Adventures in Learning with Space Scouts!

Space Scouts Astronomy Box

 Try out Space Scouts for Fun with Astronomy!

Recently, our family was able to check out the first and second month boxes of the Space Scouts Monthly Subscription. As a homeschooling family, we are eager to try out subscriptions that incorporate learning in fun and engaging ways. But honestly, this would be great for all families that want to learn about Space and Astronomy! After receiving the box, the kids were really excited to open it up and get started! Inside there was a tin lunch box that will hold projects, toys, and future month’s work, and much more.

Space Scouts Intro

Here is a quick glance at what was in the first box:

  • Introduction to the Space Scouts Program
  • Space Scouts Lunchbox
  • Space Scouts Solar System Poster
  • Space Scouts Activity Sheet
  • Space Scouts Sticker Scramble
  • Space Scouts Souvenir Toy
  • Space Scouts Constellation Card Startup Kit (cover & ring)
  • Introduction to Space Scouts Constellation Cards

We got started right away as the big kids read the introduction cards to the younger kids, then they each chose an activity to work on in the kit. They enjoyed the Sticker Scramble puzzle, and even though it would hold the attention of an older child, it is also simple enough for a younger student to also do the task with a few instructions. (My nine year old completed the first month puzzle, and my five year old completed the second month’s puzzle.)

Space Scouts Logo

My older daughter worked on the word search with my youngest and she was especially interested in this kit because she is taking an astronomy class this year and is familiar with several of the things this kit was teaching about. We also unfolded and hung up the Solar System Poster and the kids spent time looking at all of the things on it. To take the activity further for my preschooler I had him count the the planets, tell the colors, and compare the sizes on which one was the smallest & largest. I also worked on sequencing the position of each planet with my Kindergartner with, and gave the challenge of naming each planet to my third graders. After we looked at the poster I had my oldest daughter read the constellation card which focused on Ursa Major (the Big Dipper). Each month a new constellation card will be sent to add to the collection!

Space Scouts Wiki Sticks

Other activities in the kit included a secret symbol code message, a matching activity, and a Wiki Stick dot-to-dot activity. My daughter worked on this activity and it gave me a great idea for more of the dot-to-dot pages that I already have handy!!

I can’t forget to tell you about the fun souvenir toy that they sent with the monthly kit!! For the first month there were two Action Figure astronauts that now sit along the ledge of our classroom next to the poster we hung up. After we finished working through the kit the kids spent the next hour making a space shuttle out of the table in the classroom and explored “space”! My littlest guy had a good grip on these two action figures and played with them the whole time. 🙂

The second month’s toy was a gripper that would be like one the astronauts use on the space station to do work. The kids love this, and I even found that it has come in handy when I need to grab something that is too high! 🙂

Space Scouts Lunch Box

After the first month, your Space Scouts kit will include:

  •  Exploration Plan
  •  Magnet
  •  Sticker
  • Activity Sheet
  • Sticker Scramble
  • Souvenir Toy
  • Constellation Card
  • Constellation Activity Sheet

There is a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription option for you to choose from – so this would make a great gift idea for Grandparents or for family and friends across the miles. I also love this idea as a gift to give my own kiddo for a birthday gift that he or she can look forward to each month! I am really impressed with the Space Scouts Monthly Subscription kit and recommend it to you if you’re looking for a fun way to add some learning in to your routine!

Get started on your own Fun and Learning with Space Scouts!


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