A Word of Thanks

I’ve tried to express my thoughts and feelings through words in this post for the past two days.  I’ve written, I’ve deleted.  I’ve written more, and deleted even more!  It just hasn’t worked. No words can really explain the events that have transpired over the past two years.

I thought about telling you how this blog came to be… and how it has been such a blessing in my life… for more reasons than I could ever explain.

I thought about telling you how wonderful it has been to make new associations and cherished friendships because of this blog.


I really thought you should know that I never sought help from my friends.  Nor were my blogging friends seeking out a “fund raiser project”  for me and my family.

I thought about telling you that it was actually a reader, turned dear friend, that approached us with this idea.  She found herself in a situation where she could make something positive happen – after hearing the details of how it came to be, I can’t deny she was guided.

I thought about telling you how hard it has been for me to accept help.  It took much thought on my part,  and convincing from my dear friends, to recognize that this was a blessing that would not only help me in a big way, it would give others an opportunity to serve, and in turn, be blessed.

I really wanted you to know about the internal battle I had.  I know there are sooo many others in similar situations.  “Who am I to think that I am worthy to be the benefactor of something so wonderful… just because I am the one with a blog.” It just didn’t seem fair, and it didn’t seem right.  I’d much rather use the “advantage” I have with this blog to help someone else.  Again, it was my dear friends who convinced me it was MY turn to be the receiver.   Not only that, but I needed to acknowledge the Lord’s hand in my life.

I thought about letting you know how humbled my husband and I have been… not only by the gesture, but by the response.  More than 300 tickets have been sold.  But even more amazing is the fact that there have been OVER ONE HUNDRED TICKETS tickets purchased by readers who live out of the area who simply want to give.  Their kind notes asked that we “donate” the tickets to local families who could enjoy them.   Many tears have been shed as I’ve read your sweet comments, emails, and the notes on your paypal purchase.  Not only that, but other bloggers are linking to the post, asking their readers to help out a fellow blogger.  (There certainly are some wonderful bloggers out there!)

I also wanted you to know that I’ll be using this experience as a teaching tool.  This is an opportunity for me to teach my children gratitude.  They will be the ones addressing and stuffing and sticking the stamps to the envelopes (and if your envelope comes with a crooked stamp, that is just my 4 year old sending his love).  They will be taught about the love and kindness shown by complete strangers.

So with a full heart, I humbly say to you, my dear friends…. Thank You.  YOU have made a difference in my life. I’ve felt the comforting power of your prayers.  I in turn pray that you will be blessed because of your kindness and thoughtfulness.

And I must give a big thanks to my dear friends who have shown love and concern for me over the past year.   I am grateful for each and every one of you!

And what are we going to do with all these donated tickets???

All the donated tickets have been spoken for…  we actually have more requests than we have donations for.  If you’d like to donate some tickets,  you can purchase them right here:  https://fabulesslyfrugal.com/2010/09/12-price-admission-to-linder-farms-corn-maze.html

If you know of a family who would enjoy taking their own family to Linder Farms, but can’t afford it, please shoot me an email.  Give me the # of tickets they will use, along with their name and address (children 3 and under are free and don’t need tickets, so be sure to factor that in when you send me the info!).   This will be on a first come, first serve, basis.  I trust that all the nominated families are ones who are in need of something fun and free!  If you need to nominate yourself, please feel free to to that!  As we get more donated tickets coming in, I’ll fill the requests.   Just email me at: fabulesslydrugal at gmail dot com and put “Donated Linder Farms Ticket Request” in the subject.

I am honored to be associated with all of you.


  • Meghan

    I can imagine that many people have felt like I do and have wanted to help for a long time, but didn’t want to make you uncomfortable or put in a position of having to suck up your pride. Asking for help, even when you need, it is hard. Accepting it can be even harder.

    Thank you for letting us thank you for what you do!

  • Karrie

    This just makes me want to cry. Thanks for being humble and allowing everyone to help you out. We all (luv) ya Cathy!

