliced meats including fresh roasted turkeys and they now have a wings bar (similar to a salad bar, but with different types of wings). They said they are tired because there are so many new things to put together and are probably going to be hiring more help. I noticed the meat dept. had more in their display case, too. So yes, there is more in the deli, but the overall store prices are still high.

  • jean

    Are they done with doublers Ang? Or are we still in a wait-and-see holding pattern?

    • Ang

      No doublers this weekend. Yes we are still in a wait & see but most likely no more. If they do it won’t be the same as before where it was the 1st & 3rd weekends. I loved the old days where the store would just give you more doublers if you went to the service counter! I will post any changes as I find them out!

      • Jamie

        The store manager at my store said that the doublers and round up days are over for good. This last time was an accident. The Idaho Statesman was supposed to remove them from the paper and so they had to honor them. She promised that they would be lowering the prices soon. I’ll see it when I see it, ’cause honestly I don’t believe the hogwash.

  • Jen

    I need some help with Albertsons this week. I have a bunch of doublers but have no idea what to use them on. Any ideas for me? Thank you!!

    • belle

      Where did you get doublers?

      • Ang

        Yes, Jen please share! Where did you get doublers? Thanks!

        • Jen

          I am in Las Vegas and they are on the back of the weekly ad that is sent to homes. They are only good for the ad week of 4/24/13 thru 4/30/13. I am not seeing any good deals to use them on so any help would be greatly appreciated! Oh and by the way I love your website and it is my go to for my shopping adventures. Thank you so much for all of your help!!

          • Ang

            Jen- If I had doublers I would get FREE Peanut Butter, stock up on the Cereal, & get some of the Nature Valley bars or Fiber One bars to get the FREE milk. Check the price on Stride Gum should be about FREE. Good luck hope that helps – enjoy your doublers!

  • laurrie

    i have a question about the bogo thing.. if i have a coupon that is buy one get on free can i use a other coupon toward the purchase..example buy one razor get one free and i have a 4.00 off one coupon can i use both of them.. I can not find the answer in the policy and have read it 3 times. my way of thinking is i am using the bogo on for the free one so should be able to use the second one on the one i am buying. but i could be wrong just need to be set straight so to any help would be great.
    thanks love this site come here everyday and have saved a ton of money even have my daughter doing the coupon thing now too to help her family out.

    • Ang

      Laurrie I am so excited to hear about how coupons are helping your family! This is why I love to help teach others to coupon, warms my heart!! As for your question: YES you can! Let me give you a few examples (made up prices k)

      Buy 2 Razors $10 ea (on sale BOGO so really end up $5 ea)
      Use (2) $1/4 Razor coupons
      Final Price: $1 each Razor!
      another example is:
      Buy 2 Razors $10 ea (on sale BOGO so really end up $5 ea)
      Use (1) BOGO Razor Coupon
      Final Price: Razors are FREE!

      You can use a BOGO coupon on a BOGO sale as well you can use a coupon on a FREE item. Let me know if you need anymore help!

      • Kami

        Is there a BOGO sale item with a BOGO coupon available right now? If so, would you please share what the item is? Thanks.

        • Ang

          No there isn’t anything that I found but there is a P&G, Smart Source, & Red Plumb coming out this weekend. There may be some deals that fit with the BOGO but I was putting in my explanation more as an FYI.

      • laurrie

        ok so still confused with the examples you put here.. but here is what i see happening… in the smartsorce for this coming weekend this is what is there…Schick B1G1 free disposable razor pack up to $10.50 excludes 2ct, 10+2ct, Hydro 5 or Hydro Silk disposables (5/26) plus i have a coupon for a 1 off and albertsons has the quattro and extreeme 3 packs on sale for 6.49. so i am thinking that if albertsons gives me full 10.50 in the bogo and i use 2 of the 1$off i should get both of the razors for 48 this right?
        6.49+6.49=12.98 – 10.50-1.00-1.00 = .48…lol ok this is making my head hurt…lol if you could please tell me if i am right or wrong might make my head feel thanks a head of time.

        • Ang

          Sorry! 😉 guess I put to much info on my answer! You can not use a BOGO & 2 $1 off one coupons. You can use a BOGO & 1 $1/1 coupon though. This makes it so that the 1 you are “buying” you get $1 off. The other one the BOGO coupon makes FREE. If Albertsons has an item for FREE (like BOGO) you can use 2 $1/1 coupons. Does that help? Let me know if you have anymore questions.

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