  • Kira G

    My mom was in your position in a way when I was younger. At 16 and in home school and working part time and taking care of my sick mom we were in a tight place. She didn’t even want to tell her dad and step mom that I was helping buy food for the table. Someone at her work found out and after her attempts to refuse she accepted the huge box of food that they had collected and the safeway gift card. Anyways the point I was trying to get at was, that was a really dark time in our family, and now through many blessings from the Lord my mom is happy and healthy and doing well more than 10 years later. We look back and are so grateful for the people that wouldn’t take the refusals, the people that cared. This is a blessing from the people that love you, and love how you help others! Thank you for helping MY family now save money, and it’s okay to receive a little generosity when you give us all so much! May you continue to be blessed!
    Kira G

  • Andrea

    Cathy, by opening up and accepting others love, appreciation and help, it truly is a lesson for us all. Often those that give the most have the hardest time accepting help in return. I truly needed to hear your story and it is a lesson to me also that often we give and think that is the most important thing but if we can’t accept others gifts to us, it is all in vain. Thank you, you can’t imagine how much your blog has helped my family. Thank you again!

  • Debbie J.

    Cathy, What a joy to be able to bless you and your family! Several others have asked what else we can do. With school starting, I can imagine clothes for your children is an expense that we could help with. If it is, you could post your kids sizes and give us a day/time/location to drop things off. I know that you will bless others with anything that doesn’t work for your family. Please let us know if that (or something else we haven’t thought of) would work. God’s blessings are always meant to be shared and He is gracious and abundantly blesses us! Debbie

  • Julee

    Hugs Cathy! You are very deserving – you help all of us save SOOO much $$ every week!

  • monica

    We love you Cathy, thanks for letting this miracle take place. The blessings are going to be far reaching.

  • Jackie

    Reading your story really hit home for me. I know what your family is going through. We have four kids and have tried to keep them in all of their activities. This year we really can’t afford to keep them in any. My husband lost his job two years ago. He was a Mechanical Engineer. We never thought a job like that would be taken away in the blink of an eye. We have been struggling ever since. My husband has taken odd jobs that family members have offered. He is now a struggling insurance agent.

    Your blog has helped our family so much. I have been able to get all of our food and essential products for free or almost free. My husband and I do our couponing together now. He never used to help me until he went to the couponing class and saw what you were getting and the prices you pay or don’t pay.

    Your family deserves everything you are getting. This is just another way for everyone to pay it forward. You have helped so many, now it is your turn. God blesses those who are deserving and you are very deserving. Thank you.

  • Amber

    You are allowing us to receive blessing by serving you. And like I said in the post, there is no one more deserving. You are a true example of serving selflessly and such an example of strength to me. Heaps of love I am so grateful to know you!

  • Jenn

    I’ve been reading your blog since March 2009 (back when it was green polka dots!). You have helped save me hundreds (thousands?!) of dollars! You definitely deserve this and then some! 🙂

  • CherylH

    Cathy, I know it’s hard to sit back and let others do for you – I’m that way. I’d rather be out tryng to help someone else. But i have learned that I’m taking away the blessings of others by not letting them serve me. It’s been a hard lesson for me to learn but a valuable one. Thank you for letting all of us serve you and for accepting it so lovingly!! I know that your family will be blessed in many ways. I”m new to the couponing world and appreciate so much all the time and effort you and the other ladies put into helping others. Our family has been tremendously blessed by your talents and willingness to share your knowledge. Thank you so very much!! Prayers will continue to go up on behalf of you and your family.

  • Stephanie

    It is a blessing and an inspiration to know and associate with you! Thank you Cathy!

  • Daleene

    Cathy I just want you to know that you have helped me in so many ways. Growing up I was the youngest of 7 children. My parents were so poor sometimes. My Dad was a Carpenter and when there was no work there was no money. My Mom was a SAHM until I was around 13 then she cleaned houses for a few of those rich folk off of Warm Springs Ave. My oldest sister bought Christmas for us one year, because my parents could not afford it that year. We didn’t have a real Christmas tree that year like all the Christmas’s in the past. It was a 2 foot plastic tree that sat on our dining room table. As I sit here writing this all of the memories are coming back and making me cry, not because we didn’t get a big Christmas tree, but out of all of the years with my parents, that is the Christmas I remember the most. For some reason it was more special to me than any other. I am so blessed now with my wonderful family and anything could happen on any given day. I work part time and my husband works full time, but that could all change in the blink of an eye. I know that now. With this blog it has saved my family probably thousands of dollars. I look forward to checking this blog about 6 times a day sometimes a little more sometimes a little less. I feel like I know you ladies, yet we have never met! I hope that by me buying a few tickets will help you and your family. God Bless you and your family. And Thank you Cathy!!

